Mommy, Do You Know Who Is Handsome?

OMG! I am totally not ready for this conversation yet with my 5 year old girl.. OK fine, she will turn 6 this year but no, not yet, still 5!!

Me and Bella was watching TV, The Lion Guard to be exact and suddenly B asked me.. “Mommy, do you know who is handsome?”

I was speechless. I don’t know how to respond to her. Totally not ready for this conversation, earliest I would expect at least when she is 14. She is 9 years early popping out this topic! Haha..

Mommy : 🙄 so who do you think is handsome, Bella?

Bella : There’s two characters I think they are handsome..

😖 two? 2? I am not even ready for one! Haha..

Bella : I think Kion from Lion Guard and Skylar from Elena of Avalor is handsome!


Meet Kion from Lion Guard, people…


and say Hello to Skylar from Elena of Avalor…


Such a great relief, isn’t it?!!


9 thoughts on “Mommy, Do You Know Who Is Handsome?

  1. itu baru dari cerita kartun, my daughters is age 8 and 7, talked about siapa hensem between Dean and Sam (Supernatural). dan diorang already cop sape nak Dean and sape nak Sam…aiyooo! siap cerita dengan Nenek diorang siapa lagi hensem. Ades! =_=!

  2. Ohhh…my 11 yo daughter….
    Mom…what is sugardaddy?
    Where did u get it from?

    Ohhhh…how or what or should i explain? 😧

  3. Hahaa cute little Bella! Your girl is growing up day by day. Learn what to expect & you need to be all prepared mommy! =)

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