Hi all!!

If you followed me on Instagram, you probably noticed I posted about sending B and T for a ballet trial class about two weeks ago.. We just trying our best to expose them to new stuff, fill up the time and energy and who knows they might have talent in ballet (there’s probably a 0.000005% chance they do!! Hahaha..)

Besides, I was thinking.. if I had to send the girls to ballet every week, might as well I just take up ballet myself!! (My husband literally rolled on the floor laughing at my optimistic & brilliant idea!)

Anyway, that, people.. was to no avail.. Hahaha.. I figured out my girls need ‘fine tuning’. Hahaha.. (and probably me too!)

They are just being kids.. Kids just wanna have fun!

First time seeing the bar on the wall. Not knowing what to do, T climbed it like how she does on the monkey bar.. both hands and legs up on the bar. Hahahaha… She almost gave the ballet teacher a heart attack, the teacher had to run to get her before she falls down.. I wasn’t allowed to be inside so I can only take pictures (and laugh) from the small tiny square window on the door..

This video was recorded from outside the ballet hall, so the noise that you hear is from the other kids playing outside the hall.

See how graceful and elegant my girls are.. Hehe…

The week after the trial, B was accepted to join the class, but T was a little to small and she has to wait until next year.. (that’s very nice of them for not saying T is super active and out of control! Hehehe..)

Anyway, during B’s first proper ballet class.. she confessed that she actually has no interest in ballet. She cried in the class and only finished it halfway..

Now I can confirmed that 0.000005% chance is actually 0%. So ballet now out of the list! And no ballet for mommy too *sad*

Probably I should look for karate class next!


12 thoughts on “Balleri-NOT

  1. It was my childhood dream to take a ballet class. I used to stuff the vick vapor rub bottle into my socks, so that they would look liked ballet shoes. Bahaha! I think B is more adventurous girl. Perhaps horse riding or archery class might get her attention. 😊

  2. Can visualize yr hubby rolling on the floor laughing at your thoughts of joining ballet (me too)…hehhehe no offence ya..Kids are pure and voice their heart out…send them for cooking lesson..sure they will love it…

  3. Yes Dr..B and T will look sooo adorable doing taekwando..Power Girls they could be. They can learn how to protect themselves too..And u can join them too..hehehe..

  4. hahaha.. i guess my daughter will say no to ballet too.she has no interest at all for that kind of soft movement, but karate or taekwando will do 🙂

  5. Dr H, Would be best if you explore together with B of the possible activities & allow her to choose what she actually loves to do.

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