Raya 2016

Selamat Hari Raya

Maaf Zahir & Batin.. Hope I’m not too late!
Anyway, hope everybody is enjoying their Syawal and open houses and puasa 6 and catching up with family and friends!

Ours was great to our likings. We had a quiet raya time after a hectic Ramadhan. Raya morning.. we missed solat sunat. B decided to have diarrhoea that morning! Poor girl, she was just quiet and resting. Very unlike herself. The moment we arrived the masjid, we saw the masjid was filled up to the staircase and already on tahiyat akhir. So, yeah… We will try again next year insyaAllah..

Went straight to my MIL’s after that, whacked raya food, salam-salam mintak maaf, collected duit raya for my girls and then straight to my parents house in Seremban. We left KL quite early, before noon and traffic was good. My brother from Dublin is back for raya. So there was three of us celebrating raya this year, missing my sister and her family in Dublin. We are back in KL by dinner time and it’s time to pack!!


Langkawi here we come!!

In Langkawi, we stayed at Ombak Villa of Langkawi Lagoon. OMG that place is like heaven… The water villa was ah-may-zing!!! We decided to spend our first day there just sleep and do nothing.. Hehe..

My two girls are definitely animal lovers. They really enjoy petting animals and playing with them. B is already asking us whether she can have her own farm.. I almost fainted. Can’t believed I’m raising a farm-girl! Hahhahah…

A must visit for us.. is the Langkawi Wildlife Park.


This is our second time here. They allowed their visitors to feed and play with the animals. B got the chance to feed the crocodiles during our previous visit because we were there during their feeding time.


B was busy feeding the rabbits while T fishing at the fish pond. Maybe we can have a farm in few years time. Hehe..

New thing we tried this time… Horse riding!! Tasha is a big fan of horses (and dinosaurs!) She loves to collect all sort of horses (and dinosaurs!) figurines. Since she is big enough, daddy decided to bring the girls (and mommy) for horse riding..


The place is called Perdana Stable, somewhere nearby Telaga Tujuh. B and T were really looking forward to it, mommy on the other hand, got a little too scared but too shy to show it to them. Hahahah..


B & T super ready for their horses!!


Mommy bagi salam dulu to my horse. Hahaha.. Somehow my husband has this talent which able him to take my photo at my worst moment! Haha..

We signed up for a 15 minutes horse ride which equals to 3 hours of mommy’s time! I was hoping no horse avalaible for me but the possibility is quite slim since there were about 50 horses there. Haih…

It was pretty scary initially. It’s all about balancing… The girls who took me around (who hold my horse so it will not run and freak me out) was good. I’m pretty calm with her around. She told me that the horse can sense fear. Hahaha.. (My horse’s name is Anteriana btw..) Why Anteriana why.. I keep telling myself to keep calm, malu if I freaked out in front of my girls. Hahaha.. We went around the stable area, some jungle that made me feels like Arwen the Elves from Lord of The Rings!


Yup… that is Liv Tyler as Arwen in LOTR! Hahahahaha… I was already speaking the elves language but my husband doesnt understand me (in my imagination, he is Gandalf 😅!!)

B and T were pretty cool. T was soooo cool she was busy trying to pluck leaves from the trees above her. OMG young lady, hold on tight to your horse, please. My husband, he knows how to ride a horse so, no big deal for him..


Surprisingly, it was not bad at all. I knew I like it the moment I got that elves feeling. Haha.. My girls loved it so my husband booked another session the next day. This time, for 1 hour and they will bring us to the beach. Yay!! I can be elves again!!

The second time we went, it was all good. I loved it! T was a little too calm until she fell asleep on her horse. B loves it. Now she wants a farm with horses. Huh..

Anyway, it was a fun experience for all of us. If you asked me to do this again. Yes, I would. Would I go for proper horse riding class? Maybe not. My plate is pretty full for now, but if my girls were interested, yes I would allow them…


Bella’s Prayer

Yesterday, hubsy saw Bella looking up at the sky.. and she started talking to herself..

“Ya Allah, please give me more toys”


My husband had to pretend like he didn’t hear anything.

That night, her prayer was granted. Daddy brought her to Toys’R’Us…


Bag Tree

This is Bella and Tasha’s bag tree.. They are not even entering primary school yet but the amount of their bags.. Haih.. From Frozen to My Little Pony to Didi & Friends!! (Yeah, Didi & Friends is the only Malay cartoon on Astro that they like!! Didi & Friends series sent their merchandise to my girls and they were head over heels over this baby chick Didi!!)


Last weekend, we were out at the mall looking for some stuff for the girls.. and of course, Bella saw the stationery and school bag sections because it’s all in pink!

