Weaning B Off Mommy’s Milk..

As off June 21, 2012.. B is already 11 month old ๐Ÿ™‚ Besar dah anak dara I!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

All this while, she was still breastfeeding. Even when I go to work and during oncall nights, my fridge is full of milk for B. Everyday I expressed milk at workplace religiously. Now I guess it’s a good time to wean her off slowly.. I’m gonna start her on formula milk during daytime and mommy’s milk at night..

I truly wish I can continue to breastfeed her up until two years as recommended in the Al-Quran but I have my own reason for doing this. And I’m not telling you yet ๐Ÿ˜‰ That one will be in another entry ๐Ÿ˜€ Promise!!

I’ve asked many of my paediatrician friends on choosing the right milk for Little B. I read the article about excessive sugar (lactose) in formula feeding that became a big issue in the US recently. And also I saw the advertisement about no-sugar-added Anmum Essential milk.. I got really confused, I believe many mommies feels the same way too.. Many of my paediatrician friends said that the milk is actually depending on the baby, you can give so-called the best formula on the shelf, but again if it doesn’t suit your baby, it won’t work..

So, yesterday I went to the supermarket. First time in the susu aisle..

Oh Em Gee!! I never knew I have too many options..

I got headache just by looking at the choices..

and went home empty handed.. Hahhaha…

So, mommies out there, may I know what formula milk do you give to your babies?

280 thoughts on “Weaning B Off Mommy’s Milk..

  1. me choose anmum…b4 ni dh try s26 – muntah .. isomil – baby tolak(baunye meloyakan) .. enfagrow – x sesuai

    1. Bella nak ada adik dah ke? Gave my baby Anmum but changed to S26 when she was 9 mths.
      Check it out the formula yang ada kes melamine….

    2. bagi fresh milk je..

      ada doktor kata anmum pun ada gak gula..masa preggy pun ramai ibu2 minum anmum utk ibu mengandung tu kan..sbb tu ramai ibu2 membesar lepas bersalin..

      entah la doktor yg cek preggy mom tu la kata..i yg taktau pasal medic ni lagi la pening kepala..=(

      1. xla…sy minum anmum ok je x mbesar pun bdn…tgk genetik gk sbnr…skrg pun pas bsalin rmai igt sy x kwin lg…

      2. Salam. ha saya minum anmum masa pregnant tu berat naik melampau. nurse pun cakap benda sama, anmum ni mostly bg berat naik mendadak. dia advise minum fresh milk or low fat milk aja. pas drp x minum tu, berat saya x la naik teruk sangat..tp saya pun x pasti ye ke anmum tu penyebabnya. ihihi.

    1. before dis..i give my daughter snow..but my daughter was constipation..so, i change to enfalac A+…alhamdulillah..my daughter very enjoy it..

  2. my doter 8 months minum lactogen during daytime…and still bf…i guess lactogen rasa lebih kurang ngan my milk!

    1. I agree 100% with Umie…. i dah wat ‘so-called-experiment’ (mcm saintis la plak) U can see lactogen milk colour compared to others, Its colour is pucat2 n cair2 gitu, just like our milk, (the taste i tak tau plak, bagus la, looks like umie, u did ur own experiment 2.. hehehe) compared to other formula, the colour of them is very yellowish, i assume byk lactose. well, u can try ur own. and taste it urself. and the harga, veeerrryyy affordable tau?… enfalac or enfagrow pon okay, and the colour is verry yellowwish and the taste, yup, its too sweet. Plus, the price is quite expensive.
      Well, this is my opinion… or u can just do the experiment ur own…. gud luck!!

      1. betul kah kak ratna, saya pertama kali cuba lactogen…anak saya ok. before dia minum s26 tapi badan dia tak ada perubahan so saya try lactogen sebab tengok byk budak badan dia berisi minum susu tu. anak saya dulu premature … sekarang ni underweight plak…mungkin s26 tak ngam kot. baru 2 minggu ni dia try lactogen..hopefully dia punya berat naik nanti & berisi sikit.

    2. yapsss my bby pun minum lactogen 1st attmpt try bg anmum katanya sbb no sugar added/less sugar tpi rasa mcm nth ;p.. sykur 2nd tukar lactogen dia nak trus..bsds murah hihi

  3. saya bg ank sy minum susu S-26 gold..mmg mahal ckit..sy bg die minum susu ni dr die baby lg..sampai skang..dh umur 3 thn still x tukar susu…

    1. salam..nak tanya puan..s26 ni ada masalah motion tak?like my baby 2 tau 3 ari skali baru past motion..

  4. salam,dr.Halina. adik saya sama bulan dgn bella. barubaru ni mak saya bagi dia minum susu Anmum. laju je ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. waa…kt mana ni doc..? byknya susu…susu yg my bb minum pun ada…enfalac A+ PROSOBEE…susu my bb minum ni susah nak carik kt kedai2 biase..selalunya kena bli kt giant…

      1. sebelom ni my bb alergic susu lembu..so bg lactogen..muntah..bagi dutchlady muntah..bg dumex gold pun muntah..bg s26 pun muntah jugak…enfalac lacto free pun muntah (harga setin 92hengget..)..try isomil..ok..tak muntah..tapi minum slow sgt ..maybe tak sedap..last2 try enfalac prosobee..wah..suka dia…

      2. Oyeke..anak saya pun takleh minum susu lembu..
        muntah2 dan naik bintik2 ..nak tryla susu yg akak bg anak akak tu.

  6. it’s either you’re pregnant or having menses caused your milk production to drop ๐Ÿ™‚
    i guess that’s why you’re weaning bella off breastfeeding hehheehhehe

    1. i did try biolac too.. mcm ok, plus nak support local production (it is, isnt it?) tp lepas tu mcm susah nk dpt so back to 123.
      what i did was during the 1st year mmg i compare the nutrition fact between all, and choose which i deemed the ‘best’
      after 1yr, i just try to switch to whatever applicable- cheap and kids like it hehe u shud know they cost a bomb!
      tried to give fresh milk but not really working

  7. Doc, both my kids minum similac then followed by gain plus advanced n last one gain kids. All by Abbott.. U gonna be surprised how much they progress.. Shud gv lil B a try.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. i ade problem la..my son 2 y.o minum isomil since 2months due to cow milk allergic, i xigt scientific term,hehehe…so now he still with his isomil..i nk tkr susu lain, but he refused..mcm2 susu i beli n try..do u have any idea x? i mmg agree with Abbott brand..hope u can share..heheh

    2. nieda…when my was born..i gave her similac..just for 2 days..n my bb got da jaundis..so change to snow..but not suitable for her..she always constipation..now i give her enfalac A+..erm..i think i want to change to da similac..what ur opinion?

