4 Advices on From Our 4 Years of Marriage

Praise to Allah for all these years of good health and happiness. It has been 4 years of marriage for us. It has been a wonderful journey for me. I’ve learnt so much.. and missed  a lot more 😉 Thank you S for all the love and patience. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for being a wonderful father to my children. I’m just blessed. Alhamdullilah..

Photo credit to Fuad Topa of CandidSyndrome

Many things I’ve learned along the way.. but since this is only our 4th year, I will share with you 4 lessons I’ve learned 😉


First year of marriage is challenging!! It’s the year of adapting.. First few months are honeymoon phase but when the reality hits.. That’s when the challenges started. Most couples come from different background. Different up bringing. Different lifestyle. During courtship, we only see the best of each other. When our partner is at his/her best. But married and living together opens up a lot more. That’s the phase where you really get to know your spouse. The good and the not-so-good. We are only humans, remember!! 100% human, 0% angel. And we are no exception to that. We learn. We fight. We make up. And we adapt.


Trust. No love can survive without trust. Period.


Communicate. Just find time for each other. Talk, text, send pictures or FaceTime. Just do it. Even a small tiny matter. Like “Dah sampai?” or “Had lunch?”. It’s not about being nosy but to me it’s because I care. And he knows it. But ladies, there a fine line between care and clingy. Sometimes it can be misleading 😉 Gotta be careful thou..


Respect. This is the most important lesson in a relationship. Men need respect, women need love. It sounds simple but sometimes we (urmm.. I sometimes) took it for granted. It’s ok not to win an argument. Think about long term investment.. NOT short term glory. Seriously, no point of winning if one of you gets hurt. Always remember to go back to #3. But.. when you are doing #3, no screaming. Talk nicely!! Hahaha..

I’m still learning. We all do.

I’m sooo in my mushy mushy mood today. Hehe.. I kept repeating our wedding video again and again. Can’t believe we made it this far.

Praise to Allah for this blessed life. I wish you all the same..


68 thoughts on “4 Advices on From Our 4 Years of Marriage

  1. really like it this post…even me …about 12 years marriaged doc…still to upgrade my position as mom , wife , staff , daughter , humanbeing and foor most…a very humble servant….everyday …so we still needs some advices from everybody …nobody perfect yah…

  2. Happy anniversary doc n hubby.. today is my anniversary too.. my 4th anniversary.. hehehe.. same day with u.. but u win lorr doc bcoz u already have 2 kids but me just one..hahaha…happy anniversary for us!!

  3. Happy anniversary!!! 4 years already!!! How time flies. I love the advices. I have to agree that marriage is not as simple as it sounded before getting married. 2 years plus and still crawling hehehe

  4. why your family so adorable. i wish i will be like u someday. keep smiling Dr because your smile make the whole world bright !. heheh. 🙂 pls reply me even thank you. hehe

  5. assalam, first of all, i would like to wish Happy Anniversary to u n hubby.. Unfortunately, our Big day falls on the same day as yours which is today. so, happy Anniversary to us, eventhough my husband not wit me at the moment

    Really agreed with what you shared all the 4 points which I think, it seems to be simple but actually not as what we think. the most important think to all marriage is the Communication. Dont ever get yourself or hubby into ‘communication breakdown’ ..then only all the issues will comes out after 1,2,3,4 years of marriage.. as what happen to me. even until now, I am still awaiting my hubby to explain why he left me for no reason..

    No 1, dreamin’ of broken marriage, but this is all HIS plan, and we need to agree, to accept and always think that HE has planned something good for us. Alhamdullillah, im still here, stand alone, smiling look at my self now..

    I’m your follower, so as Bella & Tasha followers, I shared all their videos with my nieces Dyna & Alisya.. and they can sing ‘Let it go..Let it go’ …when they watch Bella video…huhu..

    Wish u all da best Doctor… Supermommy! u r simply the best… xoxo

    1. Things happen for a reason, Yanthi. Allah knows best. I wish you all the best too!! Thank you for your support XO

  6. Congratulations n good luck to more wonderful years of marriage…i agree with all 4…i’ve had 33 years of marriage…blissful..blessed n of course with all the trimmings a marriage brings…accepting our spouse the way he is…is of utmost importance..taking care of each other n the kids brings out the happiness in the family…

      1. Thank you…yes…33 years of being together without first getting the consent of his family…but as time goes by his mum accepted me…n thru all the ups n downs of married life…n the struggle in surviving our life plus two grown-up kids…n he was granted the title of Dato’ by the Sultan of Selangor three years ago..which makes me a datin…hehe…but we still lead a simple life together…important thing is good health n a happy life.

