Breast Milk Storage

All this while, I've been keeping my milk stock in this pre-sterelized milk bag like this!! Really not-so-clever and not space savvy at all!! Silly me! Recently I have discovered a new (for-me, at least!!) way of storing my stock.. Flat on the surface.. soooo much better, I safe a lot of space in my … Continue reading Breast Milk Storage

Bella and the Refrigerator

Bella has recently discover the wonders of the fridge!! Here's how she uses the refrigerator.. 1) When she feels hungry.. Open door.. climb the refrigerator and scream.. "a-wannn ....".                                                     … Continue reading Bella and the Refrigerator

B’s First Protein Meal..

I know.. I know I'm a little late 😀 Hhaha.. B is already 7 and a half month and I haven't introduce protein meal to her.. that means she hasn't been eating chicken or fish or meat yet.. I just don't have the time to cook for her.. yang sempat buat only her favourite carrot … Continue reading B’s First Protein Meal..

Mommy Likes: Beaba Multi-portions Storage

Yes, this is my current favourite baby product!! It is Beaba's multiportions storage for Bella's semi-solid food!! I love the colour options.. It makes my freezer looks lively!! Heheheh.. Knowing me and my husband, both of us have this obsession about lime green colour 😉 It is just our favourite hue at the moment, and … Continue reading Mommy Likes: Beaba Multi-portions Storage

Milk Storage Bag

Calling all mommies.. I need help / suggestions / opinions on milk storage bags 🙂  As some of you might know, I'm going back to work soon, insyaAllah.. and I still insist on giving Bella my breastmilk to mixed with food once I start weaning her.. My reasons are simple.. Breastmilk is FREE 😀 It … Continue reading Milk Storage Bag

Mommy Likes : essential baby box

I just bought this awesome, colourful baby box to make my (or my husband's) life easier when we go outing with Baby B.. It is a (bright and colourful) container that holds a changing mat, diapers and baby wipes inside it!! I was looking for something like this to avoid another episode of "diving" into … Continue reading Mommy Likes : essential baby box