Happy Mother’s Day!

I have to admit I am not a perfect mother. Sometimes I refused to spend time with my kids because I was too tired, even when I tried, I fell asleep during our play time. Sometimes I raised my voice to them when they were making mess even when I knew it was part of … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day!

Erny’s Baby Shower

At PiecesByRaeesa Anonymous meeting.. "Hi, I'm Halina. I'm addicted to PBR's clothes.." Hehehehehe... Not just me, I found out that a few of my colleagues are also PBR addicts. We are... up to the extend that the owner of PBR becomes our good friend! One of my colleagues, senior during UKM days organised a baby … Continue reading Erny’s Baby Shower

B is 3!!

bella is three today.. Alhamdulillah.. Mommy loves you, Sayang.. XOXO

Tasha Is 1!!

Alhamdulillah.. Time really flies. Tasha is one year old today.. MasyaAllah, God gave us this cheerful, bubbly little girl to our family. I have no words to describe my feelings towards this little angel. When we first had Bella, I thought I have given my all to her. All my love that I have inside … Continue reading Tasha Is 1!!

The Best Birthday Gift!!

This is the best birthday gift ever! I asked B to sing for me again  and again and again until she got fed up and changed from "mommy" to her name.. Hahaha.. I'm so blessed. Alhamdulillah.. XO

Come & Meet Us!!

Hi Barely Supermommy readers!! I wanna personally invite you to this Wyeth event in Alamanda Putrajaya on the August 31, 2013, this coming Saturday. There will be a lot of activities for your children like colouring contest, rocket making contest, face painting and a lot more. Healthy check up will be provided from Hospital An-Nur … Continue reading Come & Meet Us!!

A Little Thank You

I want to thank all of you for your kind messages and well wishes I get from this blog, to my email,  Twitter, Facebook and even Keek after our Romantika episodes last night. I'm sorry I can't reply to each and everyone of you. Thank you again for your love and support.  We love you … Continue reading A Little Thank You

Introducing.. Sophea Natasha

Dear Barely Supermommy readers.. I would like to introduce to you, our latest addition in the family, Sophea Natasha bt Sheikh Muszaphar. We had a photoshoot session earlier today at our home done by Azmir Khalid. He does a lot of photoshoot for infant and babies. He took beautiful pictures of Bella when Bella was … Continue reading Introducing.. Sophea Natasha

My Labour Story..

Alhamdullillah.. I've safely delivered a beautiful baby girl who looks exactly like her father on Jan 19, 2013 at 1953H 🙂 Well, it wasn't like a typical movie type story where my waterbag broke while I was shopping (eventhough I kinda hope it would turn out that way!! Hahah..) It was actually an induced-labour. My … Continue reading My Labour Story..

3.6million viewers??

Dear BarelySupermommy readers, You have been an amazing supporters to my blog. I had 3.6million readers in 2012!! OMG!! Where did you guys came from?? Hahahah.. Anyway, I would like to extend my thank yous to all of you who have been supporting BarelySupermommy. It has been a great parenthood journey for me and my … Continue reading 3.6million viewers??