Lost My RosiePosie

Some of you probably knew my drama today. Hehe..

I lost RosiePosie!

(that’s my phone, because it’s in Rose Gold colour ☺️)

Went for coffee and light reading at my favourite coffee shop.. it was still with me, then I hurry back home because B will be home from soon.. Then only I realised my phone wasn’t there but I didn’t rush to look for it because I thought I left it in my car. Only after I settled B and T for their afternoon school, then I realised it wasn’t in my car.

I looked for it from Find My Phone app from my other Apple device, it wasn’t far from me, but definitely that wasn’t the place I went before. And the light green circle around the phone means it is still connected to line / data access.

Tried calling, sending messages, reported as Lost Phone so the Lost Phone Message will appear on the screen and gave it a ring. All methods done but it wasn’t answered. Lucky the phone was locked with password.

Only for the past three weeks I started to lock my phone and saving all the photos into my computer. I’m always a little too lazy to do that. Yup, super lazy even to have passcode for my phone. Haha.. So, this new habit of having a passcode only started about 3 weeks ago for unknown reason.

Little that I know, I will lose my RosiePosie..


So, I was at the blue dot area, and my phone is nearby. I don’t know how to go and chase the phone. What if a really huge guy who looks like mafia had my RosiePosie. I probably just tell him to keep it, no big deal (because I’m actually scared of him! Haha.. )

Anyway, time is running up, the person who has my phone is not replying but he/she is smart enough not to switch it off because if he/she did that, I can disable the phone via Apple account. If the phone is still online, that person might have a chance of breaking into it and see all the information in my phone / hack my social media account / all photos without tudung. Lost is definitely on my side.

Am I making sense?

So, it is just a matter of time. I decided to let it go. I don’t want drama of chasing a mafia who has my phone (who knows, safe always comes first!) and just get a new SIM card and use my old phone and get on with my life…

For that person who has my phone, since I have disconnected it from my iTunes, it will just function like a brand new phone. Congrats on your new phone. Maybe I should just halal kan je right? It’s Friday today, hopefully I can score extra points with Allah. Hehe..

Somehow my husband (who is far far in Vienna) laughed at me and thought it was my trick to get the brand new iPhone 7 launching next week here! 😂😂😂 So mean! Haha..


I Need Help!


I can’t take this off..


Bella decided Tasha has been a good girl and rewarded her with lots and lots of stamps on her legs.. both of her legs!!

I don’t dare to use any harsh soap or detergent obviously because Tasha is still a small kid. The thought of scrubbing it with berus sabut actually crossed my mind but she doesn’t like it even with loofah.

So how?

I only managed to get rid about 50% of it. Hubby said, it’s ok.. the rest will disappear later. But when is later?? When she is 17? Hahaha..

Any advice?


My New Addiction…

Unbelievable… and I’m not talking about handbags!!

For the past few months, 4 months to be exact, I have started to exercise regularly.. When I say regularly, I mean everyday… Sometimes twice a day when I have the time!! The only days I don’t work out is when I’m on call or I had too much exposure to gas at work that made me too sleepy. Hahaha.. The rest of the days.. I’m on!

What makes me change?

I’m under a lot of stress lately and my body mechanism when I’m stressed up is to shop and eat!! Hahahaha.. Sounds familiar? 😝

I will shop for clothes (because they are generally not as expensive as handbags and shoes..) and I will eat.. and since I eat so much, I have to shop for clothes again because I cannot fit into the clothes that I bought.. and the fact that I can’t fit into my new clothes makes me depressed even more… and it’s a vicious cycle!! It never ends!! 😔

Last November, after gaining so much weight, stressed up and my miscarriage.. I decided to change. I know I’m leading a unhealthy lifestyle and by the time I reach fourty.. I probably wouldn’t recognise myself..

So, I decided to change.. It was hard initially.. I was on fire literally for the first two weeks then the spirit went down. My body took time to adapt to my new routine. When I feel like giving up, I still dragged myself to the gym and just go for a brisk walk on the treadmill. Nothing hardcore on my bad gym day but at least I keep myself moving..


After a while, I’m starting to see the results, the numbers on the scale is getting smaller and I can fit into most of my clothes 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 That what drives me!

Now after 4 months, it has become a routine for me to eat clean and exercise everyday, and I feel bad if I skipped a day! Never thought that day would come, eh? 😝

Check out my gym songs . No Beyonce, no sweat! Haha..

So, who has been a good girl sticking to your 2016 resolution so far?


I have lost 10 kg in total *insert big round applause here*

Who run the world? Girls!!!


Bag Tree

This is Bella and Tasha’s bag tree.. They are not even entering primary school yet but the amount of their bags.. Haih.. From Frozen to My Little Pony to Didi & Friends!! (Yeah, Didi & Friends is the only Malay cartoon on Astro that they like!! Didi & Friends series sent their merchandise to my girls and they were head over heels over this baby chick Didi!!)


Last weekend, we were out at the mall looking for some stuff for the girls.. and of course, Bella saw the stationery and school bag sections because it’s all in pink!

