More Milk??!

Dear readers,

I promise some of you that I will write on how to increase your milk.. urrrmmm.. breast milk of course!

I have been breastfeeding my baby for the past 4 months plus.. I have to agree that it is quite challenging for us mommies to keep producing enough milk for our little angels.. I don’t know whether it is just me or my mom has really brain-washed me but I do notice that drinking cold water will significantly reduce my milk production (suddenly I feel like a cow!!) That’s my only no-no while breastfeeding.. Hurrmm.. not that I stick to it religiously, sometimes I do drink cold water but I take warm / hot water after that. That is just to make my guilt disappear.. Hahaha..

According to my mom who is full of petua (but somehow I have selective hearing towards her advices.. hehe.. sorry maa but I DO love you, you know..) if you eat daun turi and lobak putih (radish), it will help to increase your milk production.. it is not easy to find daun turi in KL.. or even at my parents place in Seremban.. my mom only managed to find it once.. and I find the turi is really nice, not as bitter as I imagine.. (or maybe I’m just full of imaginations) Radish is easily available in most hypermarket.. we always make vegetable soup added with radish.. quite plain actually but I would do anything for Bella.. so, telan jer lar..

Another advice from my mom is to drink Horlicks.. me, as usual will question her.. why maa?? why Horlicks? why not other drinks? do you have share with the Horlicks company? why Horlicks.. and her answer would be.. “minum jer lar jgn byk tanyer..” Despite the unsatisfactory answer from my mom, I still drink Horlicks everyday, in fact it is actually 3 times a day, everytime after meal (anything for Bella, remember?!) And yes, I do notice that my milk is a lot more that usual if I drink Horlicks.. but why?? After some reading and a little bit of gossiping ๐Ÿ˜‰ I found out that the secret is the content of Horlicks.. It contains MALT. Malt helps to increase the milk production naturally.. In fact, in New Zealand they feed their cows with malt to increase their milk production.. (Yes, we do function almost like cow here.. duhh! but of course in much more superior level!)

Sometimes I personally had to use the help of modern medicine as well.. When I went to Russia with my husband, we had to leave Bella with my parents in Seremban because she was too small to travel at that time. We went to Moscow exactly on my 44th day of confinement.. Because of the different time and jet-lagged and irregular pumping sessions, my milk production reduced by the time I come back to Malaysia.. Yes, I cried worrying that I might not be able to breastfeed her.. Drama a bit lor.. Hehehe.. At that time, I would do anything to help to increase my milk production.. Then I remembered some medicine that can help me to overcome my problems.. I have two options.. it is tabย metochlorpromide (maxolon) 10mg tds OR tabย motilium 1/1 bd.. If you’re wondering what lar this woman talking about… these two are the over-the-counter drugs that is easily available to help mommies out there.. But please ask you doctor before you take these two drugs.. Jangan memandai-mandai..

And one more last tips.. I believe everyone knows this one.. regular pumping session.. 2 hourly is the best!! Please.. pump!! The more you pump, the mammary gland will ‘think’ that they are running out of milk, so they will work hard and produce more.. urrmm.. you do realized that is just aย metaphorย right, trust me, there is a scientific explanation but too complicated!!

So, yes, that’s my advices to all mommies out there.. You can share it with other who are out of reach from this blog. It is good to share our knowledge with others, Allah loves people who shares their knowledges. To my maa, thank you for making it happen for me. Despite all the nagging (read: NASIHAT), you rock!! I love you!) Whoever has anymore petua or advices to share with other readers, please do write.. and I thank you in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Salam Dr Halina,

    I totally agree with ur mom rgd the ‘horlicks’…everytime i gave birth, mesti minom horlicks for 2 years (everything for our children kan)…hence (dgn izin Allah) i successfully breastfed my daughter for 2years 3mths, my son 2yrs 1mth, now my 3rd baby baru 6mths, still fully breastfeeding. And i also practice breastfeeding anytime, anywhere, all the time…i’ve never tried daun turi & radish tho, but ive tried eating halba…hmmm…id prefer horlicks wayyyyyyyy better…& smells nicer too! =)
    Happy breastfeeding to us! We mommies rock kan Dr kan….(syok sendiri) =D

  2. Actually depend on org jugakla Halina…but let me share with you a few petua yg akak tau…and works for some people but not all work for me lah..hehe:

    1 – Makan sup tulang lembu ๐Ÿ™‚
    2 – Steamed Fish – this one really work wonders to me…siap bengkak susu lagi malam tu!
    3 – don’t take too much caffeine (kopi la…)
    4 – Broccoli
    5 – Green Tea
    6 – Soya bean
    7 – Sayur sawi masak air pun okey
    8 – u know halba? or fenugreek la in english…it does help to increase milk production… there are supplement available that made from halba… google je..mesti ada..akak lupa lar apa nama dia… tp ada sekali tu, when i was so over desperate…i rendam the halba in hot water and drink it while it warm…

    but most of all… make sure mommies kena stress-free because regardless what u eat or what u take as a supplement…kalau mommies stress..tak berbaloi…mmg tak terproduce susu itu…heheheh.. hope this helps! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. agreed with radish.
    Dulu my daughter kena prolong dok kuar masuk spital, so tak sempat nak berurut. luckily after day 10 of her life baru ada milk production..everyday keep pumping..waktu tu no one tell me abt medela fs, so i bought avent aje. makcik tukang urut tu suruh makan radish..and u know what? i ate it raw! just ngap ngap mcm arnab!haha so funny. alhamdulillah, now she is 1y 11m, and still breastfeeding…..will turn out 2years old this coming 1.1.12…sekarang tengah hadapi masalah nak stopkan susu pulak..huhu…help…

  4. Horlicks work for me too.. Try eat quaker oat coz it will help increase the milk production n will also make our milk become more thicken

  5. hye dr….really love to read ur blog…saya pon fully bf my 2nd ni…dulu masa uzma tak prepare mentally, phisically n pocketly :p… far bertahan lagi….dah nak masuk 10 bulan jadi breastfeeder tegar….pengeluar tenusu tetap :p… saya minum air rendaman halba…n it works on me… tempe n cheese also my milkbooster…….but the most important thing saya rasa mindset….kalo kita cakap cukup, macamana susah pon kita mesti cukupkan jugak bekalan utk anak2 kan….:P

  6. ya Allah..mujur sy dok bc post dr kat sini..alhamdulillah..ade jugak petua..
    InsyaAllah,sy bsalin awl bln 2 ni..ttibe dgr all my friend ade mslh nk bf spenuhnye..byk sy dgr psl kbaikan horlicks n lobak putih tu..yg lain sume still new..
    Doakan sy bjaya bf penuh jugak ye..

    Psst:i’m a big fan of horlicks.dr zmn ank dara.alhamdulillah..harap2 xde mslh nnt..
    take care doc!!

  7. Very nice Dr Halina…My son 6months olds yesterday..I am still keep goiing give him breast milk…hari hari pump susu for his stock…If tengok dl freezer tinggal 2-3 botol jer ,I dah ngelabah….so asik mengepam jer lah kejenye….as u said..ala2 lembu gitu kita jadinye….:P..for me nak dptkan byk susu just minum byk air masak sampai kembung perut n sentiasa pump…

  8. aah..longan kering mmg bykkan susu but bukan yg fresh longan… pastu utk saya, sengkuang cina,nestum,oat,tempe,soya, barli & kucai..semua tu bole tambahkan susu..:D..

  9. i agreed with kak eycha….mase preggy and confinement, i ate a lots broccoli and sawi,…i produce milk like a cow…hahaha…if my ayra tido lame sgt, susu keluar automatic n i kena l pump…d sebabkan itu, EBM ku byk sgt, smpai terpaksa tuka fridge yg baru…now, my ayra dah 6 month, i teach her to eat solid food, but she refuse…sedap sgt kot susu i…

  10. Assalam,Dr..saya nak tanya 1 soalan..klu kita amik perancang,susu kita akan kering tak??from my experience..1st baby dulu,i didnt take perancang..then mengandung yg second kembar…after i delivered,then i decided to take the perancang..sempat breastfeed for 2months for my twins sbb masa tu KK bg Noriday (tpksa amik perancang sbb beza umur yg sulung ngan twin setahun sahaja)…then lps tu KK bg marvellon..terus susu saya kering..already took radish and some drugs from the Dr…it doesnt help..sedih sgt bila diingatkan..

