Life as a Medical Student..

This one goes out to the students out there.. especially medical students!! πŸ˜‰

My advice is.. live life to the fullest… but you must know your responsibilities and limitations!!

I’m not the brightest.. or the most genius.. But my girlfriends and I.. we had fun!

These are my girls.. L-R: B’s mommy (that’s me!), Dr Reyhana (now mother of cute little Ezra) and Dr Elly (mother of two handsome prince, Ferhzan & Ferhanz)

Back then, we struggled thinking we have to be the best student to be a doctor.. but looking back, what really takes to be a good doctor besides knowledge is the attitude. Attitude plays a huge role.. You can be the best student in your class but without the right attitude and caring heart towards your patients.. You’re just another doctor.

So kids, have the right attitude, make sure you really want to help others, otherwise life as a doctor is not gonna be easy..because all your life is about helping others.. My husband always reminded me when I was a houseman (he was only my boyfriend at that time…) “These people, it’s not their choice to be sick.. but you chose to be a doctor. Treat them nicely…”

Yeah.. life as a houseman is another chapter in my life, it’s really tiring. If I’m not oncall, I would be in the hospital from 7am to 10pm everyday.. yes, everyday. If I’m oncall, 24 hours I’m stuck behind the hospital walls.. Not easy but do-able. I didn’t complain much coz I barely had time to complain. Hahaha..

Thanks to the people who were always with me behind those time..

69 thoughts on “Life as a Medical Student..

  1. Thank you for the advice.. It is good to know that from someone like you and in times like THIS! (exam is next month)!:(

    -from a medical student,Staffs, UK-

  2. attitude = think. . life as a medical doctor most people will say it as a tough life. actually it is equal to what ever u did in life. . live the live to the max =) don’t do everything for granted because it may come back to ourself =) all the best Doc!

  3. terima kasih sebab pilih untuk jadi seorang doktor Dr.Halina..
    kite suke are a good doctor πŸ™‚
    Smg Allah membalas kebaikan awk dgn rahmat dan redha Nya,amin

  4. agree with u. because charisma and talent bring you to the top but ATTITUDE keeps u there…have a good day doc…

  5. yeay! this is the post that ive been waiting for. im a third year med student now n i and i thnk im not that genius and ve been struggling in life thinking that ive to be a super genius genius to be qualified as a future doctor (you know, like ‘mr-know-it-all’) cuz i sometimes forgot the physiology , anat etc even im now in the clinical year.

    but still, i have to do the best to be a good doctor right. tehee. thanks dr har.

  6. thx Dr.Halina for your advise! yeah that true, its our choice to be meds student and one day we’ll be doctors just like you now~ (^_^) wish us luck doc!

    1. yeah, mee too! =p my bestfriend, bell mesti menangis air mata darah hehe.. what an inspiring motivation! even im in finance sector, tetap memberi makna terhdp kehidupan sy. i do love docs!!

  7. off the topic sekejap..

    best kan dapat kawin dengan boyfriend yg dtg ke konvo kita (macam saya) hehe.. bila tgk balik gambar konvo terfikir.. “wah how skinny he was, & how sweet we look like then.” hahaha…

      1. Dr. Harlina,

        Me also, was thinking of the same thing…. lepas tgk gambar Doc with Mr. BF (now dah jadi hasben Doc) dtg masa convo hehe πŸ˜€

        Normally, bila relationship tu serious, dtg jumpa parents masa convo, ala-ala memberi petunjuk pd parents kita yg nilah bakal suami kita nanti kahkah πŸ˜€

        I’m I right Dr? heheheh πŸ˜€ just kidding…
        coz semua pun terletak pd jodoh jugak πŸ™‚
        Dan sgt bersyukur bila jodoh yg kita harapkan bersatu jua heheh πŸ˜€

        Ok chop off topic!

  8. Gosh Halina, housemenship is a whole different story kan?! Haha… Sometimes, i miss those days….so naive ( konon la)

  9. Thankyou Dr for convincing me to be a good doctor. Im just in my 1st year of MBBch program, but what i feel is like being tortured by the lecturer. Belum lagi masuk houseman ni. hehehehe. At least, by this short article from your heart, terpujuk sikit hati ni utk stay strong and be a good doc in future. By the way, im not among the genius one too:( Pleaseeeee buat la more article on tips to stay strong in this lane..:) even your blog is about mommy-mommy thingy…hehehe:D

  10. Salam Dr, i’ll be in first year medical study this year, insyaAllah. currently doing foundation, and will entering kuliyyah this september. Dr, is it okay if i get married while studying…? huu. or else better wait after the 5 years..?

  11. Dr. Halina,

    I couldn’t agree more with your husband statement – “These people, it’s not their choice to be sick.. but you chose to be a doctor. Treat them nicely…” . I pernah ada bad experience dgn gov. doctor sampai i swear to God, selagi i mampu i takkan pegi lagi gov. hospital. So i found your topic really interesting to all future doctors. Keep up your good work!

