I Need BF Advice

Hello dearies..

How’s life? Hope everything is going on great.

I need to ask questions to you mommies out there. Have you ever had any experience where your child refused direct latching to breastfeed?


Since Adam turned 1, he just refused to latch to me. You know, like a 7 year old boy refused mommy’s kisses at school because they don’t want they friends to see. Yes, that kind of refusal. Hahahha… Except Adam is only 1 year old. He refused direct latching but he still drinks thawed EBM.

Noah on the other hand, happily drink all the available milk.

Im just confused.

Need your advice.


26 thoughts on “I Need BF Advice

  1. Nipple confuse or just a plain nursing strike. How long its been going on? Its actually normal. Try skin to skin with him often. And keep offering. Do not substitute breast with bottle whenever you’re around him. Best of luck doctor ๐Ÿ˜˜

    Ezra Meza
    Lactation Peer Counsellor

    1. since his birthday. thats about 2 weeks.he keeps turning his head away. i feel rejected. hahahahha..

  2. Salam Dr. First cuba figure out which breast he refuse atau dua2? Mungkin the one he refuse didnt have much qty for him..

    1. both! maybe the amount is not so much or he finds it easier to drink from bottle. less work for him.. i dunno.. mommy sad ๐Ÿ˜ž

  3. Pernah kena nursing strike. Baby taknak bf for about 2-3 days tapi sedih dia macam anak nak wean off je. Haha. Then kawan suruh banyakkan skin to skin dengan baby. Konon bonding la katanya. Literally skin to skin so bawa dia mandi sama sama. Alhamdulillah lepas tu terus bergantung dekat ibu taknak lepas langsung. ๐Ÿ˜…

  4. nursing strike…experience that before and mummy sooo kecik hatiiii ๐Ÿ˜ฆ keep on offering doctor..inshaallah soon he’ll be alright :))

  5. hi dr harlina, my daughter used to not want to latch when she was 4mo. i was so stressed out, siap call lactation specialist dtg rumah to check her out. and rupa2nya my baby was just being distracted, she just wanted to play and pay attention to her new environment. she suggested to offer every 30 mins but i guess u don’t have to worry too much since they are already a year old. maybe it’s a natural time for them to decrease their milk intake. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Maybe you can try meeting lactation consultant, doc. I did that with my first baby because she did not want to direct feed after giving birth. But then again she was at newborn stage back then. Itโ€™s worth a try. Good luck!

  7. Had nursing strike before when my daughter was 1 yr old plus.. Mmg sedih, tak nangis dlm hati dah, terus nangis je depan baby… I did the same as others more skin to skin, keep on offering and stay positive that it is just a phase. Alhamdulillah she latched again for another 2 yrs…Don’t give up Dr

  8. Saya pernah masa my eldest umur 5 months kalau tak silap. syndrom tu dipanggil ‘nursing strike’. Puncanya ialah sebab baby merajuk sebab mommy maybe dia busy sangat atau lambat entertain dia. baby dah ada emosi. So pada fasa’ baby’ ni, dia merajuk melalui buat mogok tak nak minum susu mommy. hahhaha..

    so, tips to overcome this ialah saya start balik buat ‘skin-to-skin’ dengan baby sama macam baby baru-baru lahir, kita layan dia seolah-olah dia baru nak belajar minum susu. and it works! hasilnya, my eldest lacth on dengan mommy till she turned 2 years old then wean off..

  9. Salm Dr Halina.

    Lately memang nampak doc jarang sangat update blog.I ada baca kat your insta saying that u need to revive your blog. i suggest that u revamp your blog, mintak tolong (berbayar) kat mana-mana ‘pakar design blog’ untuk redesign and restructure semula your blog but still guna nama barelysupermommy. Mungkin dengan cara tu, ia dapat memberi aura positif pada you doc untuk terus bersemangat nak tengok blog dan nak update. hehe..


  10. the same thing happened to my SIL. apparently the older brother ‘mengalah’ hehe. because the younger one always pushed him away.

  11. Anak saya yang Pertama Lahir je dah tak Nak susu badan. SAYA PUN Tak tahu kenapa. Dia boleh minum susu berasaskan soya sahaja.bagi SUSU LEMBU yang Tin tu buat bawah badan Dia ALERGIC MERAH di Bahagian ginetel DAN MUNTAH. Pergi buat check up yang monthly di KLINIK IBU DAN ANAK yg berdekatan KENA MARAH SEBAB BAGI SUSU BOTOL. MASA TU TAK ADA SOLUTION. FIRST experience Dan BABY. Now Dia dah 10 tahun Dan Baru saya terfikir mungkin Masa tu susu badan saya Panas.just my advice tanya yang Pakar.tq.

  12. Don’t give up Mama! I dont have any advice for you but I want to send you hugs and good vibes. I can imagine this is confusing and difficult, but you will get through it! The important thing is you are a good mom who has the strongest love for your babies.

  13. anak saya lepas setahun pon tak nak minum direct dari saya. sebabnya susu saya dah sikit and flow susu slow sangat..so dia mengamuk and nak minum susu dari botol je.. maybe ade certain baby yg kurang sabar dan tak boleh accept kalau flow susu slow kot thats why die x nak terus direct latching.. not sure about adam though. just sharing my experience. boleh jadi jugak sbb adam tak suke flow susu lambat. hence the rejection.

  14. This can be caused by the soap or lotion that you use. Your baby lose interest in breastfeeding if they don’t like the smell. You can try to change the soap or lotion if this is the case.

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