B’s Fish Meal!!

Hi all! Many have wrote to me that they have tried the chicken recipe and they (and their baby of course!) Love it!! Nom! Nom! Nom! Now I would like to share another recipe from Annabel Karmel’s Baby & Toddler Recipes. This time it’s fish meal… Salmon & Broccoli Puree!!

Easy one.. well, actually all her recipes are very easy.. you’ll need salmon, butternut squash and broccoli.. I don’t know what is butternut squash in Malay but it’s actually a kind of pumpkin.. mat salleh version of labu. But you can replace the butternut squash with our normal pumpkin coz it will produce the same sweet taste.. And I strongly suggest not too much of broccoli coz it will give a strong smell your baby might not like.. I’ve tried on B, she likes this with a little less broccoli (but at least there’s some broccoli in it, right?)

First, you heat the olive oil in a pan. Add the butternut squash (or pumpkin), broccoli and salmon. Pour milk.. I used the usual full cream Dutch Lady milk in boxes.. about 150ml. Not too much..

Boil, cover and simmer. That will take about 10-15minutes until the vegetables are soft and salmon is cooked. How do you know your salmon is cooked? It is when it becomes flaky when you try to break it. Then.. finish! Walllaaaaa….

It has the goodness of omega 3 and 6 from the fish.. beta-carotine from the broccoli, vitamin A and E from the pumpkin and calcium from milk. I personally have never tried using my own milk.. so, please don’t ask me that question! Haha..

Transfer all the stuff into your food processor or blender or whatever you call it.. Add in some grated parmesan cheese.. I guess cheddar cheese pun buleh jugak kot.. asalkan cheese! And some lemon juice if you think your baby couldnt take the taste of the salmon.. and blend!

Tadaaaaa.. siap! If you’re wondering how does it taste.. It taste like seafood carbonara spaghetti without the spaghetti ๐Ÿ˜‰

47 thoughts on “B’s Fish Meal!!

  1. Doc, puree tu mmg nmpk sedap..
    i also want to try this recipe..
    but just makan puree ni saje without kanji nasi?

    1. you dont need rice because rice is only carbohydrates.. and pumpkin / butternut squash is already contain carbohydrates..

  2. Doc..i’ve tried most AK recipes…tak terfikir nak guna susu dutch lady tu pulak..thanks for the idea..superb! petang ni jugak akan ku cuba…

    kalau EBM campur dalam baby food yg kena masak atas stove/microwave..memang tak sedap rasanya…no need to try..hehe…sbb tu I tak guna susu…

    1. im gonna experiment on cod soon ๐Ÿ˜‰ i wanna her to get use of the taste before changing to other fish / meat..

    1. errr.. no. it’s just a small container for baby food. one container utk sekali makan.. that is about 4oz of food..

  3. Nice color..I make the same recipe too, only things different that I steamed everything (exclude the freshmilk). Doc, kalau nak bagi rice, u can try organic rice the one combined of brown rice, millet and buckwheats. But I introduce rice to my son at his 10 mos too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Btw, I was about to intro my son with cheese. Bila umur yg sesuai doc?

    1. im not sure about cheese but Bella is already taking cheese now. I mixed with this salmon meal ๐Ÿ˜€ ok jer i tgk..

  4. Doc, is it okay if my baby fullu bf and i mix Ducth Lady full cream milk into her meal? Nanti dah tak fully bf la kot eh??

    1. once you have started of food, mmg dah tak fully breastfeeding dah namanyer.. no worries abot that fatimah..

      1. Oh i think if i not introduce to the solid food we called that exclusively bf. Tq doc

  5. Hai doc. Is it okay to gv our baby minum that fresh / full cream milk now? My baby is now 9 th yrs old. Think I heard somewhere, that baby below 1 yrs old tak boleh drink that kind of milk, their perut still tak boleh nak take it? Is true doc?

    1. I read abt that too but there’s another school of thought says its ok. Tried on B.. Everything is good so far..

  6. if follow our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), fish with dairy product (Milk) cannot mix together cause one has positive and one has negative ion. The nutrient will be ZERO when consumed. Just a humble advise….send my regards to Dr SMS.

  7. if follow our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), fish with dairy product (Milk) cannot mix together cause one has positive and one has negative ion. The nutrient will be ZERO when consumed. Just a humble adviseโ€ฆ.send my regards to Dr SMS.

  8. Dr, how do u freeze d baby food? letak je dlm fridge or u gotta seal it with a plastic first? n when thaw d food, will d nutrients go away?

  9. mana u dpt buku top 100 baby purees by Annabel Karmel’s tu ye Dr. Halina? cari kt bookstore xde pun…:(

  10. Doc, just want to ask… If my baby is lactose intolerate, boleh ke substitute dgn soy milk?…

  11. kalu save dlm 3 small tperwre cmni..n then msukkn dlm peti ais yg slbihnya..time mkn kena pnaskan smula ke? or xpyh pnskan?

  12. My opinion.. Klu takut nk bg cow milk pada baby.. Tumis semua bahan campur air sikit bagi empuk.. Blend and add on breast milk..

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