It’s Happening Real Soon!!


Remember my previous entry about our perfume…

It’s gonna launch real soon, ladies and gentlemen! The soft launch event is gonna be at Fraser Residence, KL on June 4, 2016. That is in 1 week time!! All registered agents are invited!

For those who are interested, you can contact  LUC Empire Ventures  at 012-235-1353.

See you there, insyaAllah!!


Inspire & Desire



Soon… InsyaAllah.. This is his favourite smell 😘 (minus that chanel logo.. obviously this is not the final photo but I’m just too excited 🙈)

Currently we are looking for agents/distributor all around Malaysia to work with us. You can find more details on this FB page. There is also an event soon, Meet-and-Greet with the Entrepreneur before launching of this perfume. Details again on that FB page link above.

And.. and.. and….. takkan dia je kan… I pun nak jugak  🙈



This is the smell that I chose. It is refreshing, bubbly, flirty and it makes me happy 😃

And I promise you it is not the smell of coffee although I would love to do that. Hahaha..

Top notes are more of fruity, citrusy smell. Middle notes are a little flowery.. Jasmine to be exact, thanks to Coco Chanel for that lesson and the base is cedar, a little musky I would say…

Why Desire?

It’s about desire for success, being independent and strong but yet feminine at the same time.

Why Inspire?

I guess you have to ask my husband at the Meet-and-Greet the Entrepreneur session soon. So, to all who is interested, please kindly visit this FB page for more info.

Have a nice day!


Random Rantings..

I stumbled upon the viral video “Hantaran 15K”

I have to agree that weddings are super expensive nowadays. I may be wrong but only mas kahwin is our right (mine was RM80!! Haha..) If both sides are spending about half of the cost, isn’t it more logical to lower down the hantaran to help ease the burden on your future husband? After all, you are gonna marry him anyway. If he is in debt, you are too! Married, remember?

I found two sides of the story. Not judging anyone. Whatever done is done.

One little note to my girls out there.. Getting married is not about the wedding. It’s about life after marriage. You will realise that your man loves you when he wakes you up for prayers. You will realise that your man loves you when he tells you to solat with him. And that is because what is more important is your afterlife.

Be independent.

And don’t always look for the right person. Be THE right person to find your right person.

I’m sorry if I ever hurt anyone..

Allah knows best.


A Present

Hubsy came back home early today..

First thing he said to me “I bought you a present!”

My eyes gleamed like the anime cartoon character. Suddenly I remember last night I told him about the bag that I really wanted…

I have palpitations..

“OMG S, you are the…..”

“Check this out..!” he said..


Kettelebells.. yeah.. great!

Not handbag 🙈 but it’s pink.. Hahahah..

To the gym H and S goes… and they live happily ever after..

*insert fireworks here*


I think.. He forgot about it!

I think my husband forgot our anniversary!

It’s today.. our 5th year wedding anniversary.. OMG! It’s only 5 years and he has forgotten?? Hahahahaha…

Up until third year I received flowers, 4th year I got a wish.. and 5th year.. forgotten?

I wished him “Happy Anniversary, S” early this morning before he left for work.. and suddenly I saw his face turning white a little with his jaw dropping on the floor… Hahaha.. Maybe not enough blood flow going to the head because he got a shock not remembering the wedding anniversary..!

Can’t help but laugh about it.. I guess this is real life marriage. We women remembering date and all the tiny details and the men.. they somehow keeps forgetting! Hahahha…

Last night I was awake from my sleep at around 4am, I heard him snoring.. I don’t know why I am not irritated with his snores. In fact, I feel blessed because I know he is still beside me, alive. Allah has given another day for us to be together.

Thank you Allah for this life, this man, these children..

I pray for rahmat and barakah in our marriage. I pray for good health, happiness, patience and wealth in our family.

I pray for our children, may they be a solehah, pious and obedient.

And I thank all of you for your well wishes all these while..



New Work Station!

I’m maid-less right now!!

The kakak who stays with me is currently in Dublin. Yup, you got it right.. She is in Dublin, Ireland visiting my sister who gave birth about two weeks ago.. (We have a boy in the family… finally!! Hello Alfie!!)

So, here I am… like headless chicken running around. Haha… I just finished my Intensive Course which was … pretty intense! So much to catch up with work, study, house chores, family, hamsters…

Here’s my new work station.. No more proper table with book racks.. Hahahahah.. My new work station is at the laundry area near the kitchen.. I do laundry, fold, ironing, shop online, pay bills, read notes while folding clothes here!


A woman gotta do what a woman gotta do, right!

It’s the weekend and that was my first batch laundry. More to come, that means the pile is gonna grow.. Hehe… Wish me luck!

I need coffee now…

Cockroach Killer!!

Bella is at the age where she will ask “Why this? What that?” Oh my.. that’s really a lot of why-s..

One day, she saw me running after a cockroach in the toilet with a cockroach spray. Then she asked me, “Mommy, why you spray that thing to the cockroach?” Then I explained to her that I wanna kill a cockroach I saw in the bathroom.. Innocently she asked my permission to hold the spray can herself. So, I let her..

Bella: WOW!! This spray can kill cockroach!! Awesome!!!

Me: Yeah, it works, you know!!

Bella: Do you use this to kill elephant too?

Hahahahaha.. I was speechless. I really don’t want to hurt her feelings by laughing out loud..

To Fumakilla people.. my daughter asked whether your spray can be use to kill elephant too?