To KB..

I’m writing this from a flying aeroplane, but probably posted this from my hotel room later. I’m currently flying to Kota Bharu for my exam. This year, USM is the host for our exam so all candidates from other universities will be in Kota Bharu USM campus. I’m flying with Firefly now. Travelling alone... Haven’t … Continue reading To KB..

Dry Shampoo

2 updates here.. #1 I'm officially hooked to Snapchat. Hahahah.. Been snapchatting like a 14-yr old girl. But it's nice. Or maybe this is just my midlife crisis 😝 #2 Yup, the video... that was taken from my Snapchat. Of course it has to be less than 10 second. I finally found the solution to … Continue reading Dry Shampoo

A Present

Hubsy came back home early today.. First thing he said to me "I bought you a present!" My eyes gleamed like the anime cartoon character. Suddenly I remember last night I told him about the bag that I really wanted... I have palpitations.. "OMG S, you are the....." "Check this out..!" he said.. Kettelebells.. yeah.. … Continue reading A Present

My New Addiction…

Unbelievable... and I'm not talking about handbags!! For the past few months, 4 months to be exact, I have started to exercise regularly.. When I say regularly, I mean everyday... Sometimes twice a day when I have the time!! The only days I don't work out is when I'm on call or I had too … Continue reading My New Addiction…

New Work Station!

I'm maid-less right now!! The kakak who stays with me is currently in Dublin. Yup, you got it right.. She is in Dublin, Ireland visiting my sister who gave birth about two weeks ago.. (We have a boy in the family... finally!! Hello Alfie!!) So, here I am... like headless chicken running around. Haha... I … Continue reading New Work Station!


Hi all!! Hopefully all of you are doing great beating Tuesday blues after a long weekend break! In my case, nothing new, I had to work over the weekend and coming back to work today.. oncall! By 9am today, I had 5 of my colleagues telling me that I look tired. Haha.. No worries, all … Continue reading Phone-less

Answering Your SSWK Questions

Dear readers.. I received many emails regarding to this Secret Skin White Kawaii Collagen drink product. Here's the answer to most of the questions. I'm answering this from my knowledge and experience. Hope this will answer your questions.. 1) Is it safe for pregnancy? From my professional opinion, try to avoid any extra supplement / … Continue reading Answering Your SSWK Questions

What’s In My Bag..

I went to Putrajaya this morning but when I reached there, I got lost because I didn't see the sign boards, it was raining heavily and my vision while driving was very poor. Suddenly I was near PICC (Hahaha.. nope, I wasn't supposed to go there!) Called up hubs for help.. then he asked me … Continue reading What’s In My Bag..

Why Anti-Oxidant?

OK.. this is a super mega major late entry!! I promised to you I'll write about the extra skin care regime I'm consuming orally.. it's this one!! Manja tak? Hahahha... I've been taking this supplement for almost 6 month now.. and I like it. I was just a consumer until the supplier find out about … Continue reading Why Anti-Oxidant?

Keeping Fit and Healthy..

OK ladies.. here is the top three questions I get in my mailbox.. 1) What skincare do you use? 2) Is Secret Skin White Kawaii any good? 3) How do you lose weight after pregnancy? Haaa.. now this blog entry will  answer question no 3!! Will get back to the rest of the question soon … Continue reading Keeping Fit and Healthy..