I’m Half Way Thru Second Trimester!

Hi all!! Alhamdulillah I'm doing great. Big and great!! Currently in my second trimester, 21 weeks to be exact. I hope you all are doing perfectly fine ☺️ Today I feel like telling you stories about how my pregnancy going so far. It does feel a little different this time compared to previous two pregnancies. … Continue reading I’m Half Way Thru Second Trimester!

Happy New Year!

New Year New Me!! Nah.. not exactly. Same old me. Hormonal but happy. Hehe.. 2016 has been a decent year for me. Busy with my kids but barely had time for myself! Having two toddlers in the house is really no joke. I noticed me and and my husband rarely have time for the two … Continue reading Happy New Year!

I think.. He forgot about it!

I think my husband forgot our anniversary! It's today.. our 5th year wedding anniversary.. OMG! It's only 5 years and he has forgotten?? Hahahahaha... Up until third year I received flowers, 4th year I got a wish.. and 5th year.. forgotten? I wished him "Happy Anniversary, S" early this morning before he left for work.. … Continue reading I think.. He forgot about it!

Check This Out!!

Hubsy on Men's Health front cover for October 2014!! I'm soooo proud of him!! Keep it up, S!! X

The Deadly Question!

Me: "Do I look fat? Am I fat? Do you think I'm fat?" Silence. Then he giggled.. Me: "I'm serious.. Do you think I've gained some weight?" He giggled.. Hubsy: "Pls dont ask me silly question.." Me: "But S, I need your honest opinion.. Do you think I'm fat..?" Giggled and giggled and giggled.. Still … Continue reading The Deadly Question!

Marriage: A Good Advice

Last October 10th was our 3rd year wedding anniversary. It still feels like yesterday when we just got married. I don't know what happened, and suddenly we have these two kids running in the house!! Haha.. Good time really flies... Personally, I love to read books or article about marriage. I would love to know how … Continue reading Marriage: A Good Advice

33 Years

Today, April 5, 2013 marked the 33rd year my parents were married. And yesterday was my mom's birthday and this year is extra special. After more than 30 years of teaching, now she's no more going to school!! (She's a teacher, y'all) She's officially a pensioner!! My dad is really happy he finally has my … Continue reading 33 Years

Love & Relationship

Hi all!! I've changed my blog's theme. Big or not?? Easy to read, right?? 😉 Anyway, this time I'm reposting this write-up I found on a FB page. It's about relationship. Since I'm only married for 2 years plus, nothing much I can write on my own. Even if I wrote it, you wouldn't believe … Continue reading Love & Relationship