I’m Half Way Thru Second Trimester!

Hi all!!

Alhamdulillah I’m doing great. Big and great!! Currently in my second trimester, 21 weeks to be exact. I hope you all are doing perfectly fine ☺️ Today I feel like telling you stories about how my pregnancy going so far.

It does feel a little different this time compared to previous two pregnancies. To be honest, I really don’t feel like I have control over my body at all! I’m just not me. First trimester was super tiring, I wanted to sleep all the time. I fell asleep at work, oncall was tough and to my surprise, coffee is not so much of my favourite drink! I had to force myself to take caffeine to survive oncall… most of the time, I can’t even finish one cup. And I don’t fancy fish.. at all! I don’t know why, I have nothing against fish but this time, I just don’t feel like eating fish. The only fish that I eat during this pregnancy is ikan bilis. The anchovies it is.. the rest, thanks but no thanks!

During first trimester, I had a little bit of feeling nauseous and dizzy from morning until evening.. but at night, I will shine bright (like a diamond!!) but only until 10-ish before I feel sleepy again. Had to wake up 2 to 3 times just to pee  and I was already in my maternity pants when I was only at 8 weeks pregnant! Hahaha.. I gained weight so much faster this time.

Hubsy has been too helpful (Alhamdulillah..), kept on feeding me because he worried of his twins will be born small. There was one time I told him I wanted to eat kuih bom (some of you called it pau sambal I think) and he bought 15 of it for me to eat!! Hahahah.. I ate one. Thats all I need and just to jaga hati my husband, I had to force myself to eat one more 😀 Siapa nak makan lagi 13?


I put this up on Instagram last week, some of you think I’m not gaining much weight. Looks can be deceiving 😉 It’s all about the angles!! Hahaha..

Picture above, perfect angle. All covered up!

Picture below, my so-wrong angle! I sacrifice myself to cover my husband’s tummy 😁#pengorbananisteri


Before I got pregnant, I was already back into my pre-wedding weight!! I worked out almost everyday and we were really into eating clean. Super freak! After we knew we were expecting, I was scared to eat initially. It was really tough to change my mind set and my husband said, he will eat with me, and gain weight together! 😁 #pengorbanansuami

That is the sweetest thing he ever said to me! 😘 Hehe..

So, our motto changed from “Couples that work out together, stays together” to “Couples that eat together, stays together” 💪🏼

B and T loves to browse the BabyCenter app to know about the progress of their adik. Every week they will ask me about their adik size. So, last week, at 20 week pregnant, their adik should be about the size of a banana. Relatively easy for them to understand than giving measurement, right?


Tasha: What’s adik size this week mommy? Are they getting bigger?

Me: Yes, Tasha. Now adik is about a size of a banana. Since you have two adik, that means I have about 2 bananas in my tummy, Tasha…

Tasha: But mommy, you look like you have 10 bananas inside you!!



23 thoughts on “I’m Half Way Thru Second Trimester!

  1. aww i love how honest kids are even though that means slashing yr heart to pieces.. hahaha!! have a good pregnancy journey dr. halina especially with twins.. one thing i find funny, u got married in the same year i did, my girl was born in 2011 as well, my boy’s birthday is on 19 jan 2013 same like yr tasha &… i’m pregnant now though i’m just in my 1st tri.. hehe coincidence? of course.. 🙂

  2. wowww… tahniah DR.. twins… Insya ALLAH sihat..nnti dah lahir xberebut la adik… amik sorang 1.. take care DR….

  3. hahaha..2 bananas…i now at 16 weeks..everytime i pregnt..(this is my 4th)..i mmg xsuka mkn ikan./..rasa malas2…nk baring. ..n evening sickness…phewww….sabar je lah…semoga dipermudahkan semua yer doc

  4. Haha…baru selesai mengalami proses mengandung😂…jenuh tiap2 minggu abg n kakaknya tanya baby dah besar mana…hari ni dah 20 hari usia baby…alhamdulillah

  5. Tasha comel!
    Masa i pregnant kembar dulu pun i suka tidur. Tak larat sangat.
    And after all sickness, baru aktif. Excited beli barang twins..hehe.
    Enjoy ur day doc. Take care! 😊

  6. Alhamdulillah congrats Dr😍😍
    Sy pon bru slmt melahirkan kembar lelaki 28 jan lalu
    Perasaan yg xdpt digambarkan, dpt taw kmbr weeks 20, DCDA twin, 2.5 n 2.86kg, 2nd lahir breech, gap almost 1hour, syukur Alhamdulillah 😊😊 Semoga dipermudahkan Utk Dr juga

  7. Tahniah Dr.
    Last yr bulan 3 sy br aje selamat melahirkan babies kembar lelaki pada 36w, alhamdulillah secara normal dengan berat 2.3 &2.2kg. MCDA twins. Kandungan di pantau oleh Dr Ramesh pakar kembar di HTAR, Klang. 3rd pregnancy. anak ke-3 dan ke-4. Beza kelahiran 8minit.
    Semoga dipermudahkan Dr.

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