My Labour Story..

Alhamdullillah.. I’ve safely delivered a beautiful baby girl who looks exactly like her father on Jan 19, 2013 at 1953H🙂 Well, it wasn’t like a typical movie type story where my waterbag broke while I was shopping (eventhough I kinda hope it would turn out that way!! Hahah..)

It was actually an induced-labour. My ObGyn had to induced me because my blood pressure is high and my amniotic fluid is getting less which is not a good sign. So, I was given 2 options.. #1: straight for LSCS operation (Lower Segment Caeserian Section) OR #2: trial of vaginal delivery with close-fetal monitoring..

I have set my mind to go for vaginal delivery because it’s easier taking care of vaginal delivery wound rather than operation wound. Pain is much much more managable post vaginal delivery. (Paracetamol is enough, not need high tech medications..!!) and as much as possible, I don’t wanna have any surgery that will prevent me from having 10 kids!! AHhaha.. Yes, if you had previous LSCS, maximum amount of pregnancy you can do is only about 3 to 4 because of the risk having uterine rupture and many other health issues.

So, vaginal delivery it is.. I prayed to God for safety of the baby and myself during delivery. Only God knows whats best for me..

After being reviewed by my ObGyn, I got a green light saying I can proceed with vaginal delivery.. At around 11am, that Saturday morning, I was started on oxytocin, a medication that is given thru the intravenous drip to stimulate my uterus to contract. Every 30 minutes, the dosage of oxytocin will be increased until I have a regular contraction.

Slowly the contraction started and the pain builds up. No it wasn’t a waterbirth this time because of my high blood pressure. My BP needs to be monitored regularly and my baby also needs a regular monitoring. Pain was getting more intense over time. I was on Entonox gas as my pain killer.. It’s actually a 50:50 mixture of nitrous oxide and O2. And I can feel myself getting dizzy and lightheaded, but not for long. When the cervix opening was 7cm, I just don’t think the Entonox works anymore.. and I requested for some pain killer injections. Got it..! But somehow, the labour pain is much much stronger that the effect of the painkiller!! Hahaha… All I can do is just doa and bear the pain.. And my husband was in the labour room next to me all the time!! I guess he was my painkiller!!

Around maghrib time, I feel like pushing, I know her head is down there!! My husband went for maghrib prayer for a while.. The labour room staff nurse checked on me and told me, “Hmmm.. dah boleh push dah ni doctor, tp Prof (my ObGyn) dgn husband doctor gie sembahyang.. Tunggu kejap boleh?” and I was like… “WHAT????!!!” Hahhaha.. that’s the worst thing you can tell a woman in labour ok!!

After about 10 minutes of waiting.. huh!! Both of them arrived from surau hospital. My ObGyn gown up.. Hubby is back next to me.. and my ObGyn told me push.. After 2 pushes, alhamdullilah my baby is out! (Or was it three times? Can’t remember!!) She cried.. I, urrmm.. didn’t cry but feels sooooo relieved because she’s alright! Alhamdullillah🙂

My Unborn Baby..

Remember I told you about my baby is small when I did the scan about 2 weeks ago..?

So, yesterday I went again for my check up. I’m currently at my 35 weeks and hoping that my baby will grow some more.

2 weeks ago, the baby was only about 1.5kg

*insert loud mommy cry here*

In about 2 weeks, the baby only grew about 100g. That makes 1.6kg as off yesterday..

When I was pregnant with Bella, she was already 3.0kg at 35 weeks!! How can I catch up with so much weight gain with sooo little time!!

I’m so depressed because if this baby is born less than 1.8kg, she/he will be admitted to NICU for weight gain monitoring.

Too small baby is difficult to handle. I don’t want my baby to drink milk via tiny tubes in NICU

*louder mommy cry here!!*

In my case, there are many causes that could contribute to my small baby..

1) Stress

2) Not enough rest

3) Not eating well

4) Placenta insuffuciency due to mommy’s high-ish BP most likely secondary to (1) and (2)

And somehow, despite my baby is so small, I’m so big.. I retained so much water in my body thanks to the progestrogen!!

My husband said I reminded him of puffer fish!! Hahaha.. How sweet😉

Guess what my ObGyn did??

She put me off from work from now on!! She prescribed me enough rest and high calorie intake (sounds heaven to me!!)

Well, of course that means healthy food, not just ice-cream🙂

So, I’m on MC till my next visit to see her next week..

Till then, gotta go get my rest and elevate my super swollen legs, peeps..

Can’t be puffer fish forever.. I miss my 3-inch heels already!!

And that’s B enjoying her visit to IKEA. She was so amazed with the star lights and canopy and just refused to leave the bed.. Adoihhh… X

P/S: NICU = Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. It’s like ICU for infants and babies..

Guilty Mommy

I went for ultrasound scan for my second baby last week, and to my shock,he/she is underweight and looks small for his/her age. At 33 weeks, the parameters are only at par with a 29 week size baby!! Oh my God!! Have I been a bad mommy?? I know it’s not the end of the world but I guess there are few factors that I would like to share with all of you mommies out there..

