T’s First Day of Big Girl School


Today is T’s first day of school.

She has been to other school before, but this time, she is joining B. She has been looking forward to join B’s school since last year. I guess as the second child, she likes to follow her elder sister..

You probably would guess that I will be hanging around at their school. That was my initial plan. To hang out at T’s classroom window and weeping over her, reminiscing how small when she was born, how fast the time flies and kisses her many many times and embarrassed her 😁 That was my initial plan! Tissue all ready in my bag but last night, my husband came up with a better plan! That’s what he said.. claiming his plan is better than my weeping plan!

The plan is, he will drop both B and T to school, I stay at home. So I asked him, who is gonna send T to her classroom? Guess what was his answer… Bella!

Hahahaha.. OK, we are counting on a 5 year old girl to send her younger sister to her classroom on their first day of school. I can live with that. I have full faith in Bella! We (me and hubsy), will go to school only later to fetch them when they are done. That will be more fun and less drama according to my husband πŸ˜„

While having breakfast this morning, I told T that B is gonna send her to her classroom. Mommy and daddy will not be there, we will only come afterwards to fetch her. Her answer was.. ” I know where my classroom, mommy.. Bella doesn’t have to send me, she can go to her class”


Are you actually 14 year old? Hahah..

So here I am, writing to all of you while my two girls are at school. B will be ok because she is back with her old classmates. She was so excited to meet her friends since last night. T, first day at big girl school. She will be fine my husband said. He has full faith in Tasha. It’s you that I’m worried about. You is mommy. Haha..

I gotta go now to get ready. I’m gonna go early before the school finishes and stalk my children in their classroom.

Have a nice day!!


9 thoughts on “T’s First Day of Big Girl School

  1. This is hilarious.. I can’t stop laughing.. U are just so dramatic. But yeah.. Me also always ready with tissues in my bag on their first day of school.. We never know just when the saddest moment will hit.. πŸ˜‚ but children nowadays seems to grow up faster than we expected.. Bravo mommy!!!!

  2. Hahaha.. Dr ni comellah..saya boleh imagine dr punye tisu dalam beg, duduk tepi classroom. Silap2 anak tak nangis.mak yg nangis.. Hehe.. Comel.

  3. Insyallah Dr. I got son and daughter i found girl mature earlier than boy even my girl only 11month n my boy 5years.

  4. Alhamdulillah, congratulations for u both… 😊😁 so excited to see this news… May Allah S.W.T bless ur family always..Hope they’re boys😍😘

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