    3. nieda, I just change my 2 y.o boy with lactogen, before he drink S26 but no improvement. He underweight and look small. I always go for survey and ever think to mix with abott brand. Hopefully his body fatter sikit & pertambahan berat. Can u suggest to me Abbott milk yang sesuai & boleh tak saya selang seli kan dengan Lactogen.

  8. for my 1st son, nk enfagrow je. yg lain x sesuai..sembelit la sakit perut la.. yg 2nd son, sesuai ngan Gain IQ plus..dah lpas 3 tahun br dia ok ngan susu lain.

  9. hi doc,
    anak saya dah diberikan anmum since dia start minum FM. setakat ni takde apa2 masalah, yang masalahnya mommy punya pocket…heheheh… harganya dah mula meningkat tapi Alhamdulillah, anak saya dah mula tak pakai pampers during day time. jadi mommy dah boleh wave duit pampers pegi kepada susu… =)

  10. dutch lady!! haha.
    enfalac – xberak2,
    snow – at 1st ok, then muntah, xberak..
    asyik kena ulang alik klinik je..
    bila baby ok dgn dutch lady, trus xbrani tukar dah ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Hi Dr, 1st, u kena try beli susu dlm tin @ kotak dulu.asample pun xmembantu.sebab kalau takserasi, baby tu akan cirit birit or xboleh nak poo poo or ruam jugak.My 1st doter i beli susu S26.is good for her tulang, then dah besar skit susu anmum..2nd doter pulak..dari kecik dia xnak breast feed…end up 3bln jer dah stop breast feeding, kak bagi dia minum lactogen ajer….hehehe.alhamdulillah ok.

    preggy lagi ker?if yes..wow..congrats.

  12. my baby drinks S26 Gold..alhamdulillah…no problemos….now she is on S26 Promil Gold since she is 8 month now..poo poo ok…sgt lawasss….and alhamdulillah she is not easily get sick..

  13. My son use to take S26 thereafter followed by Anmum Essential…He’s now 12 years old and still goes on Milk until d consl pead ask to slow down due to some side effect to his stomach! Happy trying mommy…

    1. munira..my husband suggest to me so that our daughter change from enfalac A+ to sustagen..but i’m confius..change to similac or other formula milk..help me…

  14. Hi kak, saya beri anak saya minum Karihome. Sblm ni minum enfa, s26, snow. semuanya dia tak suka dan badan dia naik ruam. Last2 saya try bagi Karihome Goat Milk. Suka sangat2 dia minum.

      1. utk infant pun ada smpilah dewasa. susu karihome ok.. anak saya x perna termuak susu. aritu hanya sekali termuntah sebab batuk tapi susu yg dimuntahkan itu x berbau busuk langsung.

      1. online shop saya x pasti, tapi saya selalu mempunyai mslh utk dptkan susu ini. selalu blik kpg beli dikedai baby yg jual byk jenis susu dan barangan bayi. kalau dikl saya selalu cari dicarrefour, giant, cool storage, farmasi (bkn yg glamer2 hehe yg biasa2). kalau nk dptkan address yg lebih tepat dptkn di website karihome ataupun FB Karihome. mereka akan berikan. senarai kedai yg menjual susu karihome. mom expo karihome setiap kali akan turut serta. hrp dpt membantu

  15. anak i yg 1st minum anmum….alhamdulillah ok tak sembelit….sblm ni minum enfagrow..dia sembelit..

  16. Finally i give my doter Enfapro A+ (she is 11 months now)
    Before this i gave her Lacotogen tapi sembelit pulak, and her poo poo busuk sikit
    S-26 tak boleh sbb nanti she will get rashes around her mouth after minum
    Snow pun okay ( my paed suggest ni before enfapro a+)

    1. Susu enfa klau vomit pn xberbau sgt dan xmasam…
      Susu nyer pn mengotorkan baju baby… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. yup! setakat ni, enfalac a+ yg terbaik afta try 4jenis susu anmum, mamex, frisolac, lactogen.. pity my bby, mcm bhn uji kaji plak..

  17. Yeay!…bella will be a kakak…maybe? Sory doc ..just kidding….(Kalau ya pun aminnn…) My bby minum s26..ok kot…kalo tak cuba pedisure..yg ni dietician yg suggest…

  18. similac tu maser bawah setahun…setahun ke atas saya bagi anak2 gain plus….dari abot…ok la…raser yg sedap…dan yg penting anak2 sker n sesuai…

  19. my first doughter drink anmum from baby untill now she is 4 years old already..I breastfeed my second one..and i’ll choose anmum also when the time to change to formula susu.. ๐Ÿ™‚ ..yea i think anmum suit her since i took anmum milk for mama during pregnant so just continue to give my kids anmum.. ๐Ÿ™‚ ..

    1. Same goes to me, aya…since im pregnnt till i hd 2nd baby i choose anmum for me n my childrens…my 1st son i try change to pedisure since my son didnt like to eat, but he refused it n dont want any milk. When i give him anmum milk again he cntinue he’s anmm milk.

  20. Dari umur baby saya 4 bulan, saya berikan anmum. Sbb saya continue pihak KPJ beri susu anmum semasa baby saya kena tahan ward. So far mmg ok, ramai jgk kwn saya bg anak2 minum anmum, badan nmpk pejal, kuat. Susu soya pun ok, tp bila minum kulit alergik.

  21. aaa ha aa ha…Bella nak jadi kakak!!

    Takde baby lagi tapi setahu saya dia kena try dulu, some kids allergic to susu lembu yang mana dia kena minum susu soya.

  22. mmmm…wondering why ..
    I started to gv fm to my 1st child when he was about 2y 7m..not an easy journey..
    but Alhamdulillah, he finally accepted dumex dugro fruit n veg..

    cant wait for the next entry!

  23. Enfagrow is the best… can see the diffrent between the first son and daughter.. son ambil susu ISOMIL

  24. Salam,

    my just turned 1 yr old daughter was bbf + given formula as well. started with Enfalac A+, then to Enfapro A+, now dh 1 y.o. i try to change to her big bro’s milk, Gainplus (reason being, boleh hantar 1 tin je kt nursery, senang). Alhamdulillah, she took it very well – no muntah/diarrhoea/constipation. Reason for choosing Enfa a+, because heard from so many ppl before that its the best FM in the market. The elder bro was given the same, then nak tukar to Enfagrow A+ at 1 y.o. tp dia constipation teruk sgt. hence the Gainplus. trying to give premium brands selagi termampu. haha.. but yes, it depends on the baby too. if it were to be me, i would start with the best (that i know of), tgk lah mana yg baby boleh accept.
    just my 2 cents worth.