Up until now, I’m still breastfeeding Lil B, not regularly but usually at night before she goes to sleep. The nutrition that should go to the new baby might have been taken by the breast milk… Well, I just can’t say “No” when Bella said she wanted “shushu”. She did it with the cutest face ever!!

Besides, I’m not eating very well during this pregnancy, that’s the different between this current and previous pregnancy. I just don’t have that much appetite like before. I just eat for the sake of eating.. Alhamdullilah there was no vomiting or feeling nauseous but my appetite is just so-so. Besides, taking care of a toddler and carrying a baby at the same time is really no joke. Work is as demanding as ever. We moved house, packing and unpacking.. A lot of crazy stuff is going on during this current pregnancy. There was just not enough time to lie down and put my feet up. Husband has been a great partner. He helped me in every way he can but I guess progestrogen really effects your body more as you get older.. It makes you tired and sleepy, it retains water, makes you forget things, stretches your ligaments (OMG!! Thats the worst!! Sometimes I feel like I left my pinggang on the chair when I tried to get up!! Hahahha… Husband comes handy around this time to pull you up without complaining I’m too heavy!! Haha..) My weight gain is good coz my body retains water easily (thanks to progestrogen!! I’m like a sponge retaining water!!) but baby’s weight gain is a little lagging..

My point is.. (not to blame anything here!) I missed taking my multivitamins!! *insert regret face here!*

Don’t get me wrong, I love this hectic life.. I just hate the progestrogen!! Hahah..

From now on, I have to force myself to eat and takes my multivits regularly..

To expecting mommies out there.. do NOT take things for granted. Take your nutritious food regularly, multivitamins. Just do it for your unborn child. No excuse!!’

P/S: Pic credit goes to Hasninuraini Hasan who we met at Pavilion wandering around with her canggih camera. Thank you!!

Stretch Marks?

Nope, I dont have any from my previous pregnancy despite gaining 30kg and looking like a whale😀

I just wanna share with mommies out there what works for me..

Earth Mama Angle Baby’s Natural Stretch Oil works wonder for me!!

Well, previously, as a new expectant mommy, I don’t know what to choose because there are soooo many stretch marks products available in the market. The reason I choose this one is because it’s a plant-based oil, mostly from organic herbs, and contains zero-toxins! I tried my best to avoid all this unnecessary chemicals to be absorb into my body as I’m carrying a baby inside me. Obsessive? Maybe😉 To my surprise, it really works well until the end of my previous pregnancy!

I’m reaching 16 weeks pregnant right now and I’m back to applying this oil as my daily routine after shower since I’m slowly expending now😉

Don’t worry mommies, this is not a sponsored post nor do I have any shares with the company. It’s just a pure honest opinion from me to share with all of your out there. I just think it is worth trying in our battle against stretch marks.. cheewahh! Good luck!

Great News To Share :)

I’m overwhelmed to share this great news with all of you🙂 We have been keeping this little secret to ourselves.. My God, keeping a secret is definitely not easy!!

But today, I guess is the right time to tell Barely Supermommy readers that we are expecting!! Bella is gonna be a big sister!!!😀

I have completed my third month pregnancy and had a scan done earlier today..

MasyaAllah, it’s like a dejavu seeing God’s creation.


It may looks big on the screen, but in reality, a 3 month old fetus is only about 5cm long. God is great..

I pray for a healthy baby, safe pregnancy and secretly wishing for a boy😉

(Haha.. not a secret anymore, I guess :D)

Whatever the outcome is, praise to Allah who granted our doa… alhamdullilah🙂

More Reasons To Get Pregnant

Well, that is exactly the title of the email that my husband send to me.. This is one of his tricks to get me pregnant again!! Hahahaha.. Yes, he loves children so much and he wants 10 kids! Good luck to me!!😉 I don’t exactly know where he got this from but I personally think it is good to share with all of you..


1. Dua rakaat solat wanita yang hamil lebih baik dari 80 rakaat solat wanita yang tidak hamil.

2. Wanita yang hamil dapat pahala puasa disiang hari & pahala ibadat dimalam hari.

3. Wanita yang bersalin dapat pahala 70 thn solat & puasa serta setiap kesakitan pada satu uratnya, Allah bagi satu pahala haji.

4. Sekiranya wanita meninggal dunia dalam masa 40 hari selepas bersalin ia dikira sebagai mati syahid. …

5. Wanita yang beri minum susu badannya kepad anaknya akan dapat 1 pahala daripada tiap titik susu yang diberikannya.

6. Wanita yang beri minum susu badannya kepad anaknya yang menangis maka Allah beri pahala satu tahun pahala solat & puasa.

7. Kalau wanita menyusui anaknya hingga cukup tempoh 2 setengah tahun, maka malaikat dilangit khabarkan berita bahawa syurga wajib baginya.