  7. Happy Annivesary to Dr Halina. You are the one always inspired everyone. Keep inspiring us. May Allah bless you marriage with full of happiness and love. Can’t wait your number 3 baby. Hehe. I’m the big fans of B, T and you!! X

  8. Happy Anniversary Doc. just like u i’m in a good mood to. we’re sharing the same important date. Today is also my birthday. heee 🙂

    1. At least she survived till 4th year. *big clap to Dr Halina!!* Should take her generous and kind advice/words for ourselves rather than thinking she’s too ‘young’ in marriage to give advice 🙂

  9. Happy anniversary doc.. May allah always bless your family… Semoga berbahagia sehingga ke syurga bersama keluarga tercinta.. Semoga mendapat zuriat yg soleh dan solehah.. Thanks for sharing advise.. Ilmu itu harus dikongsi walau sepatah ayat.. Keep writing… 😍😍😍😍😍

  10. Happy annivesary doc. I like all the 4 facts. I’ve been marriage for 28 years and I’m happy with my family now.

  11. Yeah.. Simple things like “dh smpi” is very important. Usually after arrived at the office we will SMS each other to report that, just to make sure we arrived safely, jammed or not etc. I really miss that moment. Now we can’t SMS like that anymore coz Allah loves him more. 1 more thing to the married couple, if u hv a fight, how terrible it is, plz do not continue it for the next day. And plz don’t ever refused to pick up call from ur spouse bcoz it might be the last time u hear his/her voice. Loves ur spouse coz she/he will lead u to Jannah. InsyaAllah…

  12. Hepi anniversary doc….i just luv ur positive energy…hope u always hepi..cnt wait 4 ur next entry..♡♡♡♡

  13. U missed 1 particular point and I believe most of malaysian wives also did.


    Seems effortless but undeniably effective.

  14. Happy Anniversary Dr Halina n hubby.
    I’m in my 34th years of a happy marriage life..with 4 children n 6 grandchildren..My advice…sentiasa berdoa.. ..sedekahkan Al Fatihah pada Suami n anak2 everyday….and In Shaa Allah they will always respect you…Amiinn

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      1. hihihihi.. yeah n tell you what….the hospital bil almost 10k!! sb bilik penuh.. ‘terpaksa’ amik bilik suite…ramai dah book nk deliver baby on that date! ahahaha.. she’s fair n cute just like u!

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  17. happy belated anniversary dear doc.. so touched.. no 1 & 2.. experienced it.. but no 3 & 4 still ups and downs.. even after my 8 yrs marriage.. manusia mudah lupa.. hehe..its better we always keep remind each other.. im sure most women out there feels the same.. even how bz with career, communicate with partners are d most appreciate moment we had.. tcare doc.. may Allah bless u and family always.

  18. Happy belated anniversary Dr. Halina and Dr. Syeikh Muzaffar. Yes, the first year is very challenging since it was the year to adapt and understand with each other. We quarrel a lot during that year. Sometimes at small matter. Haha. But the best thing after that is, we got to learn more and understand what he or me like and the do and dont’s. So, now im happily 3 years married and still counting..hehe. Anyways thanks for the advices and keep on blogging!

  19. Happy Anniversary Docs. We share the same year and same month, but different date. My anniversary will be coming soon, 29th October 2010 – 29 October 2014. Almost 4 years soon..

    I adore you very much and I have 1 little princess which is very cute more than u… hahaha joking… of course all baby cute yeahh!!…

  20. Salam doc..maybe it’s kinda late for wishing you Happy Anniversary but yeah Happy Anniversary Doc H and Doc S hehe..May Allah keeps your marriage till jannah..my parents’ anniversary also on October..they have been married for 21 years.

  21. Assalam dr halina.. congratulation on ur 4th yr wedding.. heheh
    And happy 7th y to Dr Sms for his journey to the space..
    Ermm. Sempena ulang tahun ke7 ni boleh tak tanya dr halina pasal result experiment dr sms kat angkasa haritu.. xtau la, dr sms mmg dah pernah publish pasal tu ke atau sy yg terlepas pandang.. if u dont mind. Would u share what were the exp n the results are.. heheh.. tq dr..

  22. hope it’s not too late to wish u happy anniversary…i’m so touched with your tips..May Allah always shower u & family with His blessing.

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