  25. hai mommy bella.
    i completed my 2-year fully breastfeeding journey n happy dan pikir lepas 2 tahun, maybe senang kot dia nk minum susu lain coz dah lama minum susu i je kan. tp langit tak selalu cerah haha..,

    i faced some probs when it comes to introducing Afi with formula milk.
    try beli Anmum coz no added sugar kan. But gosh.. he refused. Tolak mentah2 lepas rasa.
    Ok then positive.. try campur dgn milo sikit anmum tu nak bagi ada rasa choc.
    Pun tak nak. Pulak tu dia sejak 6 bulan memang minum susu pun guna cawan. EBM pun minum guna cawan kalo time i tinggal nk pegi kuliah.
    Then try bagi sustagen, pun taknak.

    Masa dia masuk 2 tahun, dia suka jugak la minum susu Dutch Lady Kid (kurang manis) yg dalam kotak tu. (Dutch lady kid for 1-4 y/o, Dutch lady School for 5 y/o onwards).
    Then i refer kat doc yg jugak kwn kakak i.. dia cakap kalau anak taknak susu tepung.. takpe bagi je fresh milk. so kitorang bagi susu dutch lady tu la. As long as dia nak. Dari taknak langsung kan. Coz katanya kandungan susu tu sama je dgn formula milk lain. Cuma bezanya ada perisa choc n strawberry je.

    So skrg ni bagi susu tu je lah. Yes my prob maybe lain dgn other mums out there hehe.. smpai nak kena bg susah kotak. Tp suka jgk tengok coz susu kotak ni.. dia jadi trus jadi independent sket la..ambik sendiri, bukak straw tu sendiri.. cucuk sendiri n minum srotttt. hehe.

    1. yup..setuju.. sy bf my kid 3 years++ tp start 2yo ++ dh start introduce fm..tapi 1 pn dia taknak.mcm2 sample amik tapi tetap takmau

      jd sy guna fresh milk..sy consult dgn paed.. freshmilk lagi bagus ..since dia dh over 12months kan…tp klw budah bawak 12months tak sesuai introduce fresh milk..sbb perut baby belum cukup matang utk process susu tu.. ada la reason yg paed bgtau..tak igt dh apa ;p

  26. berpinar rasa mata tuh kan.. huhuuu… byk nyer susu… sy rasa kalo kita nak pilih jajan pun tak pening mcm nih… ๐Ÿ˜‰ .. gudmluck laa dr..

  27. Pediasure for my son since he was 1 on advice by the paed – that time he was having cirit birit and loss of weight n being picky eater at the same time.he is now 3,still drinking pediasure.

  28. salam doc…im a pharmcy stdent..juz gve my opinion…try dis..http://ilham4u.com..juz so u know yet…susu yg diperkaya dgn buah badam,kurma,kismis dan terapi bacaan 30 juzuk alquran…insyallah..

  29. nak kena test la …
    my 3rd and 4th similac iq ok jerk..tak tukar tukar..tapi
    yang 2nd..every 2-3 months kena review susu..hahaha.
    saya selalu mintak sample susu..kat klinik banyak letak sample susu..
    test dulu..kalau ok baru beli tin besar..
    psss…pregnant eh..tahniah!..

  30. Are u preggy Doc? hehehe.. My son drink S26. kena try n error juga, tak semua susu sesuai untuk anak kita..

  31. Anak saya 23.6.2012 ni cukup setahun.so sy tukarkan susu dia ke enfagrow tp anak sy tak suka padahal sebelum ni mmg kuat menyusu..

  32. “I truly wish I can continue to breastfeed her up until two years as recommended in the Al-Quran but I have my own reason for doing this. And Iโ€™m not telling you yet That one will be in another entry Promise!!” – Bella nak dapat adik ek?….. kitorg tunggu update dr Dr. nnt ek…

  33. My boy was on similac when he was born, pediasure on first year, enfagrow on second year and now mamilgold on fourth year … whoalla! i just adore his skin, figure and he can walk the talk hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚ nah it’s hard to tell actually depends kot ๐Ÿ™‚ i cant really give a good suggestion but what ever it is, Good luck, Doc! I smell new baby on the way yehah Bella will be soon become Kakak :))

  34. Saya pun tgh cari susu yang sesuai untuk untuk my son..before this minum isomil tapi lately ni selalu dapat high fever. Doc kata mungkin sebab susu tu panas sgt so tonsil dia selalu bengkak. Dah try anmum and mamex gold..tp dua-dua dia refused. Skrg tgh pening kepala nak cari susu lain sb dia alah susu lembu…

    1. try la karihome…goat milk..susu kambing kedua terbaik lpas susu ibu…n sy ade tbaca yg susu kambing x myebabkan alahan utk bayi (x igt ape nme saintificnye)…lagipun ikut sunnah kn…jgn sskali gna susu berasaskan soya..pengalaman dr rakan2..ade yg kulit jd sentitif, perkembangan ank jd lmbat…

  35. kalau bella dah lebih dari setahun nanti, boleh bagi dia fresh milk. Better than formula milk.
    Tapi, kalau nak bagi formula, pada saya, semuanya sama. Bezanya, sesuai dengan baby atau tidak. Lain baby, lain kesesuaiannya. Kena try dulu la…

    Can’t wait for next entry. Good news perhaps?

  36. I feel u Datin!!i’ve tried most of the formulas milk in the market..on my first 2 girls,i started with Enfa until they both up to 1+,then i continue with Dutch Lady (Choc flavour) and my 3rd girl she started with S-26 and still continue,now she’s 1+ yrs old ๐Ÿ˜‰ its very much depending on ur baby which one she prefer the most..they might say the most expensive milk is the BEST,but if the child doesn’t like it,whats the point..good luck in finding the best formula milk for Bella ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. Enfagrow, so far enfagrow has a highest DHA, for baby brain development. but for sure cannot believe in milk company rep said about their product, so do some research and comparison by yourself. I’m not believe in less sugar milk, sure they added sugar in FORMULA MILK.. because it is a formulated milk. For me if the milk is expensive, sure they formulated the milk very neat..

  38. mixing the dutch lady and s26 at the begnning and when she’d used to it, the mixture should be gven for breakfast, and s26 for lunch and dinner. ๐Ÿ™‚
    just my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. My baby girl Aila is now 10 months old and I’ve been breastfeeding her until now. I plan to continue breastfeeding her until she’s at least 2 years old – InsyaAllah. But at the same time I do use formula milk (S-26) to mix with the baby cereal ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. i bg my son susu ILHAM..tp susu tu kena bg bila dh enter 1 years old..susu ni ada cmpuran badam + kurma + kismis..my son suka sgt..mama2 yg preggy pun bleh minum..

