Adam & Noah First Month of Life

Time really flies.

They are already one month old. The past one month was all about eat-poop-sleep for them! Adam was born at 2.38kg and Noah was at 2.05kg. My aim is to breastfeed and make sure they gain weight!

First week was tough for us. At 36 weeks, they are basically borderline premature so there is still a chance they are not very good with latching. Noah was much smaller than Adam, it is even more difficult for him to latch. Usually it took me 15 minutes just to make Noah latch properly. I met the lactation consultant at the hospital to help me with our latching problem (and also to teach me tandem nursing!)

Both Adam and Noah had neonatal jaundice starting from day 3 of life. We were already discharged home at the time. Nurse from Klinik Kesihatan came to my house for home visit at day 4 post delivery to check on mother and baby and referred my boys back to hospital to check bilirubin level. Since we had issues with latching, and I’m pretty sure they were a bit dehydrated due to lack of milk, we went back to hospital and true enough, Noah needed the phototherapy and Adam was borderline jaundice. The paediatrician admitted both of them for treatment and of course, I had to be at the hospital as well.

To be honest, I don’t know who is who 😁

That night at the hospital was really tough. Both of them dislikes the eye pads on their eyes so they kept pulling off their eye covers (I don’t dare to sleep just in case their eyes were exposed directly to the light!) and the room was cold (for them, but damn hot for me!!) and it was their first time sleeping in that position. To make things even tougher, I had to feed them 2 hourly and I can’t do tandem nursing as yet because I need to practice more (I was alone, what if I dropped my baby?) and Noah also needed to practice to latch. But, that night, I was officially a boy mom because they sprayed their pee on me! Hahaha… Thank you boys!

Anyway, we were discharge home the next day. Thank you God! 

At home, I keep track of who I fed from which side of boobs and who pee-ed and poo-ed. To be honest, I cant remember if I dont write it down. I know Im a bit conventional because I still use pen and paper. Tried phone app but I still feel its much easier with the old school style. 

Ignore my handwriting. Im a doctor. Im allowed to write like this! Haha… This is how my day looks like nowadays. Orange is for Adam and green is for Noah. See the one in blue circle. I dont even know what Im writing but I need to write and was a little too sleepy.. hahaha.. 

Now Adam is already 3.4kg and Noah at 2.8kg. Alhamdulillah my milk is enough for them. In fact, I have already started building my milk stash as preparation to go back to work in few month time. 

Now at about 1 month of age, they are more alert and I can already foresee their character. Totally different characters! One of them is quite persistance and the other one is very patience. Interesting… 

As for me, besides sleep-deprived and nipple sore… nothing much actually. My husband manages B and T. They are quite independent and very obsessed with their brothers. 

T is holding Noah. She really thinks she is good with babies. I love the confidence level but little that she knows, occasionally she gives mommy a mini heart attacks! 

How did my pantang goes? You do know Im not strict with pantang, right? I eat a lot and hungry all the time because of breastfeeding and drinks gallons of water! Somehow Im not a big fan of coffee during this pregnancy until now. Weird huh.. 

And somehow this time, Im very tearful. I wasnt like this with my two previous pregnancy. I cried easily. Third day post delivery, I had to send B and T to their taekwondo class because there was a last minute changes and my husband was already outstation. On my way back from their class, I was stopped by the police for speeding! πŸ˜† This woman (me!) day 3 post C-section was caught speeding on the highway!! πŸ˜… When I stopped by the roadside and wind down my window where the police officer was waiting for me… suddenly my tears were pouring!!! I cried!!! OMG! I would NEVER do that in my right state of mind!! Hahahahha.. but really I was hormonal. I said sorry to the officer and my tears rolling down my puffy post partum cheeks… 🀣🀣🀣 and the officer actually let me go. Probably he was scared I will breakdown in front of him. Hahaaha.. that was really embarassing! 

Trust me, there were many more events that I cried during this post partum (but none of it involves a police officer except the one above! 😁) I am super fragile and its really out of my control. 

