Boycott Israel!!

This is the least we can do for them…

Somebody suggested me an app on the phone called “Buycott”. It’s so easy to use, you can choose any campaign that you are interested in..

I chose this one and another campaign to boycott Israel.. You just have to scan the barcode of the product that you want to check..

Then after few seconds, you’ll get this!

Taddaaa.. and you’ll put the product back on the shelf because you are NOT buying this!! πŸ˜‰

There are sooooo many products that produced / supported by Israel. The Israelis control probably 70% on the world economy!! That is probably almost half of our household product. Not many of us gets the chances to physically be in Palestine to help them, but most of us, have the purchasing power of our household!! We are the ones who does the groceries shopping! And that means we have the power to BOYCOTT Israel!!

Yes, we do!!

If you’re wondering how to search for this.. just type “BuyCott” in the app store and look for this one..

Again and again, I want to put this up in my blog the product list by the Israelis. There are so many of them, if not all, if we can contribute some, that would be good. But I believe there’s always other options for each of their products.. ALWAYS!! The choice is yours!

These are the list of products by Nestle (Yes, only Nestle!!) Say goodbye to Milo ladies.. there’s always Vico! Nope, I have no share with Vico company!! I’m also looking for other options.

Forget Maggi mee!! They are one of the contributors under Nestle. Other options Β for us are Ruski (made in Malaysia, Ruski Tomyam is my personal favourite!!) there’s also Mi Sedap (yang memang sedan!) and many more. As long as it’s not Maggi… Please. We don’t want to kill another Palestinians!! Nauzubillah..

Sorry Starbucks! Farewell. I’ll do fine with my Chatime!! Haha.. I’m not sure about The Coffee Bean and San Francisco Coffee. I haven;t found any evidence to support that they supported Israel. So, I guess if you must drink expensive coffee, there are still other options.. Haha..

And this bottle of coke… not a regular coke!! Check out the “shadow missile”. Yes, It’s a missile that used to kill other people!! And that includes Coke Light and Pepsi too!! Alternative? Well, I guess it’s a good thing also not to drink soda drinks at all, too much sugar!! πŸ˜€Β 

And McD.. I believe many of us are aware of this. I noticed McD is relatively empty these days.. Well done!! Lets keep this up!!

Last week, there were rumours saying that Israelis already losing 40 billion from boycott campaign around the world.

People around the world are boycotting Israel for humanitarian causes! They kill civilians. It is genocide. In Malay term.. Israel nak hapuskan bangsa Palestine!!

If you still think it’s ok not to boycott their product. There’s some serious damage to your brain. So far, for the past 29 days of massacre, 1831 Palestinians were killed and 9400 injured! And most of them were children.

Look at this list of products under L’oreal.

I believe we must have one of products on our dressing table. Let’s stop buying all these! We always have other options like Chanel (woohoooo!!) and NARS! Do you know P&G also is one of Israel products?

Say buhbye to Febreze mommies.. from now on, all will be manually sental!! Hahaha…

Please, please, please, I beg you to do your part. Together we can do this. So many options out there. Besides, this is the time for us to start looking at our own product. Or maybe like Tun M’s idea years ago.. “Dasar Pandang Ke Timur” Cheewahhh… I feel so clever saying something like that! Hahaha… Let’s start support locals.. like this one..

Confirm tak support Israel!! πŸ˜‰

Sorry I get too emotional writing about this. I have so much hatred for the zionist. Lets support Gaza!


P/s: Pictures are mine and some images from Google!

58 thoughts on “Boycott Israel!!

  1. Jihad yg paling utama dan sukar adalah jihad melawan nafsu. Cara mcm ni pun dah kira dakwah doc. Keep it up ! Bersama kita boycott distributors dana kpd israhell ni.

  2. Really we need to boycott!!!! This way the way we as a muslim to help other muslim at Palestine…must have strong courage to avoid all Israel Product..#prayforgazs

  3. Bersama kita boikot produk2 yahudi…dan yg paling utama, BOIKOT CARA HIDUP YAHUDI! Kembali kita pd CARA HIDUP ISLAM yg sempurna sebagaimana cara Nabi SAW.

  4. MasyaAllah…there are thousand of products to avoid! I’m so used to check product labels for G6PDD son. Now, I have a loooong new lists….but I’ll do it! BOYCOTT Israel!

