Breast Milk Storage

All this while, I’ve been keeping my milk stock in this pre-sterelized milk bag like this!!

Really not-so-clever and not space savvy at all!!

Silly me!

Recently I have discovered a new (for-me, at least!!) way of storing my stock..

Flat on the surface.. soooo much better, I safe a lot of space in my fridge!


This fridge is like a drawer (tilt your head to your left for better view :p)

It looks more like a filing drawer in the office, arranged according to date!

Love, X

Update:: Click here if you wanna know on how long you can keep your breast milk

Bella and the Refrigerator

Bella has recently discover the wonders of the fridge!!

Here’s how she uses the refrigerator..

1) When she feels hungry..

Open door.. climb the refrigerator and scream.. “a-wannn ….”.                                                                                                                                                                                That means “I want …. (insert gyep ~grapes OR papaya OR orn~oranges OR tuuu (pointing to whatever box she can see)

2) When she feels hot!!

Open door and sit at the edge of the refrigerator.. and smile🙂

Until now, we couldn’t find a suitable child safety lock for the fridge. So we just keep the bottom part of the fridge empty..

No more junk food can be seen in the fridge..

Kepimpinan melalui teladan!! Heheh..

B’s First Protein Meal..

I know.. I know I’m a little late😀 Hhaha.. B is already 7 and a half month and I haven’t introduce protein meal to her.. that means she hasn’t been eating chicken or fish or meat yet.. I just don’t have the time to cook for her.. yang sempat buat only her favourite carrot puree or sweet potato + spinach or sweet potato + broccoli + fresh fruits puree jer.. Those are no brainers cooking.. Hahaha.. I don’t thing it should be called cooking at all😀

I was oncall yesterday, and today is my free day.. Yay!! And that means I have extra time to cook for B (and update blog too!!) Hehehe.. So, I have decided to make B’s first protein meal and update my blog at the same time! Taddaaaaaa…..

This is chicken with sweet potato and apricot!! Sgt yummy!! Rupa agak tak seberapa.. and this is before blending.. I got this recipe from Annabel Karmel’s Cookbook for Baby and Toddler. Well, I just downloaded the iphone apps sebenarnyer, so it wasn’t really a cookbook :D… Yup, totally modern mommy!😉 I’m sure many of you do the same too right, google recipes.. download apps into the phone.. it makes our life a lot easier😀

This meal is packed with carbs from the sweet potatoes, and protein from the chicken and vitamins from the apricot and the tomatoes.. healthy kan!! It’s very easy to do this.. Mula2 tumiskan onion and garlic together with olive oil.. then add chicken in cubes till it looks sealed.. then add sweet potato. Teruskan menumis.. and add chopped dried apricots, masukkan tomato puree and water.. chicken stock kalu ada.. Bring to the boil, cover and simmer until tender.. that is about 15 minutes.. Siap!!

For Bella, I use all organic ingredients. Even the tomato puree I made it on my own.. I just wanna avoid all the additive and salt while I can😉

Owh.. and don’t forget to blend to puree!!

Then it will look like this.. Yummy!! Trust me!! And this is B rocking her new feeding chair.. Yes, she’s finally having dinner with us!! 

Mommy Likes: Beaba Multi-portions Storage

Yes, this is my current favourite baby product!! It is Beaba’s multiportions storage for Bella’s semi-solid food!! I love the colour options.. It makes my freezer looks lively!! Heheheh.. Knowing me and my husband, both of us have this obsession about lime green colour😉 It is just our favourite hue at the moment, and of course we bought the lime green one *wink*

Why I like this storage container besides the beautiful design and colour..? It is made of silicone, Bisphenol-A free ( and that is BPA-free..) and very practical if you cook baby’s food in batches.. It comes with 7 small portion compartments, 2-ounce each.. Just nice for baby’s food portion. 

This is Bella’s food, it’s actually frozen puree of sweet potato and broccoli. The colour is very uninviting but somehow Bella loves this one very much!! Because it is made of silicone, it is easy to push out the content.. You can just squeeze from below until the frozen food pop out from it..

Senang kan!! So you don’t have to thaw the whole portions.. Haaaaa… I loike!!

Milk Storage Bag

Calling all mommies.. I need help / suggestions / opinions on milk storage bags🙂  As some of you might know, I’m going back to work soon, insyaAllah.. and I still insist on giving Bella my breastmilk to mixed with food once I start weaning her.. My reasons are simple.. Breastmilk is FREE😀 It comes in cute ‘packaging’ and it is ever ready!!😉 So, I have started pumping out my milk to keep in deep freezer.. As a simple guidelines, I follow Rules of 3..

3 hours – if left in room temperature (19-22’C)

3 days – if left in refrigerator (0 – 4 ‘C)

3 months – if left in freezer (up to minus 18’C)

6 months – if left in deep freezer ( up to minus 20’C)  That’s quite easy to remember, right..

Ok, back to the subject, I’m still looking for my ideal milk storage bag.. So far I have tried 2 brands.. 1) LANSINOH and 2) Medela

I kinda like this LANSINOH because it is huge!! Marked capacity on the bag is 6oz (180ml) but it has a lot more storage area above it. This is because the milk will expand after frozen.. Maybe you can put up to 8-9oz per bag.. and besides, it has 2 zipper mechanism to prevent the milk from spilling. It is quite safe if you keep the milk bag in your handbag after pumping at work place.. Owh, and it’s written on the bag.. “My Mommy’s Milk”.. how cute  :)

This is Medela’s storage bag.. I’m not really a big fan of this bag because it is relatively small. Maximum capacity is only 5oz a written on the bag.. and that little space above it is just nice for the milk to expand during freezing.. and the material is quite hard, it doesn’t bend or fold easily makes it feels fragile. The only comes with single zipper mechanism.. If  didn’t zipped it properly, that’s it.. it’s just gonna spill.. There goes your liquid gold😥 The good this about this bag is it is attachable to your breast pump because of the extra hole made for it.. It is not in this picture because I threw it away. I use milk bottle to attached to my breast pump (coz it comes with the breast pump.. duhh)

I haven’t tried any other brand yet because I still have about 10 of Medela bags.. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to drop your comments.. Thank you mommies🙂

Have a good day everyone!!


Mommy Likes : essential baby box

I just bought this awesome, colourful baby box to make my (or my husband’s) life easier when we go outing with Baby B.. It is a (bright and colourful) container that holds a changing mat, diapers and baby wipes inside it!! I was looking for something like this to avoid another episode of “diving” into my handbags looking for stuffs when I want to change B’s diaper. Everything I need is already inside the box. In fact, I can always slip in a sample size diaper rash cream too!! Its mainly for short outing like when we go to the malls or visiting relatives.. Well, I do have a baby bag to carry all B’s stuff if needed but sometimes mommy needs to look chic too!!😉  This baby box is cool and practical, hence the name, Essential Baby Box by!!

This is how the inside looks like.. the changing mat is folded and held with a holder. You can also slip in 2 or 3 diapers in it and also on the other side of the cover, there is an opener for your baby wipes.. This box has 2 wipes opener sides.. from the inside or the outside. Not that I have found any wipes brand that have double-sided opener but at least with this box you can either choose to access from inside or outside..

Yes, I am an organizer-freak person! Not 100% freak.. but maybe 83%😉 I love everything that’s organized and well-arranged. Owh.. another good news, this Essential Baby Box is BPA, PVC and Phthalate free and made of durable and washable materials like polypropylene. In a simple  words, it is free of the harmful chemical to our baby and easily clean..

It comes in 5 different colours.. all are eye-catching! But when I saw this one in lime green.. I’m sold!!

My Verdict: Love it!