A Present

Hubsy came back home early today..

First thing he said to me “I bought you a present!”

My eyes gleamed like the anime cartoon character. Suddenly I remember last night I told him about the bag that I really wanted…

I have palpitations..

“OMG S, you are the…..”

“Check this out..!” he said..


Kettelebells.. yeah.. great!

Not handbag ๐Ÿ™ˆ but it’s pink.. Hahahah..

To the gym H and S goes… and they live happily ever after..

*insert fireworks here*


8 thoughts on “A Present

  1. I have a 6kg and has been swingging this for a few months now. I larat buat plg lama 30mins je. Hehe. But i like it because I’m lazy to run or do anything else. Wake up in pyjamas dah boleh swing2.

  2. Dr, can you give me some tips on how to survive on med sch. Specially with this ukm md sch. Sistem. We got citra as well. I wanna cry hard with this citra.

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