Slowly she walked towards the bags, and happily choose whatever she likes.. Then she brought the bags (yes.. bags! It was two bags!!!) to her daddy… I was just looking from far. I knew she wouldn’t look for me to buy things because mommy would most likely said no. Haha.. Tiger mom!

I saw her talking to her daddy.. Then I walked towards them, S told me Bella wanted those two bags. Woohooooo young lady, two bags at a time? I told her that she has to donate her other bags for each new bag she bought.

Her jaw dropped! Then she said,

“That’s unfair!! Mommy, you have a lot of handbags too! We are the same. We like handbags!!”

I was speechless.

Hahahahhaha.. I really dunno what to do in that situation. S happily told me after that.. “Bella is you!”



Cakap Melayu

Last night, my husband told me.. “Bella doesn’t understand Malay”

and I was like.. “Come on.. That’s ridiculous. She understands Malay! Not so bad you know..”

“But she doesn’t know what mata is!”

Suddenly I feel dizzy…

Then I went to her bedroom.

“Bella, do you know what ‘ainun’ is? It’s a arabic word”

“Eyes, mommy”

“Do you know what is ‘mata’?

She ignored me.. OK that’s it. Who taught her ainun means eyes.. and forgot to teach her it’s also ‘mata’!!

Then I went back to my husband.. “We have to speak Malay to her.. We have no choice..” Hahahaha…

Then I went back to her room..

“Bella.. Tasha, mari tukar baju. Sudah malam, masa untuk tidur”

Hahahaha… what is wrong with my language! But I need to teach her proper Malay language, right? She is only 4 and a half. We still have time before she goes to sekolah kebangsaan… We can do this! Hahaha…


Behind a Successful Woman…

Still in raya mode..?

Me no.. First day of raya, we decided to stay in and sleep..

Hahahah.. seriously. Sleep. That’s all. Meaningful.

Day 2 raya, I was already back at work..

Today, day 3 raya…

I’m oncall tomorrow, so today I have to vacuum, mop, laundry, ironing and the list goes on and on and on..

Have you heard the old saying…

Behind a successful man, there’s a woman..

But do you know..

Behind a successful woman, there’s a (reliable) maid!!

Trust me!


My beloved Kak Yah is probably having fun enjoying beautiful scenery in Ireland.. I heard she went shopping at Kildare Village.. Have fun Kak Yah!!

Yes I mean it!

And.. on top of these house chores.. Bella and Tasha keeps following me around, they are like my tails.. Talking tails!! Haha.. The girls really drives me crazy but I love them to bits!! They probably think I’m mad because I hug, tickle and kiss them after all the screaming scene.. Sometimes, even I myself think I’m mad.. Hehe..

OK, gotta go back to work. TTYL



Hi all!!

Hopefully all of you are doing great beating Tuesday blues after a long weekend break! In my case, nothing new, I had to work over the weekend and coming back to work today.. oncall! By 9am today, I had 5 of my colleagues telling me that I look tired. Haha.. No worries, all fixed after my cup of coffee. Coffee is definitely my magic drug!

Anyway, that’s not my point.. I just wanna tell you what happened yesterday… Besides it was Merdeka day, I was post call. Had a bad ICU call the night before.. So when I came back home, finished some housechores, bathe my girls, did some Kumon worksheet with B,  feed them lunch, then my husband asked me to rest for a while. I must looked like a real zombie yesterday..  Haha..

My girls know they can play with ipad or phone only during the weekends. Tasha took my phone to watch her favourite kids story app. I was too tired to bother where did she went with the phone.

Guess where did she go?

She went to the bathroom, decided to flood the bathtub with water and the last thing my husband heard was Tasha screaming out loud because her diaper was burst filled up with water…. Kahkahkah!

OMG! I was glad nothing happened to her because she was alone in the bathroom and bathtub was almost full. I had a mini heart attack when I saw the water in the bathtub and thinking about when could have happened to her. Great great relief! Thanks to her burst diaper, she got scared. Hehe…

Owh.. and I forgot to mention, my phone was found next to the bathtub.. Wet!

I quickly googled “my iphone dropped into water, help”


So, the acute management for this kind of situation is..

#1 dry the iPhone with towel

#2 take out the sim card

#3 do NOT use hairdryer to blow dry the iPhone – almost.. almost did this! I was soo tempted!

#4 keep the iPhone is a ziplock bag full of rice. Apparently the rice will absorb the moisture from the phone.

#5 Check back after 3 days!

Hahahahaha.. yes, at least 3 days!

I don’t have 3 days! And I’m oncall today. I just can’t.. My husband called his Apple guy who somehow always have solutions to our Apple issues.. He opened up my phone, and tadaaaa.. it was full with water!

Currently my phone is still comatose and admitted to Apple ICU. I’m oncall today and I’m phoneless. I feel quite stressed up because I feel like I have no contact with the world.. you know, the instagram, whatsapp.. usual stuff :D I’m writing this from the hospital computer. and I have been writing emails to my husband too. Hahahaha..

The iPhone surgeon will update the condition of my phone this evening. Wish me luck. Whoever needs to post emergency orthopaedic case to me, please call OT straight.. Haha..

Have a nice day!