  41. hi doc,
    are u preggy?hehehe…
    i baru je wean off my 2y2m son..rasa sedih juga but i pn ada reason juga ๐Ÿ™‚
    tak ralat sgt coz dia pun dah 2y++..

    sebelum wean off him, i mmg plan nak kasi Anmum..dgn harapan dia boleh terima susu tu..so that tak payahlah i kena try byk jenis susu formula..and praise the Lord, dia boleh terima susu tu..hehe..

    so, good luck doc..but i still vote for anmum ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. I agree with the above commentator. Bagi fresh milk. My kid loves it more than formula:) I even bought a nice feeding cup to get her interested. A doctor told me if the kid is eating well, she doesnt need the vits in the formula. I was told that in western country, they only gave formula up to 1 y.o.

    the only drawback is when you are traveling. if she is used to having warm milk, susah la plak nak warm up milk in the box:)

    But if u wanna give her formula, maybe can try formula that has less DHA. As some formula has strange or fishy taste due to the high DHA content.

    Good luck in finding the right one. Hope evrything goes well!

      1. bagi je 1 kotak besar tu kat nursery, kat nursery selalunya ada peti ais lah kan. anak sy suka je minum susu sejuk dr peti ais ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Doc, pls consider goat\โ€™s milk. i think it\โ€™s pretty much better than cow\โ€™s milk.. susu kambing fresh is the best option. kalau x dpt fresh boleh try instant spt Karihome, Hira\โ€™ etc. i heard good review of those brand. utk dpt the best susu ie susu ibu, cbe Doc cari ibu susuan kt bella. your sisters ker??

  44. Doc, pls consider goatโ€™s milk. i think itโ€™s pretty much better than cow\โ€™s milk.. susu kambing fresh is the best option. kalau x dpt fresh boleh try instant spt Karihome, Hiraโ€™ etc. i heard good review of those brand. utk dpt the best susu ie susu ibu, cbe Doc cari ibu susuan kt bella. your sisters ker??


  45. Assalamualaikum… Hi Halina…actuallynya da lama follow blog ni… Bella mmg pandai posing ek. :-). Dia dah nak dpt adik ke…kalau ye pregnancy bukanla an absolute contraindication utk cont breastfeeding.. i always admire ur determination to breastfeed ur daughter exclusively walaupun bz oncall- anaest plak tu. Teringat Masa time kita registrar dulu siap kena mintak tolong sis in law jadik ibu susu sementara on call sbb x sempat perah byk. Ok gud luck!

  46. as for other mothers. i also thinking to give the best to my baby. At first yes I give her anmum. because there is no sugar added and whatsoever. however, my baby cannot cope well with that milk. she got warded for 2 days just because she not po-po for about 4 days. doctor trying very hard to push it out. looking for my baby crying i’m thinking to give her another formula milk. then i choose another milk. also a bit expensive one. cannot remember the brand. then same thing happened.

    finally i decide to give the cheaper one. dumex. until now she’s fine and healthy.

  47. Dr., I give my son S26gold since baby. Now reaching 15 months and so far ok jek. Pernah once constipated but his paed Dr. Serina ckp just teruskan dgn susu tu. Lps tu ok blk and what I heard now the milk dah improved supaya x panas sgt smpi certain baby sembelit. Ramai my friend bg enfagrow..pun quite ok. Can’t wait for the news..congrates if both of u are expecting =)

  48. dr, i’m not a mom yet but recently, i had found few articles said that soy formula is really bad for the baby’s health and growth.. is that true? just want to know.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  49. Hi. I breastfed my dotter until 1yo, n started gave he FM one day after her bday. Sedih tp have to sbb 3wks after that, i delivered my 2nd baby. Yes, i breastfed my dotter while im pregnant my second baby, sbb xsampai hati nk stop bf before at least she reached 1yo. Then i tried pediasure n luckily she was ok :). Dia minum until 4yo, but now changed to anmum. Bcoz of the iklan yg ckp xde gula tu la hihi. Anyway all the best

  50. u better try Similac LF…. good for baby… since my first baby I dah bagi minum Similac LF… so far takde meragam…

  51. I guns s26 gold,wyeth product, s26 yg biase bujan dr wyeth..or maybe dr bole gune product abbort juga

  52. Hi Dr Halina,

    Before I breastfeed my Hannah too…but then when she started on formula milk I choose dutch lady cause it’s smells good and it suits her.I’ve tried similac/anmum and lactogen…but to me larr..doesn’t smell good. It actually depends on your Bella…I suggest that you buy the trial pack of the formula milk see which one suits Bella. For my Hannah dutch lady is the best…:)

  53. Hi doc..susu dh drop ke? Mst sedeyk kn nk cerai susu bella br 11m.
    Anak sulung sy.after 6m campur susu.sbb berat die x cantik..sy bg prefisure la..konon bole bantu naik kan berat n selera..then tukar ke enfa n susu mahal2 la sume..tp dia mcm tu jg.slim.. Mayb ikut genetik i n hubby yg mmg slim la..lastnye until now 2y+ dutch lady je..
    My 2nd..still bf..tp kalau umah bs topup kn dgn karihome goats milk..dutch lady pn dia ok jg bile fulus kurang memberansangkn la..hihi..

  54. Wah!!! B nak dapat adik ni..hehe ๐Ÿ™‚ anak akak yg sulong nak snow jer..bila dapat no 2 akak cuba bagi dutch lady…Alhamdulillah both kakak n adik nak…yg no 3,4 n my youngest son yg nak masuk 3 bulan pun minum Dutch Lady…yg baby tu pernah minum Dumex tapi pernah sehari tak buang air besar…happy milk hunting Doc hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. Hi doc.

    My 6mo sofia is on S26 gold. So far got no problem w it. ๐Ÿ™‚ my husband n me also on s26 when we were babies. ๐Ÿ˜€

  56. Dr Halina semua susu bagus, lain bby lain citarasa n penerimaan nyer… Mcm i kasi Enfalac A+ n next month tukar kepada Enfagrow. Alhamdulillah ok, bby i setahun tk pernah demam cuma kene cucuk je demam tu pun sekali.. Yg lain semua ok…..najis ok, perut ok… So Doc, selamat mencuba apa juaa pilihan susu khas utk Bella…:)

  57. Hi Dr…
    i chose Anmum since my kids age 3 mths [now dh 5 n 4 yrs]. so far no probs… and they’re kindly active, fast learner n always fit w/pun blk dr travelling. kurang demam,etc pun ya jugak.
    so, masa u nk beli SF nanti, dnt forget to check and compare the label.
    take ur time n happy hunting….

