Attention To All Space Enthusiast

You don’t have to be a space enthusiast yourself.. Maybe you want to bring your children or husband or whoever you know who like “space stuff” to this event.. Haha.. “space stuff”!

But this is for real. We are gonna have astronauts from Japan, Germany and Russia!!

Chiaki Mukai, a lady astronaut.. (you go girl!!) in fact, she is the first female astronaut from Japan. Who is also happen to be a cardiothoracic surgeon!! Inspiring isn’t she? I’m not trying to be feminist here but I believe we need more role model like this for our younger girls! Someone who inspire the young ladies to be all-rounder, who believes in being the best in what she can do. Speaking about women empowerment? She is definitely it!!

Klaus Dietrich Flade is from Germany.. Really funny guy. I met him when I followed S to Association of Space Explorers Planetary Congress in Riyadh 2 years ago. He is Bella’s favourite astronaut too!! Hahah.. Currently working as an astronaut / pilot in Germany, coming down to Malaysia next week to meet all of you!

And Salizhan Sharipov, Russian astronaut, I remember him as the space guy with one eyebrow!! 

See!! I told you!! 😀 He is the 7th Muslim astronaut in space!!

And.. and.. and.. my personal favourite astronaut…

How often do you get a chance to meet people who actually been to space? Earth population is currently at 7.125 billion in 2013, and there’s only 536 people who is actually been to space!! (S is number 438!!)

And next week, UKM is hosting an event with 4 astronauts in attendance!

4 out of 536 out of 7,125,000,000 human beings!!

Come to DECTAR (Dewan Cansellor Tun Abdul Razak) in UKM next Monday, October 20, 2014. Just in case you don’t know which one is DECTAR, it is the huge main hall of UKM Bangi on you left hand side as you enter the main UKM entrance. You won’t miss it! It’s open to ALL. Bring your kids, this is for them (and you too of course!) to expose, educate and inspire them about the importance of space science! Entrance are free. It will be a day event starts from 8.30am until 4.30pm. You can meet and greet fellow astronauts yourself, and listen to their stories. Public talk and dialogue session with the astronauts will be at 11.00am!!

And guess who else gonna be there to grace the event?

No, not the guy at the back!! The gentleman in blue batik!! He doesn’t need an introduction..

Enough said.

So, if someone asked you “Do you have any plan next Monday?”

Your answer will be, “I’ll be in DECTAR UKM to see some “space stuff”, jom pegi”



10 thoughts on “Attention To All Space Enthusiast

  1. very interested to go and bring together my kiddos…unfortunately..weekday…huuhuu..and monday…alway busy when …it is a start up week…admired them too much…

  2. & they say, we are created from star stuffs!
    Mereka kata kita dicipta dari bintang!

    Uhh di US sains dia pun glamour, pakar astronomi dia ada Dr Amy Mainzer dll. Jadi kalau saya nak jadi saintis, tak la saya terus kategori robot boring, kat sana ramai pakar handsome2 & cantik2. Pengasas Google (sergey brin) pun kira boeh tahan handsome la, mak dia kerja kat NASA.

  3. Opps bintang kat sini.
    Apsal plak terletak Bani Israel. Takdir nak promote dia kaum pandai ke ha ha.
    Ya la populasi mereka sikit tapi mereka pandai, dan mampu gunakannya untuk kukuhkan nasib mereka.

  4. Salam doktor, nak tnya ada ape2 effect ke kat muka kalau pakai cream then rase mcm pedih2..cream tu x sesuai utk muka ke atau just biasa je?mohon pencerahan

  5. i’m a big fan of space~ obsessed.. ahaha.. hope ada lagi peluang macam ni sebab tak dapat pergi adalah kerana lagi berapa hari je nak SPM.. mohon ada lagi tahun ni. confirm terpacak depan main entrance pukul 7 pg.. haha

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