  5. Thank you dr for this article!! i love your spirit in doing this… And i’m not wrong saying to people that u are my u

  6. memang sakit tengok ape yang berlaku kat palestin,sekarang ni kalau nak membeli mesti akan belek2 produk dari mana hehehe so sekarang ni memang dah tak beli milo tapi beli vico πŸ™‚ barang2 umah pun terus bertukar kepada produk muslim sedikit sebanyak πŸ™‚ semoga ekonomi islam terus cemerlang πŸ™‚

  7. Let me share this short story and i hope it can inspiring others to involve in this campaign…inshaallah
    Berlaku kisah di zaman nabi ibrahim…semasa baginda di bakar oleh kaumnya seekor burung kecil terbang berulang alik mengisi air di dalam paruhnya lalu menyiram ke atas api yang membakar. itulah yang di lakukan nya berulang kali…
    Tingkah laku nya di perhatikan oleh makhluk allah yang lain lalu bertanya kepada burung kecil itu..” untuk apa kau berpenat lelah mengambil air berulang alik, sedangkan api yang membakar nabi ibrahim tidak akan terpadam dengan air yang kau siramkan itu”
    Lalu di jawab oleh burung berkenaan “memang ia tidak akan dapat memadamkan api itu, tetapi aku lebih takut kepada allah kerana allah akan menyoal aku nanti , apakah yang sudah aku lakukan untuk agama allah dan allah tidak akan bertanya samaada aku berjaya memadamkan api itu ataupun tidak”…

  8. soo proud of ur spirit n ur effort on writing this Dr..spread the words, its one of the ways for us to raise the awareness in our people..boikot, derma dan doa..may Allah bless u n ur family Dr..jom terus boikott

  9. Senang support produk tempatan & support talent tempatan yay!

    Honestly, saya hrp sangat Malaysia bina talent tempatan. Org Yahudi bukan ramai sangat, tetapi mereka bina orang2 mereka dengan pelbagai kepakaran. Kalau Malaysia dapat support generasi muda dengan membina mereka dengan kepakaran2 e.g: dlm pertanian, pembinaan, kejuruteraan, perubatan, kajian etc, insha Allah, Malaysia boleh sustain diri sendiri tanpa bergantung pada kepakaran asing. Saya harap duit beribu2 yang dibayar kepada para ramai artis jelita mengagumkan, juga boleh diperuntukkan bagi membina kepakaran2 ini. Pls pls plsssss

  10. & angkasawan boleh lah ajar rakyat Malaysia ttg sains & engineering kat facebook ke..
    sbb tak semua orang dpt pergi ceramah angkasawan atau masuk universiti, biar ilmu lebih meluas
    sbgamaima luasnya cerita artis mengagumkan di media sosial, cerita sains pun nak jugak. Plsssss
    Malaysia, cintailah kepakaran yang dapat bantu anda tanam pokok padi lebih berkualiti sebagai artis jelita dikagumi

  11. Alhamdulillah….nampaknya brkesan jugak kempen boycott tu ye.
    masa awal2 haritu ramai yang perlekeh usaha boycott McD.
    Namun usaha yang sedikit, tapi bila bersatu besar impaknya.

  12. i have not buy milo for quite a while and since then i have tried a few cocoa drink…vico, ovaltine, and i must say the winner goes to chocolate malt drink by 1Malaysia…ada jual kat kedai 1Malaysia…harga almost 50% cheaper than milo yet the taste sedap setanding milo…but kalau ada yang rasa tak cukup chocolatey, boleh jer letak banyak2 sebab murah!!! 1 kg tak sampai rm20 whereas milo 1 kg RM30++ kot kan…jom support barangan malaysia

  13. tq doc.keep on sharing good things with pon mmg tgh bersemangat boikot dan geram tahap gaban ngn kekejaman israhell laknatullah and amerika ngoks tu.and I think,byk pnjimatan dpt dibuat dgn boikot brg depa ni yg agk x rugi apa2 langsung.ayuh kita boikot agar bangsa laknatullah tu merana.JOM BOIKOT!

  14. I am a non muslim, but i do boycotting most of those products up there and holding my family tightly to not buying any of it. When my dad asked me why iam doing this? I Shown him a video clip of Palestine’s children suffering and dead coz of the war by Israel! My dad support me now!

  15. both palestine and israel are at fault. children died on both sides. and yet people are pointing at one side only. besides, it seems that this war has been made as if muslims and jews are fighting each other, but really, it is just between hamas (who use civilians as shield) and israeli army (who targets the hamas hot spots). the palestinians are pitiable, but to say that they haven’t been supporting hamas and condoning the killings and vengeance on israelis is an understatement indeed. and the israelis are of course at fault for trying to conquer as much land as they tried. and if both palestine and israel don’t come to an agreement regarding the land that they ought to have, then this war is not the end nor the beginning of an end. more wars will come, perhaps until either side has been completely defeated. i do not support hamas, nor do i agree with israel’s actions, but i think that we must not be too quick to point our fingers at one side only. we have only ourselves to blame, and in this case, both sides are responsible and to be blamed for this war and the death of many human lives (palestinians and israelis alike). not all jews are zionists, and not all palestinians are extremist. boycotting israel products is just a hypocritical thing to do. if you indeed want to boycott israel products just because they killed more palestinians, then you should also boycott all arab made products/ or any other products that have directly/indirectly funded islamic jihads/terrorisms (e.g ISIS) in the name of allah (so to speak).

