Happy Mother’s Day!!

It’s our day!! Despite us being a supermommy NOT.. Hahah.. I would like to wish all BarelySupermommy’s readers a Happy Mother’s Day!

A special shout out goes to my maa.. Pn Habibah Endan, maa I love you so much, not only today but everyday!

I was oncall last night, and this morning, I came home to this..

Sejuk hati, mommy..

Happy Mother’s Day, mommies!!

35 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!!

    PS: Baby B looks so amazing with lil hijab. Aunty’s heart also sooooo sejukkkk see it.

  2. comelnye bella..tiap ari bkk fb msti tgk wall dr. halina dlu..ada x post dari barely supermommy..always waiting 4 story about bella..pernah ari 2 mimpi jmpe dr. halina n bella..dr. sgt peramah n kasi sy dukung bella..very excited..bgn tdo rupenye mimpi je..tp sgt epy 1 ari tu..=)

  3. comey sangat nih..Bella sebaya je ngan anak saya, tapi nape ntah tengok gambar Bella macam lebih ‘matang’ je dari baby boy saya..hehe

  4. hi dr, sume resepi for bella cam sgt best..dr download application dr iphone kan annabel karmel tu..tp ni ke dia punye title Top 100 Baby Purees: 100 quick and easy meals for a healthy and happy baby?koz sy nak beli hardcopy..just nak confirmkan..

      1. hai DrHalina..my son suspect hand, foot and mouth disease tp cuma naik kt kaki dgn kaki dlm mulut xada..sy bwk g klinik doc bg antibiotik..Dr ada any advise x utk sy how 2 handle this disease.

  5. Hppy mother”s day,DR !! especially also for my mom out there … May allah bless u n also mommies out there ! (semua mom !!) i luv u all…

  6. Doctor .. so good,coz teching little B !! (pakai tdung) good luck , doc !!!! become the best mommy for your children … (^-^)

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