  58. sya cuba byk ssu for my baby…tp finally ssu dutch lady yg sesuai tuk my bby … bru bole trima ssu tu… bukan kerana mahal or nak murah ssu tu,kena ikut selera bby jgk..samada bby bole trima atau x… sekiannn

  59. my niece and nephew also drink anmum…and i think anmum is really2 good for baby..anmum byk meransang their brain….i think ur should choose anmum for little B..
    lagipun bau susu anmum sgt wangi..n can attract baby to drink it..SeLaMat mEncUba..

  60. I still bf my son who is now 2y7m. Since i’m working,and when he turned almost 1yo, he refused EBM at all. What i did was, i spared him dutch lady yg kotak kecik,umur 1-6 yr dlm 3 kotak when hes in hursery.he refused fresh milk n formula. Till now,i make sure inside his bag,ada milk,yogurt,fruits. N i even cook his food untill he is two! Cerewet kan! Btw doc, to me which milk is better for B is no two,apa yg penting,what she’s eating. As long she is eating healthy food and consume other sources of calsium besides formula milk,than should be ok.but that is just my 2cent. Btw,i’m 26 wk preggy, still bf my son,working, n hubby’s away. I’m all bymyself.owh penatnya. Tp nak try how is it feel to tanderm nursing both at once.hihihhi.gd luck in searching. U’ll find one soon insyaallah.kiss to bella;)

  61. Pediasure, since my little princess tolak anmum, dutch lady, dumex, enfalac. So bila akhirnya dia boleh terima susu pediasure, terus continue sampai skrg (+ bf).

    Can’t wait for the next entry. =p

  62. Salam Dr. Halina. yes, it’s depending on the baby itself. You can try buy small package first.

    Just for sharing… My baby first started to drink Lactogen, and then her skin became rashes. Then I changed to Anmum. A few months after that her poo poo went to greenish colour for over a week. I changed to Dulac… Recently, she got severe diarrhea for over a week. Went to see the doctor, found out about the ‘lactose intolerance’. So the doctor suggested my baby to drink Similac LF (Lactose Free). Alhamdulillah, she can accept this formula milk. This is new to me and some mommies outhere wasn’t aware of this… =)


    1. Hi azura,

      i thnk my son got prob like ur bby…at first i bg dtch ldy,for a few mnths it was ok,then he got diarrhea.so his paed was advce me to chnge 2 anmum essential.Alhamdulillah its ok 4 a few weeks,but then turn 2 severe diarrhea again for almost 2 months,n now his paed advice me to go 4 lactose free milk..so luckly me 2 find u here,i just wanna confirm wit u,is similac is the best lactose free milk out there?how about enfalac?i’m in doubt 2 choose my best LF milk for my 1 y.o Umair..

      1. Hi Umair.
        I’m not sure about Enfalac. Since the doctor advised me to use Similac LF, so I just stick to that one. My sister also gave Similac LF to her son before. After one year, she changed to Lactogen. It is depending on your son indeed. You can have him try Enfalac. Try buy for small package first. If his tummy ok with it, then you can carry on with it.. =) Good luck!

  63. Hi dr.i started gave my baby milk formula when he was 3 month.he’s ok with it until 5 month he get rashes at his cheek.my baby allergi to cow powder.then i change to isomil.and now my baby already 1 year 3 month i gave dumex dugro

  64. ur pregnant!!!! congrates… i started my son with lactogen when he’s 1yo yeah because at that time im already 4mo preggy with his adik.. congrates yaa

  65. Hi… Maira is 3months old… and shes consuming EnfalacA+ ….. susu ni serasi dgn my daughter ni.. siang dgn FM mlm bru df.. nk wat ebm, tp since day1 milk production tu xbape bgus.. and day 2 nurses dh bg my daughter fm of enfalac A+..

  66. hai doc…just nak share…enfalac A and enfagrow is the best…DHA dlm susu ni tinggi,my niece start minum susu ni dr baby dan smpai skang, byk perbezaan dgn kanak2 yg minum susu lain…bila belajar cpt sgt diaorg fhm dan ingat..doc yg slalu rawat diaorg pun recommend kan susu ni…my niece tak smpai setahun dh blh ingat ABC smpai Z..hehe..

  67. u should check out susu ilham.nvr try but very famous.diff from other fm.contains badam ayat al quran dll.

  68. bole try susu ilham kot Dr. baby saya guna s26 skang ni.ok xde masalah..umur dh 10bln..muda 1 bln dr bella..

    saya br je diperkenalkan dgn susu ilham.malaysian roduct..adaterapi alquran 30juzuk, buah badam, kismis, kurma…bole visit tu wbsite ni:

    tgk feedback psl susu ilham ni pun ok je..nnt sy pun nak try susu ni utk bab sy..

  69. My paed in japan suggested fresh milk after 12 months. Masa baby 13 months, saya preggy balik, and atas reason2 tertentu tak dapat nak fully breastfeed time pregnant, so siang2 saya bg fresh milk, minum dalam cup, mlm baru breastfeed. Anak saya dah 4 sekarang, semuanya bfeed dan terus introduced to fresh milk. If im not mistaken, fresh milk punya kandungan gula lebih rendah dari formulated milk kan, doctor kan?

  70. my baby caliph minum Mamex gold step 1..and after this ada banyak step lagi…this milk bagus i rasa sbb dia ada immunoforce (hahaha..betul ke eja ni..) yg bantu stimulate good bacteria…heheh..mcm doctor plak i ni..hehehe….

  71. How about you try herbalife.My senior all used this for their babies.Teir babies grow alhamdulillah very well and healthy.Full of nutrition,delicious and safe!!

  72. Amboi byknya opinions..jenuh DR halina nak baca ni..Dr anak2 sy ckp,xyah dok sibuk2 nak amik tau pasai DHA la, gula la dan mcm2 lg dlm susu formula tu..bg jer fresh milk..sbb kt US etc kbykn parents bg fresh milk..ok je anak2 diorang tu..Dr tu explain this bila saya mula curious about DHA dan susu apa yg sesuai ngan budget dan progress my kids..xtaula plak pdgn paed yg lain..sbb fresh milk mmg non-added sugar..huhu..

