B’s Chinese Name..

I’m post call today. A little bit cuckoo head.. didn’t sleep much last night..

Earlier today, while I was chilling at home after work, I got a phone call from Bella’s kindie teacher. She was just calling me to ask about few things, and one of it is whether Bella has Chinese name.. (Bella goes to Chinese kindie btw..)

I was errrr… surprise! Didn’t think of that when we register for her birth cert! I asked her laoshi (teacher in Mandarin, forgive me if my spelling is wrong) why she needs extra name. She said just for fun, for writing purposes…

Then I got excited. I immediately thought of a name… I was so close to tell the laoshi that Bella’s Chinese name is Zhang Ziyi ! Hehehehe..


But I didn’t..

But Zhang Ziyi’s face in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon appeared in my (cuckoo) head..

I tried to think straight. So I told the laoshi that I will figure it out tonight.. and guess what, another Chinese name appeared in my (cuckoo) head!!


Mulan…! Bella’s Chinese name will be Mulan!

Of course I didn’t tell that to her laoshi.. ๐Ÿ˜…

When my husband is back, I told him about figuring out Chinese name for Bella… and of course I told him about my brilliant idea.. Zhang Ziyi and Mulan ๐Ÿ˜„ He was speechless, probably amazed with my thinking ability despite lack of sleep. He suggested we ask our Chinese friends who really knows about Chinese name ๐Ÿ™„

OK fine.

Here is B’s video for her daddy when my husband was away travelling last week.


Lost My RosiePosie

Some of you probably knew my drama today. Hehe..

I lost RosiePosie!

(that’s my phone, because it’s in Rose Gold colour โ˜บ๏ธ)

Went for coffee and light reading at my favourite coffee shop.. it was still with me, then I hurry back home because B will be home from soon.. Then only I realised my phone wasn’t there but I didn’t rush to look for it because I thought I left it in my car. Only after I settled B and T for their afternoon school, then I realised it wasn’t in my car.

I looked for it from Find My Phone app from my other Apple device, it wasn’t far from me, but definitely that wasn’t the place I went before. And the light green circle around the phone means it is still connected to line / data access.

Tried calling, sending messages, reported as Lost Phone so the Lost Phone Message will appear on the screen and gave it a ring. All methods done but it wasn’t answered. Lucky the phone was locked with password.

Only for the past three weeks I started to lock my phone and saving all the photos into my computer. I’m always a little too lazy to do that. Yup, super lazy even to have passcode for my phone. Haha.. So, this new habit of having a passcode only started about 3 weeks ago for unknown reason.

Little that I know, I will lose my RosiePosie..


So, I was at the blue dot area, and my phone is nearby. I don’t know how to go and chase the phone. What if a really huge guy who looks like mafia had my RosiePosie. I probably just tell him to keep it, no big deal (because I’m actually scared of him! Haha.. )

Anyway, time is running up, the person who has my phone is not replying but he/she is smart enough not to switch it off because if he/she did that, I canย disable the phone via Apple account. If the phone is still online, that person might have a chance of breaking into it and see all the information in my phone / hack my social media account / all photos without tudung. Lost is definitely on my side.

Am I making sense?

So, it is just a matter of time. I decided to let it go. I don’t want drama of chasing a mafia who has my phone (who knows, safe always comes first!) and just get a new SIM card and use my old phone and get on with my life…

For that person who has my phone, since I have disconnected it from my iTunes, it will just function like a brand new phone. Congrats on your new phone. Maybe I should just halal kan je right? It’s Friday today, hopefully I can score extra points with Allah. Hehe..

Somehow my husband (who is far far in Vienna) laughed at me and thought it was my trick to get the brand new iPhone 7 launching next week here! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ So mean! Haha..



I just wanna say Hello ๐Ÿค—


I haven’t been writing for the longest time, so… Hello!!!

First of all, Salam Maal Hijrah, may this year will be better for us than before. Always aim to be better. Thank God for the public holiday… thats the beauty of being Malaysians, right! One race celebration, others can get holiday!! Hehe..