    1. Eh serius ke? Baru nak buang semua loreal maybeline nal tukar bodyshop. Tp x sempat lagi sebab xde bajet. Baru cuba inglot. Made from poland and paraben free. Tp dont expect the quality mcm mac la. Harga pin separuh mac

  16. Salam alaik Dr Halina..Kami semua menyahut cabaran Israel ..Mereka kata kita takkan boleh boikot..At last padan muka mereka..but Saya ada nak tanya doc berkenaan Kawaii Collagen yang Dr Mkn ni..Saya pun ada makan sekali..saya fully BF anak sy..then lepas sy minum malam b4 sleep keesokkan harinya selepas mandi anak sy naik gegata (seperti gatal2 bermula dari kaki lepas sapu calamine hilang dan terus berpindah ke bahagian badan dan tgh malam hari yang sama naik dibahagian leher dan membengkak) adekah itu kesan allergi ???saya terus stop sebab kesiankan anak saya..huhuhu..saya dah jumpa doc biasa bertanya berkenaan tu..doc kata collagen seharusnya tiada effect pada baby sebab ia supplement untuk diri kita..Doc sebagai pengguna produk ini..apa pandangan doc ?? sebab saya tgk kandungan kawaii ini kebanyakkan nya dari extract buah.Mohon pencerahan.Tq Doc.

  17. Hi dear. Thanks for sharing this app. I know that your husband is the brand ambassador for S26 formula milk, which is under Wyeth Nutrition, a brand also owned by Nestle. Is he still supporting this brand?

  18. Lots of us have been wondering how to be of help to Ghaza and i admit this is a wonderful idea but how do we know for sure that those companies support Israel? :/

  19. Just in case anyone didn’t know this, most of our electronic gadgets have been linked to Israeli manufacturers too. From Apple to Samsung and the hardest for me to find a replacement – Intel which can be found in perhaps 99.8% of home and office PCs. Some say Facebook has contributed a pretty hefty investment towards Israel too. Wallahualam, just sharing so you could perhaps do a little research of your own. Every little bit counts so maybe we can start small with the food and makeup products first as there are a lot of other options for those items.

    I actually still do question would this boycott even be effective – not in terms of crippling Israel’s economy but as @whataboutery has commented, the history of the war itself is very complicated. Just one more point to add – from what I have observed, Malaysians are very quick and vocal in voicing out their opinion about this war. What about our brothers and sisters over in Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Burma and countless other places which have seen far worst casualties than Palestine? I’m not belittling anyone’s effort towards betterment. I just wish we were not being selective as to what course to support just because the mainstream media is not reporting rampantly on the other spots’ crises

  20. If the screenshots are yours, I think we both may need to boycott “Maxis” because its using Amdocs (Israeli product/services), just like how we need to boycott Astro…

  21. Alamak, BodyShop pun ada dlm list ke???
    Nmpk gaya lps ni masa bershoping akan jadi lebih pjg sbb nak menscan setiap brg yg nak dibeli…
    Ni jela pun yg termampu nak tlg selain berdoa utk mereka…

  22. Alhamdulillah, may all of us istiqamah in this mission. Doc, I can feel your spirit(semangat) through this post. May Allah blessings always be with you.

  23. I love your website. You are courageous and thoughtful to think of the citizens of Gaza.God bless you and your family. Keep up the good work!

  24. Yup2. Thanks doc for the info. Yessss Secret Skin White Kawaii Collagen confirm OK!

    If ada sesiapa nak dapatkan boleh dapatkan ngan saya ye

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    The laces contained in the gloves would give stability during the boxing.
    Pivot 180 degrees on standing foot and extend the leg from the knee only.

  26. Salam Dr Harlina! πŸ™‚ Just read yr blog. And i cpt2 installed the apps! Hehe. I scanned clinique n head&shoulders shampoo (procter&gamble company) BUT! It showed NO CONFLICTS! I wondered….u hav any idea Dr? Thanks

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  29. omg all you stupid people really……maybe one day you will look back and think more clearly about what you’re boycotting. Next time u need a fucking maxi pad or tampon how about you shove a popsicle stick up there since you’re boycotting everything israeli. Show me something that a palestinian has done for our earth? nothing but war and violence comes from Islam. Fuck you and your allah akbar!

  30. you’re all ignorant to think that boycotting Israel will really harm their economy. All it will really do is make your life much harder than it already is trying to hate on everyone that is not Muslim. Do you really believe Israel doesn’t have the best scientists, inventors, doctors etc’ in the world? Do you really think big companies that support Israel and other anonymous billionaires from around the world don’t donate billions of dollars to the Israeli state? Oh! and the founder of Facebook is a zionist Jew, so think before you share this on Facebook. Whats next, you’ll stop using google? whatsapp ? Change your Microsoft computer to Apple? but I guess that wouldn’t work either since 2 of the founders are Jewish and the company supports Israel… So there you go, a few minutes of education that don’t include brainwashing kids into exploding themselves as adults.

    Have a nice life wearing a Chanel bag and Nars cosmetics in an isolated place away from the world (I don’t want you to infect yourselves with Israeli/Jewish germs), so we can all leave more peacefully.

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