    1. hi izrah,

      the best fresh milk yg ade kt pasaran yg mane plg ok untk bb ek?any suggestion x?tq tq tq:)

  73. assalam, hye doc, i guess u r preggy rite? yey!! congrats!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    am juz preggy and takde rezki, am misscariage..my son already 1 year 9mth..

    my son minum susu pediasure, doc recommend pediasure to him after he warded bcoz of pneumonia..so, until now, he drink da pediasure after fully bg about 1 year 3 mth,alhamdulillah ๐Ÿ™‚

    so far, pediasure is da best and gain weight ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. alhamdulillah..sy bg bby sy s26..smpi skrg still ok.. takde masalah pe2..alhamdulillah sgt.. skrg dh nk masuk 10 bln usianye. hopefully bby Dr ok n selesa dgn susu yg Dr pilih.. nnti takde la kena tukar2 susu.. all the best Dr..;)

  75. Hi doc! Mum gave me Isomil (soybean milk) when I was a baby. She still give it to my youngest sister. It was recommended by a doctor. So far that one is the best milk. Mum did try gave me few other brands but they aren’t suitable for me & the sisters. So she gave us Isomil. A doctor said, “cow milk (the other brands) is for calves, soy bean is for babies). Not sure tho, but I guess that statement is quite true.

  76. Salam dr. I gave my daughter fm sbb x mampu nk supply ebm during working hrs..sarah dh setahun lebih n demand dia makin byk..huhu..sgt sedey sbb tpksa bg fm..i bg dia brand enfapro..lps tu try pulak s26 n then mamil gold..sj try nk tgk kesesuaian dia..alhmdulillah so fat xde mslh wlpn i tukar brand ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. my doter sejak lahir dia minum byk susu jugak..
    like lactogen…(xleh)
    nan pro(ok..then tetiba dia xnk..xtau nape)
    sustagen(suke..but too sweet)
    lastly s26 gold (my doter love it)
    also try s26 for picky eater

    and sgt serasi…

    tp tgk gak camne body baby sesuai atau tak..

    good luck….! ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. My daughter dari I start keje sampai sekarang sulam2kan EBM & NAN nestle..I guess lebeh kurang sama kot! hehe

  79. salam..hai bella;’s mommny…my lil bby rayyan minum enfalac AR since 3month..after 6 month plus pakar pediatric suggest susu snow P7A untill 1 year..actually u have to choose the suitable milk for bella xkira susu tu murah atau mahal yang penting susu tu xganggu perut dia, xmengakibatkan muntah n xcirit birit or rashes…insyAllah..

  80. Salam Dr, lamonya dr tak mengupdate. Rindu ngan Bella ni. Ha ! mesti dr nak kasi Bella adik ni ! Untuk susu tu, anak akak yang pertama hingga ke ketiga semuanya minum Snow. Yang keempat ni minum Lactogen aje. Harganya pun x lah mahal sangat. Anak akak x ade masalah setakat ini. Suka aje dia nampaknya.

  81. Wah, B dah nak dapat adik… (saja speculate, ngeeee).
    I gv my baby susu Snow (as cool as it’s name – hehe tipu je) on doctor’s recommendation bcoz my daughter ni ekzemanya agak serious dan sekarang dah jadi ashtma pula. Masa dia kecik, susah nak po-po. Mula-mula dengan NAN-H.A. for 7 months, lepas tu anmum sekejap sebelum tukar kepada Snow. Sejak dia 1 year plus sampai sekarang dah 4 years masih dengan Snow. So I guest this is the most suitable for her. Cuma susu Snow ni tak popular macam Anmum, so ada certain daerah kalau kita outstation tu susah nak jumpa ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. Salam Doc,

    Both my kiddos take Novolac. Tried S26, Anmum, no go. Son had constipation problem so Novolac was good. Here’s where you can find it http://delfimarketing.com.my/news/6-where-can-i-find-novalac-in-malaysia.html .Daughter is being mix-fed, so it’s breast and Novolac.

    However, it’s surprising that most mothers here commented that weaning meant pregnancy. Although breast milk production do drop, it is still possible and advisable to continue breastfeeding through pregnancy. Maybe I didn’t quite get what they meant. Unless it is to wean to start the fertility cycle again.

  83. It’s all trial and error I guess. From what I’ve learn all formula milk has sufficient basic requirements for all babies, what differs from one another is their additive supplement like how they advertise, hence all the pricing difference and so. All formula milk step 1 and 2 (below 12m) has higher nutrition compared to step 3 and 4 (above 12m), so most of them are pretty much good for babies. The important thing to try and see what suits B’s preference and tummy. Whether she accepts a certain brand or not. Another thing that I’m fussy about is how well or easy the formula mixes, I have experience certain brands that requires rigorous mixing or requires a certain degree of water to mix well which ofcourse is something that I don’t fancy.. When changing to step 3 pulak, you will experience a different level of formula milk with certain brands, most commonly – excessive milk fat residue (in the bottle, after feeding). Again, it’s all trial and error Doc ๐Ÿ™‚ Btw, my son settled for Anmum step 1 and 2 and Isomil, now he’s on Friso Gold step 3.. If you want details on all the brands I’ve tried and the results, I can email it to you ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck!

    1. please send me detail for friso gold step 3.. whether this formula milk sweet or not because my daughter dont like sweet milk. i decide to change my formula milk because annmum step 3 not suitable for her. she have
      diarrhea and treated at hospital for a week.

      1. Hi Agnes,
        It’s been over a year since I’ve written the comment and I have somewhat forgotten most of the finer details. But if you’re looking for a formula milk for babies over 1year which is not sweet, it’s quite tough as most formulas for above 1year has a more or less sweet taste, even though they say “no additional sugar” or “sugar free” because the sweet taste is not from sugar but other additives. During diarrhea treatment, doctors will usually recommend soy milk (isomil/nursoy/etc). Hope your daughter is recovering.

  84. my bby minum s26. mlm bf siang fm.. now dah nak masuk 10bln. mcm nak putus susu dah sbb susu dah makin kurang.. huhu.. so far, s26 nampak ok. takat ni br 2 kali, tu pun batuk n selsema. harga pun, ok.

  85. so far i think yg ok for my babies enfagrow la. the price mmg mahal jugak, especially bila dah membesar ni baby minum byk.. yg ok nye sebab my babies tadak mslh nak poo poo.. pernah juga try bagi susu kambing when my milk not enough waktu puasa.. after the babies umur 6 bln.. mcm ok jugak, no sugar added.. and lebih mahal drpd all those formula.. yg i tau susu kambing lebih senang digest drpd susu lembu.. apa pun, mahal mcm mana pun kalau baby tak sesuai no point jugak..