As some of you might know, S is travelling right now, he is in Vienna for Association of Space Explorers (ASE) Planetary Congress. The membership to ASE is open to individuals who have completed at least one orbit of the Earth in a spacecraft! Hahahaha… I haven’t even completed one round of Malaysia in any kind of vehicle! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Bella and T both doing great, alhamdulillah. They grow up very fast! T is such a chatterbox! I was always worried if Tasha grew up to be a quiet person, because Bella obviously, as the kakak, likes to do the talking and making decisions for her little sister. I’m afraid that T will not speak as much… turn out I was wrong. Totally wrong! T is very cheeky, likes to play tricks on others, super happy go lucky and very good at fake-crying to get attention!


This photo is actually a face swap photo! I swapped B and T’s face.. So now B’s face on T and vice versa. And I think they look alike!! Hahaha…

To be honest, I don’t have anything interesting to tell but I just wanna get back the mood of writing here. Kinda rusty I have to admit.

Till then, you take care of yourself. Glad many of us will not have Monday blues today.. and good luck with Tuesday blues!!


Raya 2016

Selamat Hari Raya

Maaf Zahir & Batin.. Hope I’m not too late!
Anyway, hope everybody is enjoying their Syawal and open houses and puasa 6 and catching up with family and friends!

Ours was great to our likings. We had a quiet raya time after a hectic Ramadhan. Raya morning.. we missed solat sunat. B decided to have diarrhoea that morning! Poor girl, she was just quiet and resting. Very unlike herself. The moment we arrived the masjid, we saw the masjid was filled up to the staircase and already on tahiyat akhir. So, yeah… We will try again next year insyaAllah..

Went straight to my MIL’s after that, whacked raya food, salam-salam mintak maaf, collected duit raya for my girls and then straight to my parents house in Seremban. We left KL quite early, before noon and traffic was good. My brother from Dublin is back for raya. So there was three of us celebrating raya this year, missing my sister and her family in Dublin. We are back in KL by dinner time and it’s time to pack!!


Langkawi here we come!!

In Langkawi, we stayed at Ombak Villa of Langkawi Lagoon. OMG that place is like heaven… The water villa was ah-may-zing!!! We decided to spend our first day there just sleep and do nothing.. Hehe..

My two girls are definitely animal lovers. They really enjoy petting animals and playing with them. B is already asking us whether she can have her own farm.. I almost fainted. Can’t believed I’m raising a farm-girl! Hahhahah…

A must visit for us.. is the Langkawi Wildlife Park.


This is our second time here. They allowed their visitors to feed and play with the animals. B got the chance to feed the crocodiles during our previous visit because we were there during their feeding time.


B was busy feeding the rabbits while T fishing at the fish pond. Maybe we can have a farm in few years time. Hehe..

New thing we tried this time… Horse riding!! Tasha is a big fan of horses (and dinosaurs!) She loves to collect all sort of horses (and dinosaurs!) figurines. Since she is big enough, daddy decided to bring the girls (and mommy) for horse riding..


The place is called Perdana Stable, somewhere nearby Telaga Tujuh. B and T were really looking forward to it, mommy on the other hand, got a little too scared but too shy to show it to them. Hahahah..


B & T super ready for their horses!!


Mommy bagi salam dulu to my horse. Hahaha.. Somehow my husband has this talent which able him to take my photo at my worst moment! Haha..

We signed up for a 15 minutes horse ride which equals to 3 hours of mommy’s time! I was hoping no horse avalaible for me but the possibility is quite slim since there were about 50 horses there. Haih…

It was pretty scary initially. It’s all about balancing… The girls who took me around (who hold my horse so it will not run and freak me out) was good. I’m pretty calm with her around. She told me that the horse can sense fear. Hahaha.. (My horse’s name is Anteriana btw..) Why Anteriana why.. I keep telling myself to keep calm, malu if I freaked out in front of my girls. Hahaha.. We went around the stable area, some jungle that made me feels like Arwen the Elves from Lord of The Rings!


