Hi all!!

Hopefully all of you are doing great beating Tuesday blues after a long weekend break! In my case, nothing new, I had to work over the weekend and coming back to work today.. oncall! By 9am today, I had 5 of my colleagues telling me that I look tired. Haha.. No worries, all fixed after my cup of coffee. Coffee is definitely my magic drug!

Anyway, that’s not my point.. I just wanna tell you what happened yesterday… Besides it was Merdeka day, I was post call. Had a bad ICU call the night before.. So when I came back home, finished some housechores, bathe my girls, did some Kumon worksheet with B,  feed them lunch, then my husband asked me to rest for a while. I must looked like a real zombie yesterday..  Haha..

My girls know they can play with ipad or phone only during the weekends. Tasha took my phone to watch her favourite kids story app. I was too tired to bother where did she went with the phone.

Guess where did she go?

She went to the bathroom, decided to flood the bathtub with water and the last thing my husband heard was Tasha screaming out loud because her diaper was burst filled up with water…. Kahkahkah!

OMG! I was glad nothing happened to her because she was alone in the bathroom and bathtub was almost full. I had a mini heart attack when I saw the water in the bathtub and thinking about when could have happened to her. Great great relief! Thanks to her burst diaper, she got scared. Hehe…

Owh.. and I forgot to mention, my phone was found next to the bathtub.. Wet!

I quickly googled “my iphone dropped into water, help”


So, the acute management for this kind of situation is..

#1 dry the iPhone with towel

#2 take out the sim card

#3 do NOT use hairdryer to blow dry the iPhone – almost.. almost did this! I was soo tempted!

#4 keep the iPhone is a ziplock bag full of rice. Apparently the rice will absorb the moisture from the phone.

#5 Check back after 3 days!

Hahahahaha.. yes, at least 3 days!

I don’t have 3 days! And I’m oncall today. I just can’t.. My husband called his Apple guy who somehow always have solutions to our Apple issues.. He opened up my phone, and tadaaaa.. it was full with water!

Currently my phone is still comatose and admitted to Apple ICU. I’m oncall today and I’m phoneless. I feel quite stressed up because I feel like I have no contact with the world.. you know, the instagram, whatsapp.. usual stuff 😀 I’m writing this from the hospital computer. and I have been writing emails to my husband too. Hahahaha..

The iPhone surgeon will update the condition of my phone this evening. Wish me luck. Whoever needs to post emergency orthopaedic case to me, please call OT straight.. Haha..

Have a nice day!


17 thoughts on “Phone-less

  1. Dr. Halina, your posts are always happy eventhough I am sure the situation was otherwise 🙂 .
    I loveee how you always took life obstacles lightly (pun intended) and see the positive in things.
    Keep on writing Dr Halina..

  2. U can survive without your phone? Thats great… bcos i cannotttt… i penah patah balik rumah walopun dah sampai ofis just bcos tertinggal phone… all the way from Kl to putrajaya and back to Kl… fuhhhh… tah ape yg penting sgt… ig, fb, whatsapp… hoho

  3. haha so funny la tasya.diaper burst is a good protecter anyway ahahaha.*rofl.sorry for ur phone. i hope the phone’s GCS will improve😂😂😄😄

  4. Sentiasa ingt doc,, pastikn pintu bilik air sentiasa tutup dan mke sure tiada takungan air.. mujur xjadi pape pd tasya…alhamdulillah.. 😉

  5. Sentiasa beringat doc.. make sure pintu bilik air s!entiasa ditutup dan tiada takungan air.. mujur xjd ape2 pd tasya.. alhamdulillah..;)

  6. kesian doc…should’ve standby 2 phones… incase of emergency situations like this..anyway, thank you Allah for not letting bad thing happen to lil angel Tasya.. its dangerous to let kids play alone in the bathroom… always keep eye on them no matter what… i really love ur blog… keep writing doc!

  7. dr, sedih nya my iphone baru jatuh dalam laut masa snokeling baru ni..skg duduk dalam beras tpi x tau lah ok ke x, kalau hntar ke apple store dia kene kan bayaran x kalau u perbaiki..

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