Cockroach Killer!!

Bella is at the age where she will ask “Why this? What that?” Oh my.. that’s really a lot of why-s..

One day, she saw me running after a cockroach in the toilet with a cockroach spray. Then she asked me, “Mommy, why you spray that thing to the cockroach?” Then I explained to her that I wanna kill a cockroach I saw in the bathroom.. Innocently she asked my permission to hold the spray can herself. So, I let her..

Bella: WOW!! This spray can kill cockroach!! Awesome!!!

Me: Yeah, it works, you know!!

Bella: Do you use this to kill elephant too?

Hahahahaha.. I was speechless. I really don’t want to hurt her feelings by laughing out loud..

To Fumakilla people.. my daughter asked whether your spray can be use to kill elephant too?


23 thoughts on “Cockroach Killer!!

  1. The question makes sense bella. Haha. Let the fumakillas to answer your question brilliantly. Even the adults would not ask that question though.

    1. Maybe due to elephant picture at the fumakilla spray..she s so is the cognitive learning dr halina..they want to know whyyy….and why.and why…she s so clever..all de best dr

  2. So cute & clever B..there must be a reason that elephant on that spray..ehehe..never thought of it..

  3. haha Bella you are so cute & sgt bijak!
    disebabkan the pic on the spray got lipas n gajah so that is why she asked that question..mmg logik pun kan haha..
    and kenapa pula gajah ada kt situ, simbolik nak tunjukkn spray tu sekuat gajah yang besar to kill the lipas mcm kacang je haha

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