Goals! 🎯

It’s the final week of 2016.
So many things had happened in the world. Even things that we never expected i.e. Donald Trump as The President of USA? Gosh!
I’m not a person that likes to look back. Not that I don’t look back but I will do that only once, just to learn from my mistakes, what can I do better and look forward to the future.
I am soooo ready for 2017! I hope you all had your goals written down. I never start a new year without goals. I even have goals for Awal Muharram!! Haha.. Maybe I like to have goals so I have my target spot on. Not just the goals but how to achieve your goals. Your plans. Let say.. your fitness goal in 2017 is to lose weight. Don’t just write down “Lose weight in 2017” You have to be specific!
Lose 6kg in 2017!
Then break it down to monthly or quarterly goals (all up to your preference!)
Lose 0.5kg a month in 2017!
doesn’t sound so bad, right?
Then you have to have supporting habits. That is what you can / will do to make sure you achieve your goals.
Every goal MUST have supporting habits.
Supporting habits..
1) Start yoga with BFF twice a week
2) Run at the park every weekend
3) Bring healthy food & water from home everyday to work!
Yup, things like that.. Remember, be specific on your goals and have supporting habits for each one of them. And be realistic about the habits.
That is so much do-able right? And write it down where you can see it often. I have mine in my planner. I can’t have it written on a paper stick to the wall because Bella will come and read it and she will go tell all her friends and teachers at school. Haha..
Till then, write down all your goals and get ready to rock 2017!!

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