Wanna Be A Genie??


I am one!!

Hubsy’s new project is finally launch. It’s the www.aladdinstreet.com.my , the exclusive premium halal shopping portal where you can shop without worries. It is basically an online shopping portal for halal product with JAKIM approval.

They have all sorts of categories from electrical stuff to jewellery to healthcare and food. Yes, food like Brahim’s (in case of emergency!) and other cooking paste options, ready-to-eat stuff.. My kind of stuff 😝


AladdinStreet is still growing and more certified halal products from all over the world are joining them. It will be launch internationally by third quarter of this year for overseas customers.

For your convenience, Android app is already up and running. iOs mobile app will be available by May 2016, insyaAllah.

So, come and register at www.aladdinstreet.com.my  to be a Genie yourself!!


To KB..

I’m writing this from a flying aeroplane, but probably posted this from my hotel room later. I’m currently flying to Kota Bharu for my exam. This year, USM is the host for our exam so all candidates from other universities will be in Kota Bharu USM campus.

I’m flying with Firefly now. Travelling alone… Haven’t done this is a long time!!! After I bought my tickets, Firefly offered me to buy the seat next to me for RM15 for extra space! Owh yay!! I don’t mind extra space. My bag needs a seat too😉


Managed to flatlay my seats. Hehe..One for me, one for my bag.. and that pink file is my notes. Didn’t check in, just in case I lose my luggage along my journey. Haha.. Paranoid.

Back to my extra seat story… So, I agreed but Firefly can only confirm the it only about 3 hours before my flight. I received an email earlier today saying that I got the extra seat (Yay!) and I hope I will get another extra seat when coming back to KL on Monday. Any Firefly people here, please gimme the extra seat that I booked, please pretty please😉

Exam is really around the corner.. this coming Sunday and Monday to be exact. Last few weeks have been crazy for me. Sitting for major exam when you have family and working at the same time is not easy. I could have taken this exam long time ago but I got too distracted enjoying my life in my twenties. Really living life to the fullest. Hahahah…

Again, there’s no right or wrong about deciding when do you want to further you study… and there’s nothing wrong about not continuing to study at all. It’s really up to your choice. I have friends who got married and plan for their family later after exam. In my case, the initial plan was to have a baby and then continue study after that… but I loved being a mommy so much so we decided for another one. Hahaha… Seriously.

 So here I am, juggling family, and career. I have to say I’m really lucky because my husband understand what I am doing. He better understand, right… he is a doctor, for God sake! But still, I feel like I didn’t give my 100% for this exam. I know I could have done a lot better in term of preparation, but to be honest, I prefer to play with my children more. I feel like my girls are growing up too fast. We registered B for her Primary 1 school last week! I can’t believe myself either!

 OK, landing Kota Bharu real soon. I probably spend whole day in my hotel room until exam is over. Flying back to KL the night after I finish my last paper on Monday.

 Wish me luck. I need it so bad. I wish you all a great weekend ahead.


I Need Help!


I can’t take this off..


Bella decided Tasha has been a good girl and rewarded her with lots and lots of stamps on her legs.. both of her legs!!

I don’t dare to use any harsh soap or detergent obviously because Tasha is still a small kid. The thought of scrubbing it with berus sabut actually crossed my mind but she doesn’t like it even with loofah.

So how?

I only managed to get rid about 50% of it. Hubby said, it’s ok.. the rest will disappear later. But when is later?? When she is 17? Hahaha..

Any advice?


Random Rantings..

I stumbled upon the viral video “Hantaran 15K”

I have to agree that weddings are super expensive nowadays. I may be wrong but only mas kahwin is our right (mine was RM80!! Haha..) If both sides are spending about half of the cost, isn’t it more logical to lower down the hantaran to help ease the burden on your future husband? After all, you are gonna marry him anyway. If he is in debt, you are too! Married, remember?

I found two sides of the story. Not judging anyone. Whatever done is done.

One little note to my girls out there.. Getting married is not about the wedding. It’s about life after marriage. You will realise that your man loves you when he wakes you up for prayers. You will realise that your man loves you when he tells you to solat with him. And that is because what is more important is your afterlife.

Be independent.

And don’t always look for the right person. Be THE right person to find your right person.

I’m sorry if I ever hurt anyone..

Allah knows best.


Dry Shampoo

2 updates here..

#1 I’m officially hooked to Snapchat. Hahahah.. Been snapchatting like a 14-yr old girl. But it’s nice. Or maybe this is just my midlife crisis 😝

#2 Yup, the video… that was taken from my Snapchat. Of course it has to be less than 10 second. I finally found the solution to my problem when I work out twice a day.. Dry shampoo!! It is such hassle to wash hair after every time I work out and too time consuming.. wash, dry / blow-dry and possible damaging to my hair.. So, dry shampoo is the answer! Why didn’t I think about that before..

I did feel like a genius for a while.. Hehe..


A Present

Hubsy came back home early today..

First thing he said to me “I bought you a present!”

My eyes gleamed like the anime cartoon character. Suddenly I remember last night I told him about the bag that I really wanted…

I have palpitations..

“OMG S, you are the…..”

“Check this out..!” he said..


Kettelebells.. yeah.. great!

Not handbag 🙈 but it’s pink.. Hahahah..

To the gym H and S goes… and they live happily ever after..

*insert fireworks here*


Why Instagram Why..

Have you heard.. Instagram is changing its game. Its not gonna be a chronological anymore. They will follow FB marketing style. Thanks to FB who bought over Instagram (and I’m being cynical here 😏) They will come out with a new algorithm “based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post” That is what exactly their statement was.

Basically that means we can’t see all our friends on our timeline. It all will be filtered. I don’t like that. I wanna see my friends 😤 Real life friends. What if  other people don’t care about my real life friends and he / she doesn’t get many Likes.. that means I will not get to see his / her Instagram photos. Other people might not care but I care!

Eh emo..

Anyway, there are many petitions going on to protest about what Instagram is doing right now… especially from Instagram-based business company.

On the other hand, I might have caught a new social media bug called “Snapchat” Hahaha.. OMG I’m still 16 deep down inside 🙈 I knew about this yellow-ghost-shape logo has been around for a while but I never bother to check on it..


It functions like Instagram. I can post photos and 10-second-video in a chronological way and it will be deleted after 24hours. Great idea. I like it 😉

How I got trapped into this? It’s because I kinda have this girl crush (see! I told you I’m 16!😘  Hahahha..) with this fitness model. Yeah, I’m really into this fitness thingy right now. I’m struggling to keep motivations sometimes so I follow this girl on Instagram (Her name is Paige Hathaway by the way..) She is so inspiring and humble. Go check her out if you are interested. I don’t want to put her photo on my blog because most of her pictures are “menjolok mata” 🙈 and of course there will be people commenting here and there (It’s just impossible to please everybody anyway..)

Anyway, yeah, I look up at her because of how determined she was to get where she is right now. I pray to Allah to give her hidayah and embrace Islam one day.. InsyaAllah..

OK, back to my Snapchat story.. Yeah, I opened a Snapchat account because I wanna follow this Paige girl. Hahaha.. Just for her! I wanna see how she trains at the gym everyday, what she eats just to inspire me to do the same.

And now… I have fallen into this Snapchat trap! Posting snap videos here and there and it’s kinda addictive.

Ohh, by the way, FB tried to buy Snapchat for 3 billion USD… but Snapchat people refused. Thank you Snapchat! Otherwise FB will dictate what we see on the social media!!

So, who is on Snapchat?

I’m HalinaMY in Snapchat world.. See you there! 😘