Bag Tree

This is Bella and Tasha’s bag tree.. They are not even entering primary school yet but the amount of their bags.. Haih.. From Frozen to My Little Pony to Didi & Friends!! (Yeah, Didi & Friends is the only Malay cartoon on Astro that they like!! Didi & Friends series sent their merchandise to my girls and they were head over heels over this baby chick Didi!!)


Last weekend, we were out at the mall looking for some stuff for the girls.. and of course, Bella saw the stationery and school bag sections because it’s all in pink!

Slowly she walked towards the bags, and happily choose whatever she likes.. Then she brought the bags (yes.. bags! It was two bags!!!) to her daddy… I was just looking from far. I knew she wouldn’t look for me to buy things because mommy would most likely said no. Haha.. Tiger mom!

I saw her talking to her daddy.. Then I walked towards them, S told me Bella wanted those two bags. Woohooooo young lady, two bags at a time? I told her that she has to donate her other bags for each new bag she bought.

Her jaw dropped! Then she said,

“That’s unfair!! Mommy, you have a lot of handbags too! We are the same. We like handbags!!”

I was speechless.

Hahahahhaha.. I really dunno what to do in that situation. S happily told me after that.. “Bella is you!”



16 thoughts on “Bag Tree

  1. Doc..then, she get new bags from her daddy? Haha i think better she asked for bags, rather than make up hahs so funny bella!

  2. Thats is our daughter,doc…my daughters as well,they will try to answer back like they are adults especially related to mummy’s things…

    Happy to see you after our primary school time in Sibu,Sarawak…..

  3. at least she sayang all her bags…like her mommy…mine only love new things so she will say old ones can throw now mommy, aiyoo…she tot we bought with daun ker…hurmmm…

    1. Yup… bought with daun!! I have been telling her about money but she doesn’t really get the concept yet! Hahaha..

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