Why Instagram Why..

Have you heard.. Instagram is changing its game. Its not gonna be a chronological anymore. They will follow FB marketing style. Thanks to FB who bought over Instagram (and I'm being cynical here 😏) They will come out with a new algorithm “based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the … Continue reading Why Instagram Why..


I rarely follow my hubsy whenever he has a talk or event but I've seen the videos and I know the the story by heart. Last week, was the UKM in Space event held where 3 other astronauts from Japan, Germany and Russia came down to join the event. It was a success, alhamdullilah. UKM … Continue reading Kantoi!!

Check This Out!!

Hubsy on Men's Health front cover for October 2014!! I'm soooo proud of him!! Keep it up, S!! X

Finally.. The Official Launch of doktorbudak.com

doktorbudak.com has come a long way since they started about a year ago. Both the co-founders, Dr Zahilah and Dr Foo has been working hard on this webpage to cater most of their readers out there. They are expanding really fast, and currently there are 27 members of doktorbudak to assist you in non-emergencies health … Continue reading Finally.. The Official Launch of doktorbudak.com

Keluarga Magazine Dec 2013

Here we are in Keluarga magazine December 2013 issue.. Looking all happy and cheerful! Little that you know, we shot in the evening where it's almost Tasha and Bella's nap time. And that is definitely a guaranteed recipe for disaster!! Hahaha... When they are bored... I don't want!!!  Milk, mommy M.I.L.K!!!!! Trying to distract them … Continue reading Keluarga Magazine Dec 2013


A lot of people asked what powder milk Bella is on since I weaned her off from breast milk when she turned 1. This is it... S 26!! Coincidently Wyeth approached my husband to become their front face for S26! Apparently my husband was actually a S 26-er himself when he was a baby!! Haha.. … Continue reading S-26

Our date!!

Dont forget our date!! Tonight, April 9, 2013 at 9pm on Astro Mustika HD 132 & Astro Ria 104. The chaotically romantic!! Haha.. P/s: I don't think we will be watching this show.. Haha.. Malu!! 😀 XO Photos credit to CST Production, Kak Akmar of Astro & Miss Wany Idris

Romantika Preview

Here's our Romantika preview as seen in Astro. Don't forget, this coming Tuesday, April 9 on Astro Mustika HD (132) and Astro Ria (104)  at 9pm. Huurmmm.. malu sebenarnyer y'all tgk ni.. Haha.. tapi, urmm.. takpe lar.. Enjoy!! XOXO

Latest Apps Obsession.. Keek!

OK, I've been receiving a lot of complaint through my twitter lately.. that I'm not updating my blog!! 😀 Hehe.. You know why? It's because of this.. Keek! I'm so addicted to this new social media apps. It's not really new but somehow I just discovered it. My intention was to follow Kim Kardashian!! Hahaha.. … Continue reading Latest Apps Obsession.. Keek!

Romantika OR Romantik Ke?

We are back! More tired than ever!! Haha.. Travelling with two kids under 2 is no joke. But we had fun.. family kind of fun! Our flight was at 0905H, that means we have to be at the airport at least 2 hours before the take off. To wake the girls up and get them … Continue reading Romantika OR Romantik Ke?