    1. assalam izzah….. sorry menyampuk. akak kesian dgn awak. kenapa KK bg marvelllon yer? setahu akak, Noriday mmg utk ibu menyusu, tetapi, marvellon mmg tak sesuai la utk ibu menyusu sbb ia akan mengeringkan susu. Betul tak DrHalina?. correct me if im wrong….. my doctor advice me 2 take only 2 type, noriday and ada satu type lagi, akak tak ingt….. bila tgk ayat yg awak kata awak sedih tu…. akak pon jd sedih jugak… hu3…..

      1. Thanks Kak ratna..saya ada mintak Noriday tu lg..then nurse tu ckp,mmg KK akan bg utk 2@3 bln je..then kena tukar..alasannya..ubat tu mahal…limited..saya yg cetek ilmu pengetahuan time tu,telan jela..saya masih belajar di U,so budget sume kena jaga..amik yg free je..then x tergerak lak nak pegi cari kat farmasi ke apa ke..insyaAllah klu ada rezeki beranak lg lepas ni,saya akan guna tips2 yg ada kat sini..anyway..thanks sbb memahami..hehe..

  11. yup yup agree with eycha.. lain org lain factor penambah susu.. as for me, i’ve tried horlicks.. it helps.. sebenarnya kalau minum air byk pun cukup for me to increase my milk production.. every morning i minum susu with oat.. mmg oat boleh tambah susu.. dalam kepala nak tambah susu je.. ๐Ÿ˜› and i notice bila anak bertambah besar, my production menurun skit.. mungkin jugak sbb dok pam time kerja tak sama dgn menyusu baby kan.. so mmg sentiasa pikir nak tambah stok susu..

    i’ve tried fenugreek.. yg organic ada jual kat farmasi.. very cheap.. telan serbuk pahit tu with madu.. tak sedap tapi sbb nak tambah susu punya pasal.. buat jugak.. and production increase ๐Ÿ™‚ (pil form pun ada) ada jugak try black seed oil.. or habattus sawda.. it seems tak berapa berkesan for me.. i have to eat nasi a lot then my susu bertambah.. plus sawi and ikan.. very good combination for me.. (tak ley nak diet la camni.. :P)

    recently time puasa i sgt susah hati nak puasa takut tak byk susu.. so i drink plenty of water time sahur.. and of coz kurma helps me to boost my milk.. now i try amalkan mkn kurma at least 3 biji sehari.. you will see the result insya-Allah..

    i’ve read somewhere (berkeley parents network) about metochlorpromide tapi tak berani nak cuba.. ada side effect tak halina? boleh ambik selalu or just as a booster then stop?

    I ada save an old manuscript about things to boost our milk.. mat saleh pun ada buat kajian lama dulu.. tapi terhilangkan filenye.. and now it seems that i can not find it in the web anymore.. this is before formula milk is introduced.. but mentioned about fenugreek, oat, malt, to increase milk supply..

    i have to agree with eycha to a great extend okay.. mommies kena free from STRESS!! no matter what we eat to boost milk supply.. sometimes the same food we eat today doesn’t produce the same amount like yesterday and it is all because of stress.. i’ve tried to find a formula for this.. but no specific formula found.

    GOOD LUCK HALINA and all mommies out there including myself ๐Ÿ™‚ yg still breastfeeding!!

  12. OMG!! thank you for all your responses!! im glad I wrote this one.. now I pun dah ada byk petua nak turunkan kat Bella nanti!! hahahah.. definitely peria is not my fav.. but I will try kurma..
    kak azhana & kak eycha.. yes, drink alot of water is super important ( how the hell on earth i could forget to write that!! duhh) and STRESS-FREE!! yes mommy.. STRESS-FREE!! Hmmmm.. cammaner tuh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I drink soy protein from shaklee..With other vitamins for energy and to cope with stress…check out my blog for adam pun lebih kurang sebaya bella..i pump at work bagai nak rak haha! Soy protein and alfalfa so far my best milk booster! U shud give it a try!!

