A lot of people asked what powder milk Bella is on since I weaned her off from breast milk when she turned 1. This is it… S 26!! Coincidently Wyeth approached my husband to become their front face for S26!

Apparently my husband was actually a S 26-er himself when he was a baby!! Haha.. (I double checked that with my mother-in-law already!)

Like father like daughter I guess..


Ho! Ho! Ho! I am NOT 51 !!

Some of you might know I drink Horlicks to helps with my milk production.

This is because Horlick contains malt. I wrote an entry about how malts help to increase milk production some times ago. I notice with Horlick, my milk gets thicker as compared to the milk without it. I guess it must be more filling!

My Horlick is quite concentrated..

4 teaspoon of Horlicks + 1 teaspoon of powder milk = super nice and thick Horlicks drink!!

Thats my Horlick drink pretending to be Starbucks Coffee😉

Anyway, the other day, I ran out of powder milk. I usually add some Anlene powder milk into my Horlick. And since my husband is going out (and I’m lazy to go out!!) I got him to buy me the Anlene powder milk.

Look what he got for me!!

Anlene Gold for 51 year and above!!!

WTH!! I am not 51, okay!! Hahahha

I’m only 25+3²-(3×2)+√4+2!!

So, I confronted him..

Me: S, why you bought for me this Anlene Gold??!! It’s for 51 and above!! Didn’t you read the packaging??

Hubby: Yeah, I saw that.. I thot maybe the elderly one would be more nutritious than the usual one.. *straight face*

He actually convinced that he’s right!!! Haha.. Unbelievable!!

Guys, it’s not about nutrition that I am concern. It’s the age!!

I am not 51 (yet!!)

Love, X


Breast Milk Storage

All this while, I’ve been keeping my milk stock in this pre-sterelized milk bag like this!!

Really not-so-clever and not space savvy at all!!

Silly me!

Recently I have discovered a new (for-me, at least!!) way of storing my stock..

Flat on the surface.. soooo much better, I safe a lot of space in my fridge!


This fridge is like a drawer (tilt your head to your left for better view :p)

It looks more like a filing drawer in the office, arranged according to date!

Love, X

Update:: Click here if you wanna know on how long you can keep your breast milk

Drama, Tears and Two Broken Hearts

Many of my friends said, to wean off a toddler from breast feeding involves a lot of drama and tears and definitely two broken hearts!!

I have officially weaned off Bella from her so called “casual breast feeding”..

that means she only take breast milk when she feels like it.

I tried tandem breast feeding for two weeks after Tasha was born, but I end up looking almost like hantu Kak Limah due to lack of sleep and I have become a very impatient mother.. as example, I just want Tasha to finish drinking milk very fast because I have Bella crying wanting her milk too!! Which is not good for me and both my daughters. I don’t want Bella to have hate feelings towards Tasha. Well, I don’t know whether a toddler capable of having hate feelings or not.. but as far as I’m concern, that’s not good!!

So, I have decided, Bella has to stop. Alhamdullillah I managed to breastfeed her for one and a half year..

I know there’s a lot of petua and funny things that mommies did to stop their children from breastfeeding.. especially those toddlers yg penyusu tegar!! Some put ginger, some put asam jawa.. Hahaha.. I’m glad my situation with Bella wasn’t that bad!

What me and my husband did for Bella, we keep telling her, she’s a big girl.. repetitively!! We tried to emphasize to her that she’s now a grown up baby and she  doesn’t do baby stuff anymore.

So, when it comes to breastfeeding, I told her that she’s a big girl.. and a big girl drinks from bottle or cup. I did that many many times.. When she’s in a good mood, she’ll say “OK”, smile and walk away.. when she’s in a bad mood.. only God knows!😉

But I remembered my friends told me to be persistent. No turning back. No kesian-kesian because these toddlers are clever, if they knew they can manipulate you, like when they throw a tantrum and you give in. They will continue doing so.

So, persistent is the word!!

My heart breaks when I see her crying wanting mommy’s milk.. to be honest, I almost give in. But my husband said “Don’t!! We’ll soon be in trouble if we keep giving in..” Haih… *heart continues breaking..*

Alhamdullilah after about a week of mini drama at home, now Bella doesn’t ask for milk anymore.

She knows she’s a big girl and big girl drink from bottle or cup! And she doesn’t disturb Tasha menyusu anymore..

Fuhh!! Lega…

Bella, big girl already!!!

Weaning B Off Mommy’s Milk..