Anyway, thats our one month story. Really demanding! Glad Im still flooded with love hormones (finally some good hormones that doesnt make me teary.. haha..) Looking at B,  T playing with A and N is the best thing ever (but also can cause me mini heart attack occasionally!) 


31 thoughts on “Adam & Noah First Month of Life

  1. Hahaha. Cant believed that u cried in front of the police officer πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Kisses n hugs for A n N 😘😘

  2. me myself also like you doc when i delivered my baby three years ago, everything i jot down on paper just to keep track of her.. i am also an old skool kind of people. hihi

  3. I think it’s the C-section that makes you so hormonal, doc! When I had my first via C-section I was also teary and kept crying for very weird reasons.

    My number 2, I gave birth via vbac and I felt more peaceful and calm. Hehehe

  4. cant wait for your next story about B , T and the twins..these story make me smile by my own , even still waiting for my own baby after 4 years…huhuhuhuh

  5. Assalam Dr.,saya meng’inaikan’ kaki kanan kakak just to makesure twin girl saya Cempaka dan Teratai dapat susu secukupnya semasa dlm pantang…only a suggestion

  6. Trust me Dr.,semua kesusahan semasa membesarkan mereka ni akan menjadi kenangan paling paling manis dalam hidup kita…as for Cem and Tai already 2 years 11 months now!

  7. Hihi….seronok baca your storylah DH.
    Nampaknya babies kena pakai gelang kaki all the timelah so mommy tak akan confuse kan.

    Alhamdulillah diam tak diam dah sebulan umur mereka. Moga diaorang cepat besar dan sihat

  8. Sy first baby dh twins.. Mmg xrs pantang sgt sbb sorang 1.2kg lma dlm incubator n sorang lg 1.8kg dpt blk rmh awl.. Ulang alik hsptl smbil nangis.. πŸ˜…

  9. Been waiting for the latest news from you, dr halina. Tak habis2 i ulang baca citer B & T.. congrats to you…
    Already 4… 6 more to go!! πŸ˜‰

  10. I cried a lottt after delivering my twins for very very weird reasons too. I once cried for 1 hour straight at the hospital because I can’t be discharged just yet. My husband had to push me on wheelchair and brought me to the hospital mini mart just to cheer me up. I bought a Loacker, a magazine and Ribena and suddenly the crying stopped :))

  11. Pantang, twins, bf & c-section mmg buat kita nk nangis all the time. But trust me. U can do it. Coz i’ve been there. And its all worth it when u see them playing together. Go mummy!!!😘

  12. Omg u’re so strong. Already drive a car at day 3 post C-section. When I had my C-sect all i remember is crying the whole month!

  13. take care dr halina..mummy pun kena jaga diri baik2 ye…really supermom driving on 3rd day post c-section..

  14. hi dr,
    baca post ni buat i rindu zaman baru melahirkan si kembar hampir 5thn lalu. my twins are non identical dan karekter sgt berbeza. i managed to breastfeed them until 3yo. Thank God.
    take care dr..hug to B,T,A & N.

  15. I really enjoy reading your mummy story. My daughter is 7 years old, after reading your story I feel nak baby again.

  16. Love reading your story until last dot.
    You must be very tired, that’s why the tears flow easily.
    But I know you are a strong mommy to B, T, A and N.
    All the best for your breastfeeding journey.
    May Allah ease everything πŸ™‚

  17. Kak Halina,
    I like the bit where your handwriting sama je since MRSM days. Bulat and ada style. I can recognize your handwriting because I kinda like it. πŸ™‚

  18. I loveeeee this post! My baby is now 4 weeks old and I’m still struggling with breastfeeding. I have flat nipples which makes it hard for my baby to latch and when she does, it is soooooo painful! Any advice for this one doc? Sometimes I feel like a failed mommy for having imperfect nipple to breastfeed my baby 😒😒😒

  19. Hi dr halina.. am really admired with ur twinz pillow.. how much ya.. how to purhase.. i mean how to order..can i purchase for small one as am expecting for 1 baby only soon.. hahaha..sorry to trouble u doc

    1. you can find it online. google twinz nursing pillow. i cant find it in malaysia. as far as i know, there’s only one size..

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