Why IKEA Why.. 

Im stressed up! Im at Ikea right now, blogging while queueing to pay for my things. Today is actually my second day coming here in 2017!! Its only 3rd day of the year I know.. hahaha.. I was here yesterday but there were too many people. Despite coming quite early, by 10am the parking was … Continue reading Why IKEA Why.. 

Lost My RosiePosie

Some of you probably knew my drama today. Hehe.. I lost RosiePosie! (that's my phone, because it's in Rose Gold colour ☺️) Went for coffee and light reading at my favourite coffee shop.. it was still with me, then I hurry back home because B will be home from soon.. Then only I realised my … Continue reading Lost My RosiePosie

To KB..

I’m writing this from a flying aeroplane, but probably posted this from my hotel room later. I’m currently flying to Kota Bharu for my exam. This year, USM is the host for our exam so all candidates from other universities will be in Kota Bharu USM campus. I’m flying with Firefly now. Travelling alone... Haven’t … Continue reading To KB..

The Birth of MyAdinda

I used to play Fashion Design World game on my iPhone.. You know, where I get to open my own boutique, make clothes, shoes and accessories. Hehehe.. I was really into that game. I even woke up at 3am just to check on my boutique! Hahahah... I know, a thirty-something still playing that kind of … Continue reading The Birth of MyAdinda

My New Addiction…

Unbelievable... and I'm not talking about handbags!! For the past few months, 4 months to be exact, I have started to exercise regularly.. When I say regularly, I mean everyday... Sometimes twice a day when I have the time!! The only days I don't work out is when I'm on call or I had too … Continue reading My New Addiction…

What’s Your Body Shape Type?

Remember this quote I put up on my IG The other day, I was answering some silly quiz on the internet.. It was about body shape and fashion and stuff.. Haha.. I was stressed up doing anaesthesia thingy ok!! So, one of the question was... What's your body shape type? a) hour glass b) pear … Continue reading What’s Your Body Shape Type?

Happy New… Year?!

Tomorrow is the last day of January 2016, people!! Unbelievable.. how time flies!! I haven't even wish you Happy New Year and we are already going to February! I hope 2016 has been treating you great so far.. As for me and my family, we are doing great so far. Both of my girls settled … Continue reading Happy New… Year?!


Happy Fri-Yay y'all!! Gosh I love Friday.. Today I'm off from work. Not feeling well, likely due to viral.. so I'm just resting and being plain lazy. B and T both are in school right now.. So it's just me, my laptop and my planner.. Nope, not planning anything, just rescheduling appointments to later dates.. … Continue reading Notes..

A Little Project..

Recently I have been involved with a little project with a few friends of mine. I really can't wait to reveal it to all of you.. But of course I'm not allowed to as yet 😉 Still working on it! Yup, as if I don't have enough on my plate.. But really... this is my … Continue reading A Little Project..

Phone Update..

Happy Malaysia Day! How I wish we could have Wednesday day off every week.. It's like a de-stress day after two days of working, right? Haha.. Anyway, I have to update you that my phone failed to revive despite adequate measures taken. *sad* I'm stuck with an old Samsung Note. The first one I think. I … Continue reading Phone Update..