8. Seorang ibu yang menghabiskan masa malamnya dengan tidur yang tidak selesa kerana menjaga anaknya yang sakit dapat pahala seperti membebaskan 20 orang hamba.

9. Wanita yang tidak cukup tidur pada malam hari kerana menjaga anaknya yang sakit akan di ampunkan oleh Allah akan seluruh dosanya & bila dia hiburkan hati anaknya Allah beri 12 tahun pahala ibadat

Pandai kan dia pancing I nak suruh pregnant lagi!! The truth is, I love being a mom and I wanna have as many children as I can. May Allah granted our prayers. Azam tahun baru 1433H, I wanna have another baby.. and secretly wishing for a boy this time😉 May Allah granted my do’a. Amin🙂

Semoga tahun baru ini kita semua lebih diberkati Allah, dimurahkan rezeki, dipermudahkan urusan, dijauhkan kemungkaran, dilindungi dari fitnah manusia dan godaan syaitan. Amin amin ya rabbal al-amin..🙂


Finally Bella is out with daddy. They are at their Jiddah’s house.. and mommy has a little time to spend writing her blog (and laundry!!!) Yay!! I have a lot of request from you guys about my water birth experience.. Today I would like to share it with you.. Of course even after almost 4 months, I can still remember my first birthing experience. The only thing that I have forgotten is the pain.. I’ve forgotten about it the moment I hold my baby for the first time in my hands.. Priceless!! It all happened on July 21, 2011…         0211H : Arrived at Pantai Hospital. Yes, I was all swollen up. I looked like a hot air balloon!! Hhahahha.. Org tua2 kata kalu nak beranak.. sampai hidung pun nmpk swollen.. yes.. I was swollen up to my nose!! Ala ala smurf gitu!!😀 Thats the baby daddy.. smiling up to his ears!! Sorry S, baby doesnt want to wait till July 27.. she needs to come on today😉 And mommy-to-be tgh update Twitter, Facebook and check-in at Foursquare😉 Hahahha..

I’m bored.. biler nak beranak nih?

Since I’m a doctor.. I know how to read my own CTG.. The contractions are slowly building up.. and sometimes I can see my baby’s sleeping pattern from the CTG..Adeh.. sakett!!! Try to catch my breaths in between contractions.. When I came to the hospital, my cervix opening was only 4cm.. You are allowed to go into the birth pool when cervix opening is 5cm and above.. So, thats why I’m still on the bed..

That’s the birth pool next to my bed. The water temperature is maintained at 37-38’C at all time!! The warm temperature REALLY helps in reducing the pain intensity.. and besides, you can move about inside the pool. If you feel like going out of the pool, yes you can go jalan2 in the labour room or just lie in bed for a while.. Dok lamer2 dlm tu pun kecut pulak karang😀

And that is my labour partner/coach!! Making himself comfortable.. Hahahha.. tu sah-sah tgh main game.. But he never left my side.. ok, not really my side but he was in the labour room ALL the time except when he went for prayers..  Other than that, no.. he was in the labour room throughout.. Thank you, S😉

And these are my younger brothers who were there to help us out with things.. tukang amik gambar and video, beli food, moral support, buat lawak… Amir is the one with bright blue sweater and Arif is with dark blue shirt.. Thank you to both of you.. KakNa loves you both!!!If you noticed, I didn’t have any intravenous drip (IV drip) attached to me. There was no drugs given to augment the contractions and no epidural. It’s all au natural😉 Therefore, I was allowed to eat and drink while I was in labour to give me some energy and keep myself hydrated. Yup, that was McDonald’s breakfast meal at 0520H. I also had a lot of dates in stock to eat just in case I was so much in pain and can’t even chew😀 After the breakfast meal, I had a plate of char kuey tiow at around 8am😀

Throughout the labouring process, many people came to visit me.. my immediate family, in-laws family, ‘bestest’ friend forever, Dr Elly who was ObGyn in HUKM also dropped by to support me.

But no worries, none of them were inside the labour room when I was in the pool.. and all pictures were taken by my mom.. It’s kinda nice to be in the pool because you can move around to help to reduce the pain.. and warm water was really comfy. No, the pain doesn’t totally disappear, it is still there but slightly reduced. God gives you labour pain for a reason. It helps you to push the baby out. Why make it disappear? 

And my husband was in the pool with me when I was about to push the baby out.. Check out who else was in the pool?? Yellow duck!! Hahahha.. that’s the thermometer ok! Nope, not a toy!! Seems like my labour coach ni termenung lar pulak.. hahahha…

After 18 hours of labour, and 1 hour of pushing.. baby finally out at 2121H on 21/7/11.. The was the biggest joy in my life. My family and in-laws were there to celebrate the arrival of Sophea Isabella. She weigh 3.6kg with the length of 53cm.. She is the cutest baby girl I have seen ever. Well, that might be bias because she is my baby.. but never mind lar kan. You would say the same thing too to you baby kan!! Hhahhaha…

So, that’s my birthing story.. XOXO