As off June 21, 2012.. B is already 11 month old🙂 Besar dah anak dara I!!😉

All this while, she was still breastfeeding. Even when I go to work and during oncall nights, my fridge is full of milk for B. Everyday I expressed milk at workplace religiously. Now I guess it’s a good time to wean her off slowly.. I’m gonna start her on formula milk during daytime and mommy’s milk at night..

I truly wish I can continue to breastfeed her up until two years as recommended in the Al-Quran but I have my own reason for doing this. And I’m not telling you yet😉 That one will be in another entry😀 Promise!!

I’ve asked many of my paediatrician friends on choosing the right milk for Little B. I read the article about excessive sugar (lactose) in formula feeding that became a big issue in the US recently. And also I saw the advertisement about no-sugar-added Anmum Essential milk.. I got really confused, I believe many mommies feels the same way too.. Many of my paediatrician friends said that the milk is actually depending on the baby, you can give so-called the best formula on the shelf, but again if it doesn’t suit your baby, it won’t work..

So, yesterday I went to the supermarket. First time in the susu aisle..

Oh Em Gee!! I never knew I have too many options..

I got headache just by looking at the choices..

and went home empty handed.. Hahhaha…

So, mommies out there, may I know what formula milk do you give to your babies?

More Milk??!

Dear readers,

I promise some of you that I will write on how to increase your milk.. urrrmmm.. breast milk of course!

I have been breastfeeding my baby for the past 4 months plus.. I have to agree that it is quite challenging for us mommies to keep producing enough milk for our little angels.. I don’t know whether it is just me or my mom has really brain-washed me but I do notice that drinking cold water will significantly reduce my milk production (suddenly I feel like a cow!!) That’s my only no-no while breastfeeding.. Hurrmm.. not that I stick to it religiously, sometimes I do drink cold water but I take warm / hot water after that. That is just to make my guilt disappear.. Hahaha..

According to my mom who is full of petua (but somehow I have selective hearing towards her advices.. hehe.. sorry maa but I DO love you, you know..) if you eat daun turi and lobak putih (radish), it will help to increase your milk production.. it is not easy to find daun turi in KL.. or even at my parents place in Seremban.. my mom only managed to find it once.. and I find the turi is really nice, not as bitter as I imagine.. (or maybe I’m just full of imaginations) Radish is easily available in most hypermarket.. we always make vegetable soup added with radish.. quite plain actually but I would do anything for Bella.. so, telan jer lar..

Another advice from my mom is to drink Horlicks.. me, as usual will question her.. why maa?? why Horlicks? why not other drinks? do you have share with the Horlicks company? why Horlicks.. and her answer would be.. “minum jer lar jgn byk tanyer..” Despite the unsatisfactory answer from my mom, I still drink Horlicks everyday, in fact it is actually 3 times a day, everytime after meal (anything for Bella, remember?!) And yes, I do notice that my milk is a lot more that usual if I drink Horlicks.. but why?? After some reading and a little bit of gossiping😉 I found out that the secret is the content of Horlicks.. It contains MALT. Malt helps to increase the milk production naturally.. In fact, in New Zealand they feed their cows with malt to increase their milk production.. (Yes, we do function almost like cow here.. duhh! but of course in much more superior level!)

Sometimes I personally had to use the help of modern medicine as well.. When I went to Russia with my husband, we had to leave Bella with my parents in Seremban because she was too small to travel at that time. We went to Moscow exactly on my 44th day of confinement.. Because of the different time and jet-lagged and irregular pumping sessions, my milk production reduced by the time I come back to Malaysia.. Yes, I cried worrying that I might not be able to breastfeed her.. Drama a bit lor.. Hehehe.. At that time, I would do anything to help to increase my milk production.. Then I remembered some medicine that can help me to overcome my problems.. I have two options.. it is tab metochlorpromide (maxolon) 10mg tds OR tab motilium 1/1 bd.. If you’re wondering what lar this woman talking about… these two are the over-the-counter drugs that is easily available to help mommies out there.. But please ask you doctor before you take these two drugs.. Jangan memandai-mandai..

And one more last tips.. I believe everyone knows this one.. regular pumping session.. 2 hourly is the best!! Please.. pump!! The more you pump, the mammary gland will ‘think’ that they are running out of milk, so they will work hard and produce more.. urrmm.. you do realized that is just a metaphor right, trust me, there is a scientific explanation but too complicated!!

So, yes, that’s my advices to all mommies out there.. You can share it with other who are out of reach from this blog. It is good to share our knowledge with others, Allah loves people who shares their knowledges. To my maa, thank you for making it happen for me. Despite all the nagging (read: NASIHAT), you rock!! I love you!) Whoever has anymore petua or advices to share with other readers, please do write.. and I thank you in advance🙂