I think.. He forgot about it!

I think my husband forgot our anniversary!

It’s today.. our 5th year wedding anniversary.. OMG! It’s only 5 years and he has forgotten?? Hahahahaha…

Up until third year I received flowers, 4th year I got a wish.. and 5th year.. forgotten?

I wished him “Happy Anniversary, S” early this morning before he left for work.. and suddenly I saw his face turning white a little with his jaw dropping on the floor… Hahaha.. Maybe not enough blood flow going to the head because he got a shock not remembering the wedding anniversary..!

Can’t help but laugh about it.. I guess this is real life marriage. We women remembering date and all the tiny details and the men.. they somehow keeps forgetting! Hahahha…

Last night I was awake from my sleep at around 4am, I heard him snoring.. I don’t know why I am not irritated with his snores. In fact, I feel blessed because I know he is still beside me, alive. Allah has given another day for us to be together.

Thank you Allah for this life, this man, these children..

I pray for rahmat and barakah in our marriage. I pray for good health, happiness, patience and wealth in our family.

I pray for our children, may they be a solehah, pious and obedient.

And I thank all of you for your well wishes all these while..



33 Years

Today, April 5, 2013 marked the 33rd year my parents were married. And yesterday was my mom’s birthday and this year is extra special. After more than 30 years of teaching, now she’s no more going to school!! (She’s a teacher, y’all) She’s officially a pensioner!! My dad is really happy he finally has my mom staying at home with him. I can see it from his eyes that he is genuinely happy about it. “Abah dah suruh maa berenti kerja laamer dah, finally pencen pun..” he told me yesterday.

I’m just plain happy for both of them.

Marriage is a lot of work..

Wedding is fun, honeymoon phase is a.w.e.s.o.m.e. but marriage is really a lot of work! You’re juggling your work, daily house chores, children and husband every single day. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, you’re killing yourself slowly inside because you barely have time for yourself.

Whenever I see an old couple walking together holding hands, I really envy them. I want be like them. Even after soooo long, it’s still the same person they are walking with, same hand they are holding and they never get tired. Isn’t that sweet?

To me, marriage is about two people committed themselves to each other, sharing the same desire to spend their lifetime together, and willingness to be there for one another. In Al-Quran, it’s clearly stated “They are clothing for you and you’re clothing for them..” (Al-Baqarah, verse 187). Like our clothing that covers and protect our body, couples defend each other’s honour. They protect and enhance each other’s beauty while shielding that which must be hidden, according to Allah’s rules.

To maa and abah, Happy 33rd Wedding Anniversary. May Allah granted Jannah to both of you. Thank you for being there for each other. Thank you for giving us, the children a good example of what marriage is all about. We love you both!


Our Wakil to a Wedding..

We have a wedding to attend today with my parents.. unfortunately B’s daddy is having an event in KL and mommy had a bad oncall last night.. So, both of us couldn’t make it.. So, we sent our little wakil to go with my parents..

Thanks B teman mamatok dgn babatok😉

Another Wedding in the Family

My baby sister finally is married to her long time boyfriend of 10 years!! They have been together since their highschool days in MRSM Jasin, Kolej MARA Banting then further studies together in Dublin, Ireland. 10 years is a long time.. Congrats to those two lovebirds😉 We definite knew they are getting married, it’s just a matter of time. Nikah event was held at Masjid Putra in Putrajaya, then our side’s reception was done at Taman Botani near the mosque. Most of our relatives and friends were there.. One week after that, we traveled to Kota Bharu, Kelantan for reception on groom’s side.. that was my first time in Kelantan!!

My husband couldn’t make it because he had to work.. poor thing!! That means I had to go there with Bella alone!! *dang* All our family members have already booked their flight tickets! Unfortunately I didn’t get the same flight with my other family members.. I ha to travel with Baby B on my own!! *dang, dang, dang* How am I gonna carry B with my huge luggage (Kelantan is a batik heaven. how can I not bring a huge empty luggage with me?!) Nervous dah ni.. What if Bella cried in the airplane? *malu ok* What if she pass motion in the airplane and the whole cabin can smell her poo-poo? *double malu* What if while I was feeding her, someone ter’saw’ my boobs?? *triple malu* I had hundreds of ‘what ifs’ in my head!!

I didn’t bring B’s stroller along.. (not another extra thing to carry!!) I only brought her baby carrier where I can carry her like how kangaroos carry their babies!!😀 Well, it is kinda easy to carry her using that thing.. and since B has better head control now, she can also face the front and look around.. She was asleep when this picture was taken.. Along the journey, Bella behaved like a perfect angel!! She doesn’t cry.. or poo-poo.. Quietly drinking milk and fortunately there was no embarassing incident like my nursing cover accidentally slipped off my shoulder or any other of my imaginary scenarios🙂 Thank you, God!

 We had a good time in Kelantan!! Food there is awesome!! I whacked almost everything.. Even nasi kerabu there is alot tastier than in KL.. There goes my diet!! Bella had a good time too (maybe, Im not sure coz she hasn’t talk yet!) With all family and relatives around taking care of her, I’m sure she doesn’t mind.. I even brought her along to shop at Bazaar Buluh Kubu to look for batik!! Hehehhe..

Overall, we had fun in Kelantan.. Food was good, People is nice there despite I had difficulties understanding their slang.. :p

Till then.. xo

Our First Year

It’s our first wedding anniversary!!! We survived our first year being married!! Hahahhaha… It has been a year of learning and adapting for both of us I guess.. Courting and being married is totally different. Marriage life is a lot more AWESOME!!😉

Congratulations to my baby sister, Hamizah who got married yesterday (9/10/11) to Ruzaimi. They have been together for almost 10 years.. and finally it is time to settle down🙂 Kak Na wish both of you happiness, wealth and prosperous and many babies!!😀

To Dr Sheikh’s fans.. thank you very much for supporting him all the way.. In fact, today is his 4th space flight anniversary. It was 4 years ago he went to space and make us proud. And it still feels like yesterday.. Thank you again.

May Allah blessed our family and friends.. Hoping for many more happy years!! Have a great day ahead everyone!!