Lets Go To M, Mommy..

Yesterday, Bella told me, "Mommy, lets go to M. I think you, me, daddy and Tasha should go to M". Alright, this is challenging.. I don't even know what place is she talking about. So, I asked her some more.. "What's M?" "Urrmmm.. It has ice cream and nuggets. All my friends go there.." Can … Continue reading Lets Go To M, Mommy..

Where’s Mommy?

Mamatuk came to visit her grandchildren at our house. She asked my little T... Mamatuk : Tasha, where's daddy? Tasha : Aeroplane.. (she thinks her daddy is outstation) Mamatuk : Where's your mommy? Tasha : Shopping! Ahahahhahahhahah... That's my child there, people!!

Short Getaway : Langkawi

Hi all!! Hope all of you are doing great! Since next week is a long holiday, Chinese New Year, school break and all.. We decided to go for a quick holiday prior to the long holiday. Less people, less crowded. Haha... We chose Langkawi this time. We wanted to bring the girls to the beach. … Continue reading Short Getaway : Langkawi

Barely Supermommy Update!!

Hi all!! OMG January 2015 is almost over! Believe it or not!! And Hi again.. I’m back! After two exams in December and last week. I’m back here. Writing. Missing all of you!! I hope 2015 is treating you well. After almost 3 months of disappearing, I have a lot to tell. OK, maybe not … Continue reading Barely Supermommy Update!!

Check This Out!!

Hubsy on Men's Health front cover for October 2014!! I'm soooo proud of him!! Keep it up, S!! X

FB Page

Hi all!! I haven't been writing regularly like a good blogger should 😀 Well, I never was, anyway.. Since today I'm on my PM shift, that means I clock in at the hospital at 12noon and finish the operation theatre cases until 8pm.. So, I little extra time to spend in front of the computer.Time … Continue reading FB Page

They Wanted Daddy..!

Hi all.. My life has been upside down for the past two weeks. I spent so much time at work, had to do some readings.. and less time for family. By that, I mean my girls.. I only sent them to school in the morning while they are still sleeping and come back from work … Continue reading They Wanted Daddy..!

PD Ostrich Farm

Remember I posted this up on my Instagram? Last weekend was super fun!! My husband insisted we go for a quick holiday. The girls needed a break from the city life!! Hahaha.. yeah, right! So, we decided to go for a short getaway in PD.  When we arrived there, my husband asked me to check … Continue reading PD Ostrich Farm

Umrah Part 1

Alhamdullillah.. We are back from our umrah trip. It was a short one but I believe a visit to the Holy Kaabah will always be memorable for me. We brought Bella and Tasha along with us. I have to admit, they can be quite handful sometimes but the thought of leaving them behind is... unthinkable! … Continue reading Umrah Part 1

Leaving On a Jet Plane

Insyaallah, we will be leaving for Umrah this coming Thursday.. We = Bella + Tasha + daddy + mommy This is my first time bringing these two girls there. Last time we were there, B was about Tasha's age and Tasha was about 6 month in my womb. So, my first time handling two toddlers … Continue reading Leaving On a Jet Plane