The Logic of a 3 Year Old

This cheeky girl... really has her own way of stealing her mommy's heart. Always smiling and teasing and really turning my world upside down (read: crazehhhh!) Last week, she asked me whether I bought a present for for like the day before that... Trying to be sensible, I said "Mommy can't be buying you present … Continue reading The Logic of a 3 Year Old

Bella’s Prayer

Yesterday, hubsy saw Bella looking up at the sky.. and she started talking to herself.. "Ya Allah, please give me more toys" Ameen.... My husband had to pretend like he didn't hear anything. That night, her prayer was granted. Daddy brought her to Toys'R'Us... X

Marry Me, Mommy..

Good morning!!! (Or afternoon or evening or night.. whenever you are reading this!) See, I said I will try to write more often.. Here's another story 😉 Kids have different perception about marriage and love.. or maybe it's just my kids.. The other day.. Hubby brought the girls to visit me during oncall. Just a … Continue reading Marry Me, Mommy..

Lets Go To M, Mommy..

Yesterday, Bella told me, "Mommy, lets go to M. I think you, me, daddy and Tasha should go to M". Alright, this is challenging.. I don't even know what place is she talking about. So, I asked her some more.. "What's M?" "Urrmmm.. It has ice cream and nuggets. All my friends go there.." Can … Continue reading Lets Go To M, Mommy..


I always thought I'll be one of the cooler parent than my husband.. You know, the one who has less expectations for the children.. Let them play (but no sepah allowed ok!! Only in the play room!! Hahah.. ) no need to do worksheet, just colour and draw crap on a piece of paper... They … Continue reading Expectation..

Cockroach Killer!!

Bella is at the age where she will ask "Why this? What that?" Oh my.. that's really a lot of why-s.. One day, she saw me running after a cockroach in the toilet with a cockroach spray. Then she asked me, "Mommy, why you spray that thing to the cockroach?" Then I explained to her … Continue reading Cockroach Killer!!

Where’s Mommy?

Mamatuk came to visit her grandchildren at our house. She asked my little T... Mamatuk : Tasha, where's daddy? Tasha : Aeroplane.. (she thinks her daddy is outstation) Mamatuk : Where's your mommy? Tasha : Shopping! Ahahahhahahhahah... That's my child there, people!!