Chicken Pox 2.0

Some of you probably knew this from my IG..

Tasha got chicken pox! Second in our house after Bella.. (hence the title chicken pox 2.0)

OMG! I freaked out the first time I saw the spot on her back.


This photo went straight to my paediatrician and GP friends. Haha.. I need consultation stat!!

About two days before the spot appeared, she started to have runny nose and the night before it came out, she had fever and required sponging the whole night. The moment I saw this spot, I knew it’s gonna be a tough week for her. To make it worse, I have to minimise my contact with her since I was only at 16 week pregnant. It is not recommended for pregnant woman less than 20 weeks pregnant to have contact with anybody with chicken pox because of the risk of infection. I already had my chicken pox when I was a houseman before (got it after I completed my paediatric rotation 😁 thanks kids!!) but still I don’t want to take the risk. I literally have to quarantine myself from my Tasha 😭 and I have to cover Bella as well, Bella had her chicken pox before but just in case..

So, what I did at home.. I make sure they don’t share towels and separate their bed. B sleeps with me and T sleep with daddy. Poor daddy πŸ˜… May Allah protect my husband for all his sacrifices. All kids laundry done separately, B’s clothes goes into the washing machine as usual and T’s clothes have to be hand wash with warm water. I put T in long sleeves shirt and long pants to avoid her scratching. T’s nails are kept short to avoid secondary bacterial infection when she scratches herself and we try to avoid having shower to keep the lesions dry. OMG! I really pity her, with our weather, we really need shower daily but she just can’t. I used dry shampoo for her, loads of cooling calamine lotion to make sure she feels less itchy and at night I gave her syrup piriton to avoid scratching. I was really close into buying mittens for her!! 😁

She missed school since last Tuesday. Initially she enjoys being at home, you know, watching TV non-stop, play with all her toys, play with iPad… we didn’t even bring her down to our condo playground / swimming pool because there are other kids playing there. By day 3, she started to get bored…

Crying out of her boredom, already throwing away the iPad (yessss!!!). I have so much respect for Tasha. We explained to her why she cant go out, why mommy cant sleep with her, why Bella has to stay away from her until she gets better… and she’s totally getting it!!

When I asked her to come to me because I wanna hug her..

T: No mommy, I don’t want you and adik to get chicken pox. Its itchy..

Mommy: I love you. baby girl…

T: Even when I have chicken pox?

Mommy: Even more when you have chicken pox. I’m your mommy.

Suddenly I was in tears..

How can you be so mature, Tasha… 😞

Today she is much better, all the lesions dried up.


We are just waiting for the scab area to heal. She has quite prominent marks on her face. My plan is to put vitamin E and C concentrate to help with healing and lighten the colour. Maybe I should put La Mer moisturiser as well, right? πŸ˜„

That smile, I will do anything for her.. with or without chicken pox..


13 thoughts on “Chicken Pox 2.0

  1. Ala kesiannya dia.. I was in tears reading that “Even I have chicken pox” tu and that “boredd..” at the end of the video mmg syahdu betul.

  2. i ate a lot lot lotttt of mangosss (the yellow and sweet one) when i had ciken pox last time. my face was literally full with spots. and alhamdulillah i’ve no ciken pox marks. someone told me to eat a lot of mangos when u got ciken pox to avoid the marks. and it works for me.

  3. my husband n semua anak2 kena chicken pop masa sy baru bersalin… org yg berpantang yg kena jaga org chicken pop… Alhamdulillah me n my baby masa tu x kena… semoga T cepat sihat dan semoga Dr dan keluarga dilindungi… take care Dr…

  4. Hi dr.. my son kena chicken pox.. bahaya x utk baby umur 2 bln to get this? Dah pegi clinic tpi dr ckp kena monitor.. sya tgah monitor but still dont know when to immediately go to hospital.. pls advice.. tq dr halina..

  5. get well soon T..thought T already had chicken pox son also tgh chicken pox..thanks 4 the tips doc

  6. Assalamualaikum nak tanya,ada tak ubat antiviral yg akan diberikan pada kanak2 yg kena chicken pox bawah umur 2 tahun?

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