Yup… that is Liv Tyler as Arwen in LOTR! Hahahahaha… I was already speaking the elves language but my husband doesnt understand me (in my imagination, he is Gandalf ๐Ÿ˜…!!)

B and T were pretty cool. T was soooo cool she was busy trying to pluck leaves from the trees above her. OMG young lady, hold on tight to your horse, please. My husband, he knows how to ride a horse so, no big deal for him..


Surprisingly, it was not bad at all. I knew I like it the moment I got that elves feeling. Haha.. My girls loved it so my husband booked another session the next day. This time, for 1 hour and they will bring us to the beach. Yay!! I can be elves again!!

The second time we went, it was all good. I loved it! T was a little too calm until she fell asleep on her horse. B loves it. Now she wants a farm with horses. Huh..

Anyway, it was a fun experience for all of us. If you asked me to do this again. Yes, I would. Would I go for proper horse riding class? Maybe not. My plate is pretty full for now, but if my girls were interested, yes I would allow them…


It’s Happening Real Soon!!


Remember my previous entry about our perfume…

It’s gonna launch real soon, ladies and gentlemen! The soft launch event is gonna be at Fraser Residence, KL on June 4, 2016. That is in 1 week time!! All registered agents are invited!

For those who are interested, you can contactย  LUC Empire Venturesย ย at 012-235-1353.

See you there, insyaAllah!!



I’m on a mission!!

Mission #1 To take lots of OOTD [#drhalinalookbook] for MyAdinda

Mission #2 To turn my husband into #instagramhusband

Hehe.. who else gonna help me with my OOTD, right? He is the only one available for me 24/7. Besides, he promised to do anything and everything for me. Well, he didn’t exactly say that but that’s what marriage is all about, right? Haha..

So, today he helped me with the camera..


OK cantik.. it would be nice kalau nampak kaki..


Yup, almost there, S…

Then I suggested we tool a close-up details of the gorgeous dress.


Tasha pulak photobombed this picture..

And from the back…


Not bad at all!! Hehe..

This gorgeous Medhuri Saree from KupadioKL is available on MyAdindaย . This is one of KupadioKL’s Raya collection. The colours is gorgeous. The beadings is too pretty and the sleeves comes with a zipper. Yup, that is important for raya because we still have to do the dishes even it’s raya, right?? My advise is, if you don’t mind the curves, stick to your own size but if you prefer a slightly loose version, get one size bigger. I’m wearing L size.

This pretty dress is currently on 10% discount hereย only until today midnight! Discount also applicable for other KupadioKL Raya collection!

OK, gotta do more OOTD. Happy shopping!!


Inspire & Desire



Soon… InsyaAllah.. This is his favourite smell ๐Ÿ˜˜ (minus that chanel logo.. obviously this is not the final photo but I’m just too excited ๐Ÿ™ˆ)

Currently we are looking for agents/distributor all around Malaysia to work with us. You can find more details on this FB page. There is also an event soon, Meet-and-Greet with the Entrepreneur before launching of this perfume. Details again on that FB page link above.

And.. and.. and….. takkan dia je kan… I pun nak jugak ย ๐Ÿ™ˆ



This is the smell that I chose. It is refreshing, bubbly, flirty and it makes me happy ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

And I promise you it is not the smell of coffee although I would love to do that. Hahaha..

Top notes are more of fruity, citrusy smell. Middle notes are a little flowery.. Jasmine to be exact, thanks to Coco Chanel for that lesson and the base is cedar, a little musky I would say…

Why Desire?

It’s about desire for success, being independent and strong but yet feminine at the same time.

Why Inspire?

I guess you have to ask my husband at the Meet-and-Greet the Entrepreneur session soon. So, to all who is interested, please kindly visit this FB page for more info.

Have a nice day!