My Child Birth Story..Β 

I guess in my case, I can call it Children Birth story since I had two of them!! 😜

Today is supposedly the expected delivery date for our twins…

Owh, I think I forgot to introduce you to our boys..

Y’all, meet Adam… and Noah πŸ˜‰

Boys, meet mommy’s blog reader 😘

We are not ready to put up their photo on social media yet. I hope you all will understand. But I’m gonna give you a hint… Adam looks like Bella when she was a baby.. and Noah looks like Tasha! It’s like deja vu seeing them, like looking at B and T when they were a baby!!

OK, back to the delivery date story. Today, August 23 is supposedly their 40 weeks in the womb, but they had to be delivered early at 36 weeks due to medical issues. One twin was smaller than the other one and my ObGyn worried about the well-being of the smaller twin, so they had to be delivered early.

I think you probably read my previous entry about me wanting to deliver vaginally. Unfortunately, I can’t. Even if I can, there’s a chance it will compromise our smaller twin. I don’t want to put my baby into that risk of fetal distress. I guess any mother would do the same, put aside your fear for your baby, right?

I’m still a chicken in the operation theatre thou..

Check out my chicken face! πŸ˜†

It was done under spinal anaesthesia. I probably have done thousands of spinal anaesthesia but when it comes to my turn.. omg! Hahaha.. I totally understand why some patient absconded from hospital to avoid operation because thats what I feel on my day of surgery πŸ˜† I had to fake my bravery and pretend cool. Fake it until you make it πŸ’ͺ🏻 Thats what they say…

My husband was with me in the theatre (until the babies were out… then he disappeared to spend time with them.. ) Hahaha..

My surgery went well. Alhamdulillah. Once the anaesthesia effect wears off, it was urghhhh… I overlapped my painkillers to reduce the pain. By 8 hours after surgery, I was already walking to the toilet. But if you asked me to compare vaginal delivery and c-section. I choose vaginal delivery… Up until now, Im still scared to sneeze and cough. Hahahah.. whenever I sneeze or cough, I can feel this pricking pain at the point where there is a knot tied from the suture. So, enjoy your sneeze and cough while you can, people!!

So thats my birth story… insyaAllah I will update you the story about Adam and Noah soon..


* Photos credit to my good friend who was also my colleague who gave my spinal anaesthesia πŸ˜‰. She whom I shall not mention here has a great sense of humour and kept me calm during the operation and help me look for my husband in the theatre. Haha..

34 thoughts on “My Child Birth Story..Β 

  1. seram rasa sy bila pk tentang operation…xde pengalaman lg tp sy tahu ianya menyakitkan.. semoga pantang doc bjalan lancar

  2. Congrats Dr. Halina.. Hahahaha!! *high five* I’m a chicken too when comes to csect. But have to look like ‘gagah perkasa’ on the outside. Padahal.. only God knows.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Wow !! I can’t wait to see Adam & Noah..Guess, they must be as handsome as their Daddy..HeHeHe..
    Anyway, Congratulations !!


    1. The worst part of recovering from spinal anaesthesia is the moment you nak start gerak. Make sure they serve your pain killer regularly in the ward even before the spinal wears off. usually it will wears off btw 4 – 6 hours. Mine was 4 hours sharp but I already took pain killers earlier. Get someone to hold you to hang your legs by the bedside. Once you can get over that fear of moving, and already sitting by the bedside, walking to toilet is not a problem because you already know how to anticipate the pain. Sometimes the one thats holding you back is the anticipation of the pain.. All the best!!

  5. It has been more than 3 months since the passing of my twin..the pregnancy was already in the 20th week and God’s has taken them to be in His arms. Really miss them..but now i’m coping well..
    So excited to see Adam & Noah..congratulation dr. halina

    1. Innalillahiwainnalillahirojiun. In shaa Allah away dah ada anak2 tunggu di syurga. Thanks for the wish. I wish you all the best too!

  6. congratulations dr. halina..jealousnya husband dapat masuk OT..i delivered 3 children via csec and semuanya sendiri..

  7. Congrats mommy!! Cant wait to see adam n noah.. moga adam dan noah grow up be a good boy, soleh dan muslih .. take care mummy .. xoxo

  8. Tahniah dan selamat berpantang Dr.
    Alolo sure sweet mcm mommy dia kan.

    3 anak i pun thru C section Dr…. and now kilang i dah tutup hihi….

  9. Tahniah Dr. Ye bila sendiri boleh bayangkan apa yg berlaku semasa
    dalam OT,mmg menyeramkan. Masalahnya nak pretending tak takot tu yg susah

    Wlw sakit,payah semuanya Dr dah berjaya lalui

  10. Salam
    I came across your blog. Congrats on your twins. I had twins 23 years ago..a was a normal delivery but one twin had to the vacumn due to being stuck at the shoulders with his sister. It was an experience. Eventhough u had C section. …the experience is still great. …going home with 2 lovely little ones who will keep u on your toes for the many years to come.
    Congrats and alhamdulillah all went well.

  11. Congrates to both of u..
    Always wishes for your well being n the family… Looking forward to see both the twins…
    We r all. Happy for you n hubby…
    Dan x nk. Cukup 10 orang huhuhu

  12. Congrats Doc! Seems like I will look up more on twins delivery story from you. InsyaAllah will have my own twins in December. Nervous and excited all mixed up once i knew i’m carrying 2 babies. Have a good rest and happy confinement doc.

  13. I feel u doc. And i hate it when during pantang, people came to visit and make some jokes. Cause its really pain to laugh! Hahaha

  14. Thank you for sharing your experience with us..hope this can be an inspiration for others to be brave and strong during C-section..

  15. Hi Dr Halina, I delivered my twin boys via c-sect as well. Currently in my 23rd day of confinement. Do you wear bengkung during your confinement? If yes, from what day post delivery did u start to wear bengkung? Some people advised that I shouldnt wear it earlier if i had c-sect and had to wait probably after pantang to wear it since we still dont know whether our internal wound has fully recovered or not, but some said that i can start to wear it after a week post delivery. Appreciate if you can share your experience on this.

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