I rarely follow my hubsy whenever he has a talk or event but I’ve seen the videos and I know the the story by heart. Last week, was the UKM in Space event held where 3 other astronauts from Japan, Germany and Russia came down to join the event. It was a success, alhamdullilah.

UKM put up the video of the opening event on Youtube. I was excited to watch it.. but.. guess what I found…


“but don’t tell my wife that..”

Sorry baby.. caught red handed this time!!

Now I know!!


It’s a long video, if you have the time, go see a short video presentation recorded from ISS slotted during my hubby’s speech. It’s just breath taking. I cried first time I saw the video. I wanna go to space too!!!

Check out the UKM link here


15 thoughts on “Kantoi!!

  1. hehe..ada kemungkinan tak bila suami yang selalu bgtau kat ramai orang “jgn bagitau isteri saya” sebenarnya nak isteri diorang tau..tapi taknak ckp sdri.

  2. dah tengok….SUBHANALLAH…..indah nya ciptaan DIA…. bertuah nya Dr S, terpilih utk ke sana dn berkongsi video yg indah ni kpd umum.

  3. i dah tengok video tu memang imteresting…kalau ada ticket to there…i akan beli…and cakap like datuk s…i ‘ll leave my children and my hubby…hahaha…he is great 1 in millions man…

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