  86. i’ve try similac and gain plus when start to weaning my baby since previous my baby fullybf… 1. similac = susah nk poo poo…2. try enfagrow = cirit birit …. after a few trial now satisfied with ‘PEDIASURE’…..

  87. JH, i think not advisable to bfeed when you are prgnt, boleh miscarriage.. in fact it will take some time jugak nak wean a baby. my fren still bfeed and prgnt in the same time, end up bila bersalin dua2 nak bfeed.. yg kakak menang.. kesian adik.. my opinion apa pun when you are prgnt better to wean your baby.. it took me 3 weeks to stop my baby from bfeed when i got prgnt.. nasib baik baby tak meragam..

    1. Sorry Azhana, I do not agree with your take. Tandem nursing is very possible. Please refer to this lactation consultant’s experience on this http://www.sarakids.com/blog/?p=2079

      And here’s babycenter’s take on the matter http://www.babycenter.com/404_is-it-safe-to-breastfeed-during-pregnancy_8935.bc

      So unless you are at a very high risk of preterm labour, breastfeeding through pregnancy is very doable. And so is tandem nursing. If not, how do one feed multiple births?

  88. try la susu kambing.. susu kesukaan Rasulullah s.a.w adalah susu kambing. dan susus kedua terbaik selepas susu ibu adalah susu kambing. kalo nak yg fresh try nubian goat milk.. kalo nak formula try karihome.

  89. anak saya 2 org…..yg 1st tu saya bagi breast feed (till 2 years) coz pregnant yg 2nd. Dr experience mmg ssh dia nak terima susu formula. Semua susu dia x nak sehingga saya terpaksa paksa dia minum susu enfagrow…. so far susu to o.k jew… cuma 1 tin herge dia lbh krg 100/-…yg 2nd plak terus saya bagi enfalac, diikuti enfagrow dan sekrg budak 2 org ni minum 2nfakid (keluaran seusu mead johnson)

  90. Masa lepas lahir, anak saya pakai MamexGold sebab memang diberi oleh Hospital Pantai Ipoh..Then dah besar sikit dalam 1 tahun lebih saya tukar Pediasure.

    Selamat mencuba!

  91. hehe..tahniah if you’re pgrenant. In my opinion it depend on your baby .. samada ianya sesuai utk dia / tak huhu..

  92. salam doc…… hihihihiii Bella already bIG BIg gurl dah….. dah nak masuk 1 year…… happy for BB Bella n doc too…. yes… better ikut kesesuaian bby…. macam fyna try n error gak susu fomula for bb Balqis =) lastly guna Anmum…… bby balqis 1year next month ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. Salam Dr. Halina, first time visit ur blog coz my sister introduced it to me. I will definitely follow u. My 3yo son now drinks SUSU ILHAM. 100% Bumiputera Muslim owned company. Before this pernah minum pediasure sebab die susuh nk makan then gainplus kid. We started to know susuilham about a year ago. At that time my son still breastfed at night. Alhamdulillah we really see the difference esp immunity system anak. Sudi2 kan lawat blog review susu ilham at http://susuilhamku.blogspot.com

  94. Hi doc… Try bg bella enfalac A+… Enfapro pun ok cause fo 6mnth++
    Sy bg amanda earlier 1mnth cause tkder susu bdn… Hu3… Wpun mahal tp berbaloi krn guard protect yg bgus slain DHA yg tinggi vs susu len… Alhamdulillah smpai skrg my bby jrg dmam.. IQ dia pun leh tahan… Ms 2 1/2 bln dh blh mniarap,now 6bln dh slow2 mrangkak yg pling best dh pandai say “ibu”! Amanda cpat memahami arahan n apa yg kita ckp kt dia… Very2 alert!

  95. am keep following ur blog..it`s good to hear if u r expecting!~ngeee…
    just to share my thoughts with u, i think it`s no need to stop bf or mix with the fm if u r preggnt..coz u can stilll bf while pregnnt.. ade org ckp kalo bf while pregnnt nnti nutrient x smpi kt fetus bla bla..but the truth is is not affect the fetus at all..so u can still can happily bf..no worries..;D
    from my experience, i still bf my son while i`m preggy, till i stop him when he reach 2y 8m.o..a wonderful bf journey!! ;p

  96. Yup, u can try Karihome goats milk… Susu yg terbaik selepas susu ibu is susu kambing. Structure molecule susu kambing hampirrrrrr sama dgn susu ibu, small molecule.. easy to digest.. plus less allergy compare to susu lembu…. expensive but worth it… kulit baby pun akan jadi cantik…

  97. yup, u can try Karihome goats milk… sangatttt bagus… susu terbaik selepas susu ibu is goats milk… structurally the molecule hampir sama dgn susu ibu…small molecule as like susu ibu so easy to digest… less allergy compare to cows milk… kulit baby akan jadi cantik kalau minum susu kambing… expensive but worth it!!

  98. im still BF but just buy FM for backup…currently im also using anmum..b4 this my baby minum s26 but dia minum 2auns je…
    after i tukar to anmum,alhamdulillah xde masalah minum susu.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  99. biolac from era edar marketing…sbb ada kandungan examo dlm susu tu..i dah try bg kat ketiga2 anak i…i prefer bg mereka examo rather than susu2 kategori mahal yg extra kndungan mcm2 tu,coz examo ni dah ada kt pasaran since 1980..

  100. woooooowww….. I need to give long wow to this shop… they have a lot of baby milk!!!!! I can get eye problem if look at these milks for one day… I wonder how the shop assistant bare with this….. kihkihkih…. Doc… sorry cant comment anything here coz i’m not married yet… ;)…

  101. Enfalac A+! Highest DHA n protein among FM on the shelf and Baby wont get chubby n obese. ๐Ÿ™‚

  102. Hi dr, if ur really pregnant..congrats..btw i see no rush in you trying to wean bella of breastmilk…but if ur keen on it, the least u cud do is BF her till 1yo. then introduce freshmilk either cow/goat to her. Im not anti -formula but we all knw Breastmilk is the best. Good luck=)

  103. Hi Dr Halina. Baby boy dah 6 bln & still fully bf.Alhamdulillah.i pon sometimes survey2 gak biler dh smpai masanya if one day biler i nk change ke susu formula apa susu terbaik for my son.i baca better bg susu kambing dr susu lembu.malahan ikut sunnah nabi minum susu kambing. susu kambing khasiatnya lebih kurang mcm susu ibu.

  104. My doctor told me too that the best milk after mother’s milk is susu kambing. Sedikit mahal but it is the best compared to formula, And yes ikut sunnah Rasulullah SAW.