Slowly she walked towards the bags, and happily choose whatever she likes.. Then she brought the bags (yes.. bags! It was two bags!!!) to her daddy… I was just looking from far. I knew she wouldn’t look for me to buy things because mommy would most likely said no. Haha.. Tiger mom!

I saw her talking to her daddy.. Then I walked towards them, S told me Bella wanted those two bags. Woohooooo young lady, two bags at a time? I told her that she has to donate her other bags for each new bag she bought.

Her jaw dropped! Then she said,

“That’s unfair!! Mommy, you have a lot of handbags too! We are the same. We like handbags!!”

I was speechless.

Hahahahhaha.. I really dunno what to do in that situation. S happily told me after that.. “Bella is you!”



Marry Me, Mommy..

Good morning!!!

(Or afternoon or evening or night.. whenever you are reading this!)

See, I said I will try to write more often.. Here’s another story😉

Kids have different perception about marriage and love.. or maybe it’s just my kids.. The other day.. Hubby brought the girls to visit me during oncall. Just a short visit before they go to sleep. I guess Tasha was missing me that night. When I met them..

T : Mommy.. I miss you.. I wanna marry you…!

B : You cannot marry mommy Tasha, a girl must marry a boy. Mommy is a girl. You have to marry daddy like me..

Hahahhahah… B told her daddy previously that she wanted to marry daddy!! And her daddy agreed until B is 28 years old! Clingy daddy! Hahaha..


To them, being married is probably just a way of saying they love you.. or they are missing you.. Such pure and innocent hearts. I hope our girls will still wanna ‘marry’ us when they are teenagers! Hahahahahah..


Cakap Melayu

Last night, my husband told me.. “Bella doesn’t understand Malay”

and I was like.. “Come on.. That’s ridiculous. She understands Malay! Not so bad you know..”

“But she doesn’t know what mata is!”

Suddenly I feel dizzy…

Then I went to her bedroom.

“Bella, do you know what ‘ainun’ is? It’s a arabic word”

“Eyes, mommy”

“Do you know what is ‘mata’?

She ignored me.. OK that’s it. Who taught her ainun means eyes.. and forgot to teach her it’s also ‘mata’!!

Then I went back to my husband.. “We have to speak Malay to her.. We have no choice..” Hahahaha…

Then I went back to her room..

“Bella.. Tasha, mari tukar baju. Sudah malam, masa untuk tidur”

Hahahaha… what is wrong with my language! But I need to teach her proper Malay language, right? She is only 4 and a half. We still have time before she goes to sekolah kebangsaan… We can do this! Hahaha…



Hi all!!

If you followed me on Instagram, you probably noticed I posted about sending B and T for a ballet trial class about two weeks ago.. We just trying our best to expose them to new stuff, fill up the time and energy and who knows they might have talent in ballet (there’s probably a 0.000005% chance they do!! Hahaha..)

Besides, I was thinking.. if I had to send the girls to ballet every week, might as well I just take up ballet myself!! (My husband literally rolled on the floor laughing at my optimistic & brilliant idea!)

Anyway, that, people.. was to no avail.. Hahaha.. I figured out my girls need ‘fine tuning’. Hahaha.. (and probably me too!)

They are just being kids.. Kids just wanna have fun!

First time seeing the bar on the wall. Not knowing what to do, T climbed it like how she does on the monkey bar.. both hands and legs up on the bar. Hahahaha… She almost gave the ballet teacher a heart attack, the teacher had to run to get her before she falls down.. I wasn’t allowed to be inside so I can only take pictures (and laugh) from the small tiny square window on the door..

This video was recorded from outside the ballet hall, so the noise that you hear is from the other kids playing outside the hall.

See how graceful and elegant my girls are.. Hehe…

The week after the trial, B was accepted to join the class, but T was a little to small and she has to wait until next year.. (that’s very nice of them for not saying T is super active and out of control! Hehehe..)

Anyway, during B’s first proper ballet class.. she confessed that she actually has no interest in ballet. She cried in the class and only finished it halfway..

Now I can confirmed that 0.000005% chance is actually 0%. So ballet now out of the list! And no ballet for mommy too *sad*

Probably I should look for karate class next!


Lets Go To M, Mommy..

Yesterday, Bella told me, “Mommy, lets go to M. I think you, me, daddy and Tasha should go to M”. Alright, this is challenging.. I don’t even know what place is she talking about. So, I asked her some more.. “What’s M?”

“Urrmmm.. It has ice cream and nuggets. All my friends go there..”

Can you guess?

Then I showed her this logo..

“Is this your M, Bella?”

“Yes mommy!! Yesss! You are so smart”

(I like the compliment part!)

Yeah, she is asking me to bring her to McDonald!!

Whoever introduced her to McDonald…