Drama, Tears and Two Broken Hearts

Many of my friends said, to wean off a toddler from breast feeding involves a lot of drama and tears and definitely two broken hearts!!

I have officially weaned off Bella from her so called “casual breast feeding”..

that means she only take breast milk when she feels like it.

I tried tandem breast feeding for two weeks after Tasha was born, but I end up looking almost like hantu Kak Limah due to lack of sleep and I have become a very impatient mother.. as example, I just want Tasha to finish drinking milk very fast because I have Bella crying wanting her milk too!! Which is not good for me and both my daughters. I don’t want Bella to have hate feelings towards Tasha. Well, I don’t know whether a toddler capable of having hate feelings or not.. but as far as I’m concern, that’s not good!!

So, I have decided, Bella has to stop. Alhamdullillah I managed to breastfeed her for one and a half year..

I know there’s a lot of petua and funny things that mommies did to stop their children from breastfeeding.. especially those toddlers yg penyusu tegar!! Some put ginger, some put asam jawa.. Hahaha.. I’m glad my situation with Bella wasn’t that bad!

What me and my husband did for Bella, we keep telling her, she’s a big girl.. repetitively!! We tried to emphasize to her that she’s now a grown up baby and she  doesn’t do baby stuff anymore.

So, when it comes to breastfeeding, I told her that she’s a big girl.. and a big girl drinks from bottle or cup. I did that many many times.. When she’s in a good mood, she’ll say “OK”, smile and walk away.. when she’s in a bad mood.. only God knows!😉

But I remembered my friends told me to be persistent. No turning back. No kesian-kesian because these toddlers are clever, if they knew they can manipulate you, like when they throw a tantrum and you give in. They will continue doing so.

So, persistent is the word!!

My heart breaks when I see her crying wanting mommy’s milk.. to be honest, I almost give in. But my husband said “Don’t!! We’ll soon be in trouble if we keep giving in..” Haih… *heart continues breaking..*

Alhamdullilah after about a week of mini drama at home, now Bella doesn’t ask for milk anymore.

She knows she’s a big girl and big girl drink from bottle or cup! And she doesn’t disturb Tasha menyusu anymore..

Fuhh!! Lega…

Bella, big girl already!!!

Gigi Bella dah tumbuh!!

No wonder it hurts y’all!! Bella dah tumbuh gigi!! I just realized it this morning.. and her daddy was so excited, went to grab the camera and asked me to hold her lips so he can take her gigi picture😉 Tak sempat Bella nak pose.. hahhaha.. Cepat nyer gigi dia tumbuh.. according to my paediatric book (nerd!) gigi should come out around 6 month!! Mind you, Bella is not even 5 month old… Pengsan lar mommy jadi mangsa gigitan!!

By the way, I have been trying the most popular method as suggested by most of you.. Tried to push her to my boobs whenever she bites. Guess what she did.. she bites even more!! MasyaAllah this girl.. her fight or flight response is maturing!! Hahahha.. she choose to FIGHT!! That’s mommy’s girl, Bella!!

Now I’m moving on to psychological approach.. talk to her while she’s feeding.. wish me luck!!

Love X

Biting Issue *big grin*

Dear readers, assalamualaikum wbt🙂

We (my little tiny family) are leaving to India tonight!! Hooray!! B’s daddy is going to give talks at his medical school, KMC Manipal there.. again, mommy and B pun ikut skali😀 This is my first time to India but my husband stayed there for 7 years! He says the fabrics there are very cheap.. I say, let’s go shopping then!!😀

Anyway, I need some opinion re my little Bella.. She is starting to bite me while breastfeeding!!! Aaaaaa… I know! Sakit ok! Even tader gigi pun, OMG!! SAKITTT!!!! I don’t know what to do with her.. My mom asked me to jentik2 manja pipi dia so she will know not to do that.. any other options?😥

Here’s the pic taken during our shooting with NONA TV3 2 days ago.. Nope, that’s not our house (we secretly wish it is!!) That’s the suite in Royal Chulan Hotel in KL.. Farah Fauzana is so adorable and friendly! Look at my husband’s expression.. that is exactly like Bella!! Hahahaha… Or maybe Bella looks exactly like him! Sounds more logical..

Anyway, don’t forget the biting issue, please please please I’m desperately need the solution for this.. and I’m sure a lot of mommy out there jadi mangsa gigitan too?! Right!!😉

I promise I’ll read your ramblings even when I’m away..


Nursing in Public

Today was my first time nursing in public.. No it wasn’t at a bus stop or right in the middle of MidValley’s concourse, duhh.. but at a restaurant. I desperately need to feed Baby B as she was already crying in hunger.. No mommy’s milk in bottle prepared as I thought we would be able to come back home before her feeding time!

It was at The Gardens when Bella started to make her hungry face and becoming cranky.. I told my husband we need to find a secluded place in the mall to feed her. The only place I can think about is the breastfeeding room in Jusco’s restroom but it’s too far to walk (or probably just plain lazy! :D) No other public places support breastfeeding mommies!! So we decided to go ‘hide’ in Italiannies, The Gardens😀 We asked for ‘private’ place, the usherer put us at one of the corner with a divider between seats.. Lucky me, that corner is empty.. and Bella is smiling again😉

My point writing this blog is.. this community is not supportive of breastfeeding mommies!! Part of the reason we breastfeed is we don’t want the hassle of packing bottles, formula milk around (Of course main reason we breastfeed is because mommy’s milk is the BEST!!) Many hospitals encourage mommies to breastfeed but when they go out of their house, it is pretty difficult to find a place to nurse their babies.. Kuddos to Jusco because they are thoughtful enough to think about these ladies.. Even Mothercare doesn’t have a small space for breastfeeding which I believe is ridiculous because I’m sure most of their customer are parents with children.

The place to nurse my baby is not the only issue, my second problem was public’s acceptance for mommies who is nursing.. I had to ask my husband not to leave my side while I’m nursing.. Of course I was well-covered but having a baby sticking to my chest seems awkward to many people out there..

Isn’t it natural to breastfeed? Or am I to daring to do that.. I wonder..