Lost My RosiePosie

Some of you probably knew my drama today. Hehe..

I lost RosiePosie!

(that’s my phone, because it’s in Rose Gold colour ☺️)

Went for coffee and light reading at my favourite coffee shop.. it was still with me, then I hurry back home because B will be home from soon.. Then only I realised my phone wasn’t there but I didn’t rush to look for it because I thought I left it in my car. Only after I settled B and T for their afternoon school, then I realised it wasn’t in my car.

I looked for it from Find My Phone app from my other Apple device, it wasn’t far from me, but definitely that wasn’t the place I went before. And the light green circle around the phone means it is still connected to line / data access.

Tried calling, sending messages, reported as Lost Phone so the Lost Phone Message will appear on the screen and gave it a ring. All methods done but it wasn’t answered. Lucky the phone was locked with password.

Only for the past three weeks I started to lock my phone and saving all the photos into my computer. I’m always a little too lazy to do that. Yup, super lazy even to have passcode for my phone. Haha.. So, this new habit of having a passcode only started about 3 weeks ago for unknown reason.

Little that I know, I will lose my RosiePosie..


So, I was at the blue dot area, and my phone is nearby. I don’t know how to go and chase the phone. What if a really huge guy who looks like mafia had my RosiePosie. I probably just tell him to keep it, no big deal (because I’m actually scared of him! Haha.. )

Anyway, time is running up, the person who has my phone is not replying but he/she is smart enough not to switch it off because if he/she did that, I can disable the phone via Apple account. If the phone is still online, that person might have a chance of breaking into it and see all the information in my phone / hack my social media account / all photos without tudung. Lost is definitely on my side.

Am I making sense?

So, it is just a matter of time. I decided to let it go. I don’t want drama of chasing a mafia who has my phone (who knows, safe always comes first!) and just get a new SIM card and use my old phone and get on with my life…

For that person who has my phone, since I have disconnected it from my iTunes, it will just function like a brand new phone. Congrats on your new phone. Maybe I should just halal kan je right? It’s Friday today, hopefully I can score extra points with Allah. Hehe..

Somehow my husband (who is far far in Vienna) laughed at me and thought it was my trick to get the brand new iPhone 7 launching next week here! 😂😂😂 So mean! Haha..


15 thoughts on “Lost My RosiePosie

  1. Dr Harlina,
    Last year.. My iPad tercicir kat legoland.. Alhamdulillah… Dapat semula..sbb sy ada letak password..so far..klau ada passcode in shaa Allah pencuri tu akan give up.
    Tp sebelum iPad tu tercicir..I got feeling..to save all photos n sync dlm computer… Syukur sy dpt balik iPad tu..sbb bnyk memories n gambar2 arwah mak.

  2. Pity u Doc.. Xder rezeki nk buat mcmaner kan..redhor jer lah.. Know the feeling..been there..berserah..i kena beli hp lain@baru…hehehe

  3. bagusnya ur husband doc….kalu husband i, mmg kena lecture seround lah most probably. blaming, blaming and blaming…and scolding somemore….takpe lah doc, redha lah dgn apa yang berlaku… kena sentiasa ingatkan diri kita, apa jua yg ada di dunia, akhirat, milky way atau mana-mana aje, semua milik Allah… Kita ni pinjam je…

  4. Hopefully the ‘keeper’ won’t do any harm with the phone. Probably this is a good reason to have iphone7. Buang yang keruh, ambil yang baru kan. 😉

  5. hi dr harlina
    feels sorry for ur missing phone
    but anyways u should enjoy ur sixth anniversary today

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to both of u.
    moga kekal hingga ke Jannah
    aamin³ ya rabb

  6. My friend berjaya ikut jejak pencuri tu sampai depan pintu rumah. Just using Find my phone and waze.
    Don worry la doctor, think positif…iPhone 7 is coming…i can give you a good deal…

  7. Haah betul kan doc.. kadang2 bila kite serius pun husband mesti ingat itu trick kite nak dptkan sesuatu.. padahal kite jujur what..hahaaa

  8. Assalamualaikum dr. ….
    Sorry to hear that…..
    Same sentence from my hubby when I accidentally thrown my Hp in the rubbish chute few years back….. Hu222

  9. Hi Dr Halina,

    If I’m not mistaken, as long as your phone is locked, whoever who has it cannot break in (even after everything is wiped off/reset). Once your phone is on ‘Lost Mode’, the only way to enter is with your password.

    I have a friend who lost an iPhone and few months later a guy contacted her to return her phone because he bought it (not knowing that it was a stolen phone) and cannot use it because it’s locked.

    Just erase all data and send message to your phone asking them to return to you. Who knows diorg akan lembut hati (or rather give up) and decided to return to you 🙂

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