I think.. He forgot about it!

I think my husband forgot our anniversary!

It’s today.. our 5th year wedding anniversary.. OMG! It’s only 5 years and he has forgotten?? Hahahahaha…

Up until third year I received flowers, 4th year I got a wish.. and 5th year.. forgotten?

I wished him “Happy Anniversary, S” early this morning before he left for work.. and suddenly I saw his face turning white a little with his jaw dropping on the floor… Hahaha.. Maybe not enough blood flow going to the head because he got a shock not remembering the wedding anniversary..!

Can’t help but laugh about it.. I guess this is real life marriage. We women remembering date and all the tiny details and the men.. they somehow keeps forgetting! Hahahha…

Last night I was awake from my sleep at around 4am, I heard him snoring.. I don’t know why I am not irritated with his snores. In fact, I feel blessed because I know he is still beside me, alive. Allah has given another day for us to be together.

Thank you Allah for this life, this man, these children..

I pray for rahmat and barakah in our marriage. I pray for good health, happiness, patience and wealth in our family.

I pray for our children, may they be a solehah, pious and obedient.

And I thank all of you for your well wishes all these while..



43 thoughts on “I think.. He forgot about it!

  1. Happy 5th anniversary to you and to me too! Yea..it’s all about the 5th year phase..with two kids… What matters is everybody alive and survive ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  2. hari ni anniversary saya & suami yg ke 5thn juga. Kawin 10okt 2010. Alhamdulilah dikurniakan sepasang cahayamata boy 4thn n girl 6 month..saya dah berangan akan terima wish dr hubby pagi ni sebelum dia flying tapi dia just kiss je n say takecare..pastu blah.. Omg..paling sadis dr smlm saya dah berangan nak hadiah apa ye dari hubby…bukan kata hadiah..wish pn tkde.. ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜… …mybe dia lupa..baru 5thn dah lupa….senasib la kite doc..

    1. Takpe… marriage taught us about seeing the imperfection perfectly.. Thank Allah for the happiness that He gave us in marriage, the children… That is much more important that material stuff. I wish you a happy anniversary. May both of you stay together until Jannah..

  3. I still remember watched your wedding ceremony live on tv…and i remember your anniversary.. Happy anniversary Dr Halina.

  4. Happy wedding anniversary Doc Harlina & hubby may Allah grant u happiness till jannah โค๏ธโค๏ธ

  5. Hehe comel crita nih….happy anniversary doktor halina dan pasangan. Semoga terus bahagia dan didlm rahmatNYA .aameen.

  6. Subhanallah- you are in a league of your own.Maybe, many are thinking how lucky you are to be married to the angkasawan. But I think he is the one who should consider himself lucky to be married to you!! Cheers, and may Allah bless your marriage with mawaddah and rahmah.

  7. Salam Dr. Halina.. 5 years ago, saya pun bersanding pada tarikh yg sama.. 10.10.10.. nikah awal sehari… malam 10.10.10 tu… ada majlis potong kek.. & saya ingat lagi.. semua yg wanita2.. duduk depan tv (sebelah pelamin) tgk Dr bersanding… hehehe… saya pun sempat jeling2 juga… yg ada di depan pelamin cuma photographer aje.. hahahaha… & lagi best… saya lupa hari ni anniversary kami untill terbaca post Dr ni… huhuhu

  8. My husband & I never remember our anniversary until it passes. Or when someone posted on the net about theirs.haha 4 years and we’ll laugh to each for forgetting the date.

  9. Happy 5th anniversary to you and other half…hahahha funny…me, after 15yrs, 2 days ago, wife forgot n husband remember….

  10. happy anniversary dr!!! it is my anniversary as well today..๐Ÿ˜Š hubby and i do remember our anniversary weeks ago but we thought of not doing anything and just let it passed..untill yesterday when i told one of my close fren that tmrw is our anniversary but i dont plan anything not even a card nor a gift..she then shared with me this tips..its ok if u r the one who start the romantic ideas he will then follow..apparently that was what she had been doing with his husband for the past 18 years of marriage..and mine only 5 years!!! so cut the story short i bought my husband a gift and put it on the bed first thing in the morning..he of course did not buy me anything..he was surprised that i make the first move this time..we then went outing with the kids as usual..he pull my hand to one of the watch shop and bought me the watch that i ve been wanting for the past 5 yrs!!! alhamdullillah Allah have answered my prayers… that short conversation with my friend had just open my eyes…my heart…alhmdullillah…

  11. Salam puan.

    Tahun ni, sudah masuk 3 thn perkahwinan saya dan suami. Suami memang bukan jenis suka ingat tarikh2 kejadian termasuk hari lahir saya. Tapi saya tak pernah ambil kira. Asalkan kami setia bersama. Alhamdulillah, kami dikurniakan 2 cahaya mata dan bahagia hingga saat ini. Alhamdulillah untuk segalanya. Moga puan dan suami begitu juga. Aamiin.

  12. hepi anniversary doc! am alwez admire u! may Allah bless your marriage with mawaddah and rahmah. amin!!
    *my husband also forgot our anniversary date n even my bufday! hahaha..men is alwez men ๐Ÿ™‚
    takpela janji bahgia itu lg penting, in shaa Allah ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Happy 5th anniversary Dr & husband. Sy selalu igt Dr pnye wedding date 10.10.10 coz me & my husband kawen taun yg sama but mine was on june ..So sama 5 taun jgk dh. Wish u all the happiness and joy with your love one ๐Ÿ˜‰ Always admire u..

  14. Happy 5th anniversary doc Halina supermommy yg gorgeous! May Allah swt bless u n ur family always…U r one lucky woman..

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