Drama, Tears and Two Broken Hearts

Many of my friends said, to wean off a toddler from breast feeding involves a lot of drama and tears and definitely two broken hearts!! I have officially weaned off Bella from her so called "casual breast feeding".. that means she only take breast milk when she feels like it. I tried tandem breast feeding … Continue reading Drama, Tears and Two Broken Hearts

Gigi Bella dah tumbuh!!

No wonder it hurts y'all!! Bella dah tumbuh gigi!! I just realized it this morning.. and her daddy was so excited, went to grab the camera and asked me to hold her lips so he can take her gigi picture 😉 Tak sempat Bella nak pose.. hahhaha.. Cepat nyer gigi dia tumbuh.. according to my … Continue reading Gigi Bella dah tumbuh!!

Biting Issue *big grin*

Dear readers, assalamualaikum wbt 🙂 We (my little tiny family) are leaving to India tonight!! Hooray!! B's daddy is going to give talks at his medical school, KMC Manipal there.. again, mommy and B pun ikut skali 😀 This is my first time to India but my husband stayed there for 7 years! He says … Continue reading Biting Issue *big grin*

Nursing in Public

Today was my first time nursing in public.. No it wasn't at a bus stop or right in the middle of MidValley's concourse, duhh.. but at a restaurant. I desperately need to feed Baby B as she was already crying in hunger.. No mommy's milk in bottle prepared as I thought we would be able … Continue reading Nursing in Public