    – Delila-

  12. i’m an engineering students, but h0nestly i’m respect all d0ct0rs n medical students out there…d0c, i h0pe u can update m0re about ur student’s life, it’s inspiring me a l0t =)

  13. ~ I’m Touched !!! woooaa… It’s my choice to become a DR n now still studying MD makes me complaints a LOT’s…. huuuu… sometime… almost forgot the responsibity… ;(
    bestNya If One daY dapaT spend tyme Ngn DR. Harlina n taLk tO u..
    u Know whaT : u can be a Good motivaTor…
    in certaIn tyme when i felt dowN n upseT.. ur qoute n updates help a Lot..
    masam tetiba Kena “basuH” and baru nk sedaR… πŸ™‚
    updates banyk2 pasai DR life.. n Of course pasaL Bella juga… πŸ™‚ heee… maKin comel N montel dya… dpt Full Love from the Dr’s In house… πŸ™‚ greaT JOb!!

    hee… Thanks a Lot ya Dr.. u’ll be Loved. πŸ™‚
    doakan la kami ( bakal2 DR ) bieh jd like U. πŸ™‚

  14. well lately im keen to read all of your posts in your blog dr halina. yes, im aware that being a medical student is not easy but i do agree with you, live life to the fullest. i will always bear that in mind. (kinda feeling stressed out actually, so need something as a booster dose for me to stay and not give up!) πŸ˜€

    i’m glad that i found this post. it is really ‘something’. πŸ™‚
    i hope this journey Allah will ease me until i make to the final year. i’m still struggling in the 1st year.

    btw, im amir’s classmate. i cant believe that you are his sister while he sometimes quite superannoying. grr. hahaha!

  15. Yeah…. But back then during my school time, takut bila masuk to medic school. Mcm jarum jatuh pun akan didengari. Sunyi mcm library…. Heee… So, i wonder how medic student hv fun. Mind to share? Curious sgt….

  16. inspiring blog-my daughter (she is 11) love to read ur story abt being a doctor. y ? bcos
    she ‘s gonna b one of the best Doc in town (tats wat she told me) just like u !

  17. your post about medical student today just matched with my condition that i am facing today!!!! actually this evening was the day of my interview with the irish panel came from UCC and NUI GALWAY, IRELAND!!!!!!! (like i’d told u b4, i am going to continue my study in ireland after i finished my pre-medical prog. in AUCMS, penang…. but this interview with them will decide me either i got accepted or not). the interview was really nerve-wrecking!!!!! they are very friendly and my interview went very well and i hope that my answer are confident enough and make them believe in me and chose me to go to ireland!!!!! please pray for my success on getting to go to ireland dr. halina……. hope i succeed in this interview…. AMIN YA RABBAL ALAMIN……

    1. best wishes to you, najla.. both my brother and sister is in dublin. my sister is already a doctor there and my brother is in his final year med school..

  18. thankyou dr. halina for the advice!! i’m 3rd year medical student, next year i’ll be in clinical year. risau sgt, sebab bkn sume teori masa pre-klinikal dpt ingat. dalam lecture, prof selalu tegur sbb ktorg ni “exam-oriented”. habis exam sume lupa. doakan saya ye!

    1. my sister graduated and working as a doctor in dublin, and my two brothers both are still studying in med school..

  19. Kak Linaaaaa comel, after reading this, haha, semangat sikit untuk study Biochem lepas ni. Tapiii….

    Ni yang nak mintak tips belajar niii, memandangkan final exam lagi 54 hari jeee. Did you have some tips Doc?? Heee


  20. Assalamualikum..hai Dr is very interesting topic..even though i’m not a medical student but study in pharmacy quite challenging too..a lot of thing to memorize and study..if you don’t mind,can you share some tips to study? How you manage your time? TQ..

  21. my lecturers always speak out about attitude. yes, even youre the smartest one but lack of attitude definitely you re not gonna be at the top. it’s 1 year n 4 months more im gonna be a houseman..arghhh im crazy thinking of it πŸ˜€

  22. am a final yr med student..bila fikir balik x lama lagi nak housemen,i was like ****cuak gle***
    bile pk balik why i choose medical field, it’s just because the great challenge i wanna feel, seriously being a doctor is very challenging..i like that!
    but am not think enough sampai ke dunia houseman.hahaha..i’ll be grilled in 2 years times..till burn..

  23. hi dr. πŸ™‚ your post about medical student inspired me to take medic. But unfortunately now I am taking engineering course because my cgpa was low and I didn’t get any offer in medic Is there any chance and way that I can continue in medic ? I hope you can give any information. thanks dr.

  24. DR Halina.
    u should be proud πŸ™‚
    see.. how many medical students and even medical DR’s outside admires you.
    and perhaps. they all and I do wish to be like you.. πŸ™‚

  25. betul… takde sesiapa yg mintak utk jatuh sakit… but once kita sakit, dah tentunya kita mahu dilayan dengan baik… bile dapat doktor yg layan pesakit dengan baik, secara tak langsungnya ia memberikan aura positif kepada mereka yang sakit utk segera sembuh….right?!!

  26. Ohhh..My BF also came to my convo and now he became my husband…..Very understanding husband

  27. salam-morning ….suprised suprised!!
    DR reyhana….doctor panel sy @mediviron damansara perdana…she’s cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    small small world πŸ™‚

      1. kan kan kan…she’s cute too!!
        byk ilmu dia turun kn utk pesakit gastro cam sy….
        dr.halina tolong kim salam ye kat dr Rey… πŸ™‚

  28. thanks dr Halina for this entry. It’s very inspiring. I love reading your blog btw coz it gives me motivation to be like you. I hope I can be successful dr just like you. Looking for more entry like this (life as a med student) from you. I am second year med student and 2 months away before the final exam. Thank Dr. Harlina!. Have a nice day with your little B and T. Teehee πŸ™‚

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