Happy 6th Birthday B!!

It’s B’s 6th birthday today!!


Time really flies …

While 6 years ago, at this moment, I was in labour room… labouring.. this year, I’m still waiting for my signs of labour. Nope, still pregnant. Occasionally I had Braxton Hick contractions (that is the rehearsal contraction minus the pain.. ) but thats all.

I am desperately want to be in labour right now. Hahaha..

I’m currently at 35 week + 2 days. Usually for twins pregnancy, ObGyn will allow you to go until 36 to 37 weeks at most. Then the babies have to be delivered to lessen complications, besides, they are already considered term baby by then.

So, we tentatively have a date for LSCS if I don’t go into spontaneous labour. Of course our first choice (if we were given any!) is to deliver vaginally. Yes I know I work in operation theatre, I put people to sleep, I make sure they don’t have pain during and after operations, I given epidural and spinal for patients in labour and LSCS but when it comes to my turn… hahahaha.. I am so scared πŸ˜“

I’m a chicken πŸ”

Unfortunately, not all things this chicken can choose. My other option is to go for LSCS. We had to choose a date to book for the operation. What’s is the best date to choose besides my husband’s birthdate right? If the babies were born on his birthday, it’s like him getting a birthday present (for the rest of his life!!)Β πŸ˜†Β So, our tentative LSCS date is on July 27. I will be at 36 week + 1 day by then..

Thats my only pro points for LSCS.

But I’m still scared. Please pray I will go into spontaneous labour before Β next Thursday. Any tips to induce labour?

XO, chicken mommy


40 thoughts on “Happy 6th Birthday B!!

  1. Hi assalamualaikum dr. !

    Have u tried raspberry leaf tea? Out of all the benefits and vitamins it carries, they can also be a natural inducer. I tried for my first baby, born last May. My edd was 28th but i delivered on 23rd.

  2. i am 39w 6d today.. no show, no contraction, nothinggg at all. hopefully i can deliver vaginally this time. all the best to us!

  3. You should try natural induce. It works on me. I dont think i hve to mention that here or people will yucks me. Hoho.

    1. Yes, i do understand your meaning…it was also worked on me too for third child…Semoga dipermudahkan Dr.

  4. Salam doc.
    I have twins..n I oso pray like u b4…bia smp 36w bb dah boleh pop out sebab da rase cam monster sgt…hehehe.tp..alhamdulillah babies kua on 38w3d.normal….n vacum.coz beza 1 jam n trus tak sama hari.srg 11hb srg 12hb…heheeheh
    Wish u luck to give them birth vaginally.

  5. u go for massage! last time i also pregnant twin. then at 35 weeks i feel uncomfortable so at the end of 35 weeks i have massage like two days then the next day my water birth leak! i delivered normal alhamdulilah. insya allah u can πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻

  6. Selamat Hari Ulangtahun Kelahiran Bella, semoga membesar sebagai anak yang sihat, bijak, solehah dan membanggakan Mommy and Daddy ok.. πŸ™‚

    Dan semoga semua berjalan lancar untuk Dr. Halina.
    Sweet sangat ni nak bagi special hadiah untuk Dr. S .. hahahahahaa..!! memang special la kan, twins pula tu.. πŸ™‚

  7. I do house chores in the morning before the contraction came! Before this i never really did house chores i.e like vacum the floor, mop the floor, but when i did, terus contraction petang tu jugak πŸ˜‚

  8. Saya brharp… Smoga twins Dr. Halina lahir pada 2 august! Hehe Semoga Allah permudahkan sgala urusan Dr. Halina….

  9. I just delivered last week.. and like you i was desperately need to induce naturally.. (40weeks+6) i took raspberry tea leaf for a week but the result is quite dormant.. then i try pineapple.. snacking raw sweet pineapple and in juice.. in two consecutive days. Alhamdulillah it works!! i ate my pineapple for dinner while shopping(last minute shoppingπŸ˜…) and i am in active labor at 5 a.m and delivered at 10 am😊

    I did the same when i had my #2 in 2012 my water broke already broke but no sign of labor.. no contraction.. no openings.. in 36 hrs i try to induce the labor.. this method help.. and one more tips is to massage or accupressure on your achilles tendon..😊

  10. Wah I am looking for natural inducer too. Desperately!!
    Brisk walking here and there, mopping the house few times also but still no pain, sigh
    My EDD also same as ur preferred LSCS date Doc
    Will try all the suggestions here too, hopefully they works for me! haha

    1. Hai Dr Halina
      Alhamdulillah safely delivered by svd this morning. A healthy girl, admit at 6.30am with contraction&7.45am baby out.

      Mybe the dried pineapple mentioned in ur previous entry is the trigger coz i ate it around 2.30am when cant sleep

      Good luck again to u Doc & good reading here (can say evidence-based now hihi ) as always

      1. Congrats to you on your new bundle of joy! Amd selamat berpantang!!

  11. InshaAllah..everything will be alrite..dgn kehendakNya…moga doc diberi kesenangan dlm segala urusan bersalin..aamiin

    Sama mcm doc..saya pun dapat pilih date..kebetulan masa tu bulan feb. Kalu bulan feb tu 29..ofkos saya pilih 29…but its not…jdi saya pilih 28hb…

  12. Hi Dr.. i just delivered my second baby last March, and she turned out a day EDD after I asked around. What I did …jalan itik and carry something heavy…malam tros rasa sembelit and kuar show – blood. 11am masuk LR 12.15 baby keluar

  13. Hi Dr.. i just delivered my second baby last March, and she turned out a day after the EDD after. What I did …jalan itik and carry something heavy…malam tros rasa sembelit and kuar show – blood. 11am masuk LR 12.15 baby keluar

  14. Hi Doc ! Good luck anyway.

    Im the one done for LSCS. Last month. Actually all my children on ceasarean.

    1st baby ok
    2nd baby cSer keluar air
    3rd baby ni dah 2x czer breakdown. Keluar nanah.

    Mmg scary czer ni kan.

    Tp..masa bersalin best !
    Tak rasa apa..tau tau…baby keluar dah depan mata.

    Macam magic hehehe

  15. Alhamdulillah congratulations Dr for twins newborn😍😍
    Sharing the same experience, having normal twin delivery end of Jan. I was given pitocin due to slow progress, no contraction at first. Finally both born gap almost 1 hour for the 2nd twin(breech) 😍

  16. Assalam Dr, tahniah atas kelahiran twins. Seronoknyaaaa dpt twins. Family Dr or husband ada gen kembar ye?

  17. Congratulations on your babies Dr Halina! I love your blog and have been following you since B was little! Since you’re now a third time mom to new borns, how do you feel about having guests right after giving birth? I know there has been some concern among new parents about letting people come in contact with their baby (even close friends and relatives) within a few weeks after they are born to avoid them from getting sick. How do you feel about it?

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