Only Until Tonight!!

MyAdinda is having a Labour  Day Weekend Sale, peeps! And it’s gonna end tonight (2/5/16) at midnight (Malaysian time!)


20% off on selected labels. We buruh deserves to treat ourselves!

On behalf of MyAdinda & team…



Wanna Be A Genie??


I am one!!

Hubsy’s new project is finally launch. It’s the , the exclusive premium halal shopping portal where you can shop without worries. It is basically an online shopping portal for halal product with JAKIM approval.

They have all sorts of categories from electrical stuff to jewellery to healthcare and food. Yes, food like Brahim’s (in case of emergency!) and other cooking paste options, ready-to-eat stuff.. My kind of stuff 😝


AladdinStreet is still growing and more certified halal products from all over the world are joining them. It will be launch internationally by third quarter of this year for overseas customers.

For your convenience, Android app is already up and running. iOs mobile app will be available by May 2016, insyaAllah.

So, come and register at  to be a Genie yourself!!


Bag Tree

This is Bella and Tasha’s bag tree.. They are not even entering primary school yet but the amount of their bags.. Haih.. From Frozen to My Little Pony to Didi & Friends!! (Yeah, Didi & Friends is the only Malay cartoon on Astro that they like!! Didi & Friends series sent their merchandise to my girls and they were head over heels over this baby chick Didi!!)


Last weekend, we were out at the mall looking for some stuff for the girls.. and of course, Bella saw the stationery and school bag sections because it’s all in pink!

Slowly she walked towards the bags, and happily choose whatever she likes.. Then she brought the bags (yes.. bags! It was two bags!!!) to her daddy… I was just looking from far. I knew she wouldn’t look for me to buy things because mommy would most likely said no. Haha.. Tiger mom!

I saw her talking to her daddy.. Then I walked towards them, S told me Bella wanted those two bags. Woohooooo young lady, two bags at a time? I told her that she has to donate her other bags for each new bag she bought.

Her jaw dropped! Then she said,

“That’s unfair!! Mommy, you have a lot of handbags too! We are the same. We like handbags!!”

I was speechless.

Hahahahhaha.. I really dunno what to do in that situation. S happily told me after that.. “Bella is you!”



Interesting App!!

I don’t have any interesting story to write.. But I just feel like writing today..

I hope all of you are doing great and having a great weekend with school holiday coming soon.. You know what that means.. That means less traffic in the morning!! Yesss!!

I just wanna share with you my new app discovery. It’s called Aftership, available free from AppStore. Im really not sure about Android phone.

Why this app is amazing? Because you can use it for parcel tracking… Yeah, thats important for online shoppers, right?!😉 It can detect almost all the courier company in the world. 

I tried local parcel, from the UK, USA and also China. It works!! You just have to key in the tracking number of your parcel and it will tell you the current status and location of your parcel. In detail!!

The most exciting part is when I see the status “On vehicle for delivery” That means I have to alert the guards at our house NOT to pass my parcel to my husband when it arrives😀 Handy, right!!

So, yeah.. I thought it might be useful for some of you too!!


My Favourite Online Tudung Shop

I have received many questions regarding all my scarves and shawls that I wore.. Where did I got it..
I always bought my tudung stuffs from the same shop. Somehow I always buy from them because they have good quality tudung, shawls and inner tudung with awning with good reasonable price.

This is not a sponsored post. I sincerely like stuffs from this online boutique and whenever I have time, I’ll drop by at their place in Shah Alam.

Today I received my order from them.. all colours for inner tudung with awning.. Hahaha.. And that is about 24 of it!!😀

Puas hati!!

You can check out their online boutique at or their FB page.

Have fun shopping!!

The Big Bad Wolf ~ Biggest Book Sale!!

Homaigawd!!! We just got back from the Big Bad Wolf book sale at The Mines.. and the crowd is madness!!

Today is the last day and as usual, we Malaysians just love last minute shopping!! Haha..Check out the huge hall and the queue at the cashier.. I think they have more that 10 cashier counter opened for the visitors. Im so proud knowing that we have a huge crowd of reading society!!

What did we buy? Books for Bella.. of course.. Those are the ones with huge fonts and lots of pictures..

And some for mommy..

Yes, I  bought cook books!! Hahahha.. We’ll see how long I can finish reading these books!!

Maybe some cooking experiment during maternity leave??😉

Unfortunately daddy couldnt find the books that he wanted… Haih…

Anyway, we had fun!! New books to read for Bella tonight!! Yay!!

Newly Discovered Talent

B’s newly discovered talent..

Saper lar yang ajar dia nie..