  105. My baby minum susu S26…dari lahir sampai sekarang dh masuk 7m…emmm…mcm ok..popo dia pn ok…nampak cergas….

  106. Wah!! r u preggy DH? same to me..I stop BF to my little hero when i know i preggy..wah saper kater BF protection x preggy!!! ihiksss!!

    I give Enfalac A+ continue to Enfagrow A+ ( bcoz ramai yg kata lot of DHA)
    so far ok..but when my little hero start batuk, n cirit birit my paed suruh change to Lactose Free Milk, Dr Tan suggest (they called Mr.Tan, bcoz he is HOD pediatrics ) Similac Lactose Free, good for usus n perut baby..Untill now still stay wth Similic LF, good for my son!!!

  107. do visit nearby justlife shop (kedai organik)..they offered organic formula milk for babbies with certification from international bodies..one of the outlet is at puchong i0i boulevard..or u can liked them on facebook: justlife

  108. I prefer goat milk..Why goat milk?Kalau ikut sunnah, Rasulullah sangat sukakan susu kambing.. Kalau tengok sifat fizikal kambing itu sendiri, kambing lebih active manakala lembu sangat perlahan/lembab. Susu kambing adalah susu kedua terbaik selepas susu ibu. So, pada pendapat saya jika nak wean off baby, make sure teruskan susu yang terbaik..Susu ibu adalah terbaik,namun jika kita dah x boleh bf baby, kita boleh gantikan dengan susu kedua terbaik..pH susu kambing juga terbukti sama seperti susu ibu. Contoh plg jelas anak saya, dia dah setahun 6 bulan breastfeed, & minum susu ibu semata2.Namun memikirkan saya akan wean off my baby lagi 5bulan,so nak intro sikit2 dengan susu formula..As expected, she refuse all cow milk..(maybe rasanya xsama seperti susu ibu,siap luahkan balik) But i try dengan goat milk, terus minum..Alhamdulillah..

  109. my daughter MINUM LACTOGEN.1-4 until now..bg dugro cirit birit,bg anmum dia tolak, bg sustagen, semua xsesuai..sehingga sekarang dah masuk 3tahun got no problem at all.

  110. Give susu Snow Brand pun ok. like my baby almost 2years old minum susu Snow. Sbb dlm susu snow tu ada vegetarian. Baby pun jarang demam klu minum susu tu … ๐Ÿ™‚

  111. Me still breastfeed but since susu almost kering so i started her with FM during day time and BF at night. Currently im in DUbai. one of the mums here suggest me LIPTOMIL product from sweeden. Excelantte! Google to get more info. i think in Malaysia ada but lil bit expensive but then its for our child so no harm..

  112. hey there. kite punye baby pun nama sophia, she was born on 19th july. kebetulan huh. i was suprised when i knew that u named ur baby – sophia n they’re just 2 days apart came out to this world, ehehe!

    kite pun fully bf and start to wean off. tried more than 10 brands tapi my sophia still refuse. emm tiada susu yang dapat menggantikan susu ibu thought. want to share on fm fact. i read from health magazine n hopefullt it didnt bias to any brand lah kan. it shows dat only anmum je yang less sugar. susu lain katanya said no lactose but still contain hidden sugar. u know ell coz u r a doc, read the ingredients.

    rasa susu anmum mmg plain je. unlike others. maybe NAN pun quiet plain thought. but still, my sophia reject juga. cubalah tengok ur sophia suka yang mana, memang depends on her eventhought kite cuba yang terbaik. fyi, flavoured fm lagi contain high sugar n baby reported kerap batuk, wallahu’alam. gudluck, doc! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  113. I bagi susu isomil free laktosa..anak sy alah pada susu lembu kompem terus cirit kalau bg..now baby dh 7 bulan..skin pun cantikk

  114. started with Enfalac A+, then to Enfapro A+..sekarang anak saya sudah mencecah umur 1 tahun..sehingga sekarang tiada sebarang masalah..

  115. actually sunnah nabi amalkan susu kambing, and not susu lembu. some ustazah when they get pregnant they are really particular about milk consumption during pregnancy. i think its the same when it comes to baby ๐Ÿ™‚

  116. i start with novalac.. after birth.. after 2 tins changed to S26.. after the next 3 box he is always perging after take milk.. then change to isomil.. also same.. Then my sister said try to lactogen.. alhamdulillah he’s ok now.. and the bdan pun naik montel.. now he is going 5 mths…

  117. hi dr.halina, i’m pretty sure many of us wants to know what is your choice for bella..i hope u can share since u might be more expert on this..=)

  118. i pun masih mencari FM tok mybuahhati..dah 1thn2bln..dah puas bg macam2 Fm..dr murah pai mahal.. tetap dia xnak.. skang nie..nak try bg fresh milk slowยฒ..sebab ader opismate yg wat camtue.. apepun, Dr, u lei mintak sample kat baby shop..so xperlu beli sekotak/setin..rugi jek kalo B xnak…

  119. salam dr halina,
    utk tahun pertama saya bg susu frisolac utk anak saya, stat umo die 1 lebih, saya tukar kpd susu Halibs. actualy, susu halibs ni keluaran orang islam 100%. saya pernah ke kliang proses susu halibs di kuala kangsar. saya amat yakin dgn susu nu, coz apabila tgk dr segi proses, semestinya kite nak bg yg terbaik utk anak kita. sebagai umat islam, kilang prses susu tu, 100% pekerja umat islam, sebelum msuk kerja perlu berwuduk, ayat suci al-quran sentisa dipasang. wanita yg period, tak bleh kerja.

    1. Puan faisaliah,
      Susu tu ada dijual di mama ye?
      Coz mmber saya pun memcari susu yg diproses secare Islamik.
      Boleh ;la sy suggest kat die.
      Now cume tau Susu Ilham je.

  120. s26 gold. penah try anmum tp kalu muntah bau. same 2 mamil gold, stil bau..s26 biase pnah try gak p mudah kne flu, change to s26 gold antibodi ye pn tgi gk.. sush kne flu..

  121. Salam Lina,

    My Yusuf dah diberikan Anmum since dia start minum FM. Alhamdulillah, setakat ni, xde masalah. Super active like Bella.

    Congrats Lina, Bella bakal jadi kak long. please pray for me too ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. salam.why not try give lil B susu kmbing? check out karihome brand. quite expensive but its better than giving cow’s milk u know. ikot sunnah nabi, susu kmbg sgt bagus…. susu lembu, yahudi yg gembar-gembur ckp bagus…sy ske wt research sal susu ank. or klu awk nk try susu beras, susu badam, malah santan plg bagus. sbb santan ade zat yg menyerupai susu ibu taw. if u need more info