  13. dulu masa bersalin, ramai sangat kawan-kawan bersalin jugak dan mereka semuanya fully breastfeed anak.yang kita ni tak brape banyak susu sangat, stress jek..hahhaha…. nanges luah perasaan pada hubby. then, siap jumpa lactation consultant, search internbet to increase breastmilk supply.dah try macam2 cara, white radish, kucai, sawi and even fenugreeek! tak boleh jugak lah! ada kawan cakap, masa pregnant, makan kurma selalu ataupun minum jus kurma.memang dia breasfeed anak dia sampai 2 tahun .dan anak dia lelaki! ( baby boy kan kuat minum susu) …. jadi, insyaallah untuk second baby nanti saya nak try mkn kurma dan minum jus kurma banyak2 masa pregnant ๐Ÿ™‚ betulla, lain orang lain cara yang sesuai untuk increase breastmilk supply! petua baru bagi saye: steamed fish and cheese! moh kite try!

      1. yes doc..n azhana,,kkdg sya cuba nak pam..tpi tak pernah nk jolok jari dia dlm mulut nak kena alih pulak dgn tangan satu lagi..tu baru umur 3 month..huhu

  14. Hey Doc!

    Kinda interesting to read your ramblings. No, I’m not a mom… but am a dad for a 3.5 yr old lil’ pie. And yes…she still BF with her mom esp when mummy is around (poor daddy) tho it’s not as exclusively as her earlier days.
    During those days, my wife used to eat bahulu with teh tarik to boost her milk supply. Of course it works… high calorie food will burnt into the mammary gland. The more u eat & drink, the more milk u have. Don’t worry bout shapes (this is the best method of body slimming program) Oh… green vege esp sawi helps too and those white radish. The lil’ fish ikan bilis also can do wonders. High in calcium too… eat more white fish eg. snapper, garouper, seabass or threadfin(ikan kurau).
    How I miss those moments… gotta rush for another one lah like this… All the best doc!

  15. so far my baby will be 1 years this comin 15 dec. alhamdulillah still able to produce enough EBM.. eventhou last 3months me depress at it effect my milk production.. but after lotsa milk for lactating mummy (routine 2 times per day)… dah ok daa balik…

  16. salam..dr halina
    i just love reading your story…i just had my 4 th child in okt…and of course ..i support bf 100%..will start the pumping routine again utk supply ms stat keje nnti..penat gak mengepam ni..mlm2 pon kena bangun pam (sambil pejam mata!!..huk..huk)
    anyway..keep on writing 4 us!!

    1. lenot kan nih?!! ๐Ÿ˜€ mesti kah pakai double pump.. nampak terlalu productive aku rasa.. hehhehe.. nak susukan sambil pump pun aku tak reti2..

  17. hi dr! how about LSCS compared to normal delivery mom? is there any different in d amount of milk? my cousin has very little milk after caesar….. poor her baby can’t have BM

    1. most mommies post LSCS complain of little milk.. that is true because hormones that was produce during labour while the contractions going on) do contributes to the excretion of milk. what she can do is she needs to stimulate her nipple more, take her baby and make the baby sucks the nipple.. OR pump out her milk.. but unfortunately some mothers doesn’t want to do this because to move too much after a C-section is a hassle.. it is painful. Take your pain-killer regularly to help you to move about, but the pain killer must be taken after meal.. otherwise it will cause other problems..

      1. thks dr… practically i’m not sure how mommy does EBM but the way you said definitely is gonna be difficult for her… meaning during pumping mommy requires to move? im not clear about d moving thingy….:(

      2. doc…saya time 3 LSCS and BTL.. skrg air susu sya very slow.. what i have to do doc?..huhu saya dah susah hati sgt,last nite sya dah beli susu anmum ready sbb susu kehabisan stok..its coz my BTL? sbb my 1st baby sy dpt beri BF sampai 3 years 5 month,and 2nd a lot of milk wlu pun msa tu selalu stress.. help me baby baru 3 month..stok susu dah habis…..huhuhu tertekan sya sekarang ni..

  18. for me..i prefer horlicks..sebelum ni mcm2 cara dh cuba..mkn sawi.makan lobak putih, minum milo..minum susu, minum tea herbala..last2 try horlicks..soknya susu kuar memancut2..tapi paling penting jgn stresssssssss.. i bila stress dgr my hubby bebel2..terus setitik susu pun tak kuar..sejak my hubby tgk sendiri depan mata dia susu setitik pun tak kuar..dia terus stop bebel n layan jer karenah i yg kuat shopping..!!!

