Breastfeeding The Twins

Hi all!! Adam and Noah is already reaching their 3 month milestones. Time really flies.. They are already smiling and cooing and being just adorable.. you know, before they start to be mobile and move around and you have to child-proof the whole house again... To be honest, I think both Adam and Noah are … Continue reading Breastfeeding The Twins

Adam & Noah First Month of Life

Time really flies. They are already one month old. The past one month was all about eat-poop-sleep for them! Adam was born at 2.38kg and Noah was at 2.05kg. My aim is to breastfeed and make sure they gain weight! First week was tough for us. At 36 weeks, they are basically borderline premature so … Continue reading Adam & Noah First Month of Life

My Child Birth Story.. 

I guess in my case, I can call it Children Birth story since I had two of them!! 😜 Today is supposedly the expected delivery date for our twins... Owh, I think I forgot to introduce you to our boys.. Y'all, meet Adam... and Noah 😉 Boys, meet mommy's blog reader 😘 We are not … Continue reading My Child Birth Story.. 

Happy 6th Birthday B!!

It's B's 6th birthday today!! Time really flies ... While 6 years ago, at this moment, I was in labour room... labouring.. this year, I'm still waiting for my signs of labour. Nope, still pregnant. Occasionally I had Braxton Hick contractions (that is the rehearsal contraction minus the pain.. ) but thats all. I am … Continue reading Happy 6th Birthday B!!

35 weeks..

... and still pregnant! Praise to Allah SWT I have made it this far in my twins pregnancy journey. I know I have high risk of delivering my babies premature but Alhamdulillah, I'm still pregnant 😀 Both babies are growing well and I'm having all sorts of pain but very grateful. This pregnancy is really no … Continue reading 35 weeks..

Salam Ramadhan

Salam Ramadhan to all of you. To the Muslims, happy fasting. This is the best month of the year. Lets make full use of this month to be the best of ourselves and continue doing so.. To all non-muslims, enjoy bazaar ramadhan, food fest and all the buka puasa buffet! To be honest, I never … Continue reading Salam Ramadhan

I’m Half Way Thru Second Trimester!

Hi all!! Alhamdulillah I'm doing great. Big and great!! Currently in my second trimester, 21 weeks to be exact. I hope you all are doing perfectly fine ☺️ Today I feel like telling you stories about how my pregnancy going so far. It does feel a little different this time compared to previous two pregnancies. … Continue reading I’m Half Way Thru Second Trimester!

Chicken Pox 2.0

Some of you probably knew this from my IG.. Tasha got chicken pox! Second in our house after Bella.. (hence the title chicken pox 2.0) OMG! I freaked out the first time I saw the spot on her back. This photo went straight to my paediatrician and GP friends. Haha.. I need consultation stat!! About … Continue reading Chicken Pox 2.0

Receiving The News

Dear all, I have graduated from my first trimester.. alhamdulillah! It is extra tiring and all I want to do is just sleep and eat and pee and sleep again. Basically that how I live my life for the past two months! We are so grateful when we got to know I am carrying twins! … Continue reading Receiving The News

Mommy, Do You Know Who Is Handsome?

OMG! I am totally not ready for this conversation yet with my 5 year old girl.. OK fine, she will turn 6 this year but no, not yet, still 5!! Me and Bella was watching TV, The Lion Guard to be exact and suddenly B asked me.. "Mommy, do you know who is handsome?" I … Continue reading Mommy, Do You Know Who Is Handsome?