  19. halina, try electric pump baru senang nak control when you bf and pump. kalau tak mmg lenguh tgn nak tgk baby lg.. nak pump lagi.. pastu ngan kaki dok tendang2 pump.. hehe.. and bila baby dah besaq, siap nak tekan jugak button pump+nak main2 dgn pump.. u can do it!! i really need to do this to make sure my milk is enough..

  20. salam tuan punye blog..
    thx for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚ i hv been bfeeding my baby since 3 mnths back.. mmg ade time pam susu x smpai 1 oz je..but normally dpt 2-3 oz
    wpon skit tp Alhamdulillah since i dah masuk keje my baby x penah diberi susu tin..

    lps ni nak try consume horlick bnyak2.. ๐Ÿ™‚ hrp2 leh increase milk production..yeahhhh!!

  21. double pumping membantu increase production..or buat tandem pumping ๐Ÿ™‚ selain tu buatla Power Pumping once a week kalau malas..kalau terlebih rajin buatla setiap hari hehe..paling penting pam secara konsisten jgn skip, jgn stress dan sentiasa positif.InsyaAllah dipermudahkan..cuma berkongsi pengalaman saya yg xseberapa ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Salam..very interesting topic..close to my heart. I left bfeeding moments abt 4 yrs ago. I tried almost all tips given here. I noticed i cepat immune to stuffs so kena keep on trying new method to increase milk production. Since i work from 8-5pm, i must leave sufficient supply coz my #4 & #5 is fully on breast formula at all.

    Battery, manual & electric pump doesnt give that much milk supply for me. I’m satisfied with hand express method..i wud feed on one side & pump on d other side.

    Also setiap kali pam, mmg i doa by2..minta Allah cukupkan milk supply selama boleh & Alhamdulillah i managed to fully breastfeed them nearly 2 yrs.

    For #1 & #2 still inexperience…so awal2 dah alternate formula & breast milk..managed up to 1 yr only. The fastest was my #3 – 6 mths jek dpt bfeed her..sob2

  23. cheachea: saya setuju..hand express @ marmet sebenarnya lebih bagus dan berkesan..saya sendiri sekarang lebih selesa dengan marmet..

  24. Salam Dr Lina.. topic best, i liikeee!! cara saya pulak (cara orang lama mak tiri & mak mentua saya ajar) kalau nk tmbh susu badan, Pertamanya, tentunya banyak makan lobak putih, saya kadang tak sempat buat sup, rebuskan lobak skejap jer terus makan dengan nasi panas, buat makan mcm ulam la.. yang Kedua, makan jantung pisang yg direbus skejap & makan sebagai ulam juga.. mmg banyak air susu.. saya juga ada baca dalam mjlh mingguan wanita & pa&ma, jagung rebus juga bagus untuk tmbh air susu bdn..ketiga2 cara ni yg saya buat sekarang ni untuk tmbh susu bdn saya. yg penting, ibu2 menyusu jgn stress juga!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks to Dr Lina & semua yg bg tips juga, bertambahla petua yg saya dpt.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Salam Dr Halina,

    Satu petua yang selalu sy dengar dr org2 tua ialah makan buah papaya yang masi muda dan masak sup un boleh, nak masak lemak santan pun boleh. insyaAllah ramai kawan2 yang da try petua ni mmg gerenti susu mommy lebih dari mencukupi ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. [ sometimes I do drink cold water but I take warm / hot water after that. That is just to make my guilt disappear.. Hahaha..]

    me slalu bt camni sis..heheheh ๐Ÿ˜›

  27. Salam Doc,

    Masa I dok berpantang dulu, my bibik buatkan kunyit hidup blend dgn halia & rebus. Bila dah mendidih, tapiskan. Utk minum, campurkan madu. My bibik kata org2 jawa buat mcm tu utk bagi banyak susu & juga salah satu cara melangsingkan badan. It’s really work, memang byk susu. My indian friend lak beritau, makan ikan susu utk byk kan susu. I tak pernah try but dia memang buat mcm tu semasa berpantang. Makan lobak putih, memang salah satu cara utk byk kan susu.

  28. love this page..hari nie baby i dh 4 bulan 1 hari..masih bf…suke mencari info utk byk kan susu..everyday pump mesti dpt 20oz…2 kali pump…kat umah mmg dh x pun…terus df kat baby je…petua2 dr org kg kata nye makan kurma n badam..byk minum air n jgn minum air sejuk..pasti susu banyak…

  29. Salam dr halina..alin czer my 3rd boy a month b4 dr…yg paling gembira date baby affan sama ngan alin…2nd sbb alin berjaya fully bf baby affan sampai ke ari ni & hope sampai 2 thn…this is because ms abg2 dia, alin xrs nikmat bf cam skrg…anyway, horlicks & kurma mmg membantu…

  30. hai everybody,

    i baru nk jd mummy…..bila baca topik nie rasa seronok sgt.byk petua yg sy blh gunakn.tq yer doc coz kuarkn topik nie.pas nie taulh sy tuk tambah susu……semakin x sbr tggu si kecik nie kuar

  31. best dpt bc review nih. my bb is 2m now. fully breastfeed. lps bc2 kat cni tu br tau yg horlick tuh bagus sbb masa pantang ada minum horlicks tp x tiap2 hari, patut la kdg2 tdo mlm basah bj dek susu. Br ku tahu angkara horlicks.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. Salam dr harlina,

    Lobak putih + sawi = masak rebus air
    Minum rebusAn kurma merah
    Mkn kurma
    Minum air suam yg byk sblm bf kt bb
    Fikiran kena tenang setiap kali nk bf mohon rezeki utk ank bertambah
    Bykkan bf waktu mlm ( tgh malam)

    Anak sy sampai umo 2 thn 3 bulan still time nk putus kn susu…hihih

  33. Salam Dr.Halina
    Akhirnya dpt gak baca blog Dr…, sgt happy…

    Sy juga menyusukan badab ketiga2 ank saya, syukur alhamdulillah dpt harunginya dgn cemerlang…mmg byk petua utk menambahkan susu ibu ni.. Sy pun mcm Dr… horlick, daun turi, lobak putih mmg pun saya mkn… Tp ade gak makanan yg lain bole menembahkan susu..

    1) Jantung pisang (rebus buat ulam)
    2) Daun pegaga (buat ulam)
    3) Queker oat

    Oit ade byk lagi tp lupa… Nnt ingat kita share2 ye.. Dan satu lagi ade pill penambah susu dijual kat GnC wellness ( klu x silap nama kedai) @ pyramid,midvalley &….nama pill FENUGREEK (alba) & Stinging Nettle..

    Happy breastfeeding utk semua…

  34. doc harlina,
    you can always try Habbatussauda, and the one i’m consuming is Airfbillah habbatussauda..
    even in medical research, and ibnu sina & ibnu qayyim ‘s kitab pubn stated kebaikan habbatussauda..

    hehe..may Allah blessed us dgn susu melimpah ruah banyaknye..i mean, melimpah2 penuh freezer…hehe
    oh, u may get it here…

    ops, bukan nk iklan, just to let u know…doc boleh delete je comment nie after reading (^_^)

    love bella comel bangat!

  35. Breast feeding doesn’t come easily to everyone kan? Some people are very blessed to have an abundance of supply for their little ones while others have to make the extra effort but the things mothers will do for their children never fail to amaze me ๐Ÿ™‚

    here’s to share some types of food and herbal drink i made at home that helped increase my milk production. Hope it helps!

  36. sy nak share gak tips sy..
    sy makan daun kaduk.daun kaduk ni tumbuh semulajadi..tapi abah sy dok tanam jugak since kitorg adik beradik mmg BF anak..

    sy makan sejak dr pantang n kerap pump smpi berlimbah2 susu.smpi setiap sejam wajib pam klw tak mesti sakit gila..

    so sy pn tak makan dh daun kaduk sebb derita susu terlalu byk.. cuma sy pam regularly..bila balik keje sy terus direct feed baby..

    skrg anak sy dh 3 thn 6 sy masih BF time dia nak tido je.. anak makin rapat dgn mama.. smpi klw apa2 je mesti dia menangkan mama smpi abah dia jeles..hehe

  37. Salam Harlina, skrg saya mengandung anak yg ketiga (7mth). First n Secnd c-sec so tis time definately ceaser. Hajat di hati mmg nak bf anak tapi tak kesampaian kerana takde air susu sampaikan masa anak kedua saya cuba juga nak bf hinggakan terkeluar sesuatu yg berwarna merah dari puting saya so apa lagi terus stop bf. Adakah kerana puting saya leper sehinggakan anak saya tak blh nak hisap, klu dapat hisap pun tak blh masuk the whole puting. Ada tips tak untuk masalah puting leper ni. (probably tis will be my last pregnancy cos 3x dah c-sec) huhuhuhu

    1. Saya cadangkan you cari breastfeeding consultant. According to your msg, I think the way your baby latch to the nipple might be wrong. Ada cara nak letak nipple into baby’s mouth.. Good luck!

  38. Hi there,

    Interesting topic..tq 4 sharing ur tips..btw, just a quick question, how long do u normally pump & how much do u normally get? i just started breastfeeding & pumping, but kinda wondering how long should i pump & how much should i expect if i plan to pump say about 20 mins? thanks in advance doc ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. 20 mins per side shud be enuf. How much milk depends on how much is your water intake.. Congrats for willing to bf your baby ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Hi Dr. i really need ur my baby bru 4 mths n susu makin hr makin drop..but i still keep pumping n taking lots of water, drink horlicks, milk, oat, etc n most of the petua2 i dah try but i didn’t work for me..sedih sgt2..even supplement also i dah cuba but still he i bru sdh pump for 2nd session just dpt 3 oz baby now minum 5oz for 7 bottles per am i suppose to do?sedih sgt2..nk kata i stress mmg x lgsung..pls2 any advise?or should i take any medicine?nak sgt2 susukan till my baby 2 yrs..;(

    1. Too stressful pun susu kurang tau. Mommy must hv enuf rest (mpossible) and try to reduce the stress. You can try motilium or maxolon as medication to increase milk.. Try see a doctor first to ask re the medication. Dun take it on your own.. All the best, mommy! Good to hear you are very determine to breastfeed ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. nak kata i stress mmg x stress since kt ofis pun x de keje n evryday mmg hari2 bahagia..hehe..;) but i pun xtau apa motilium or maxolon have any side effects especially for baby?i ada pegi jmpa my paed n she suggest to drink milk n i do it everyday n night but the result still mengecewakan..maybe i have to see d doc again and ask about motilium or maxolon..fuh fuh fuh..hope this will give me the best solution. thank u Dr..hugs**hugSS for little B..

  40. salam doc…sy bsalin czer 3 bln lepas…emergency czer…sakit ada, tp bby xleh keluar…klau ibu yg bsalin czer mmg kurang susu ye?horlicks yg doc mnum 2 jenis ape?sy slalu mnum horlicks fibre up yg 3 in 1 tu…boleh jgk ke?

  41. wow, byk yg i belajar dr akak, tq so much,my mother in law selalu kate i x byk susu, tp i pump dpt 3oz dr kedua belah dada, now i baru lps brsalin 1bln, my mother in law said-“kalau byk,mesti dpt 1 botol besar (8oz)”btl ke?

    1. U must pump frequently. 8oz tu tak sumer org dpt. depends on breast size jugak. My gf kalu dia pump dpt 3 oz, dia pump setiap 2-3 jam.. Kalu baru satu bulan, ok lar 3 oz tu, susu priductikn follows baby’s demand..

      1. o. . like that, i jadi gelisah lah, i nak cam kwn2 byk susu, so jimat duit nak beli milk powder, dr. agak, ade potensi ke boley dpt 8oz tu?last year my firts bb, 3bln je dpt susu bdn, tu pon 1 day 1x jek, x byk, i try minom holick n sawi, lobak putih, mmg i x boley telan, psl x sedap. n minom air byk kn, tq for sharing. . .

  42. Hi doc, assalamualaikum..I came across with this entry via a friend who has shared this somewhere and I happen to read it…nice entry (a little bit awkward to have said that) but its okay, in the name of knowledge. I have a question here, does the medicine that you’ve mentioned above works for the foster mother who wanted to breastfeed her baby. The idea is that when the baby grows up, he can freely has the physical contact with the female members in the family without even jeopardizing the Islamic rules where the non-members of the family can not touch the ‘muhrim’?

  43. waaaaaaaaa…..entry yg sgt saya suka.. susu sgt down skang coz of nipple crack yg teruk.. thanx doc! nak menangis dah ni…antara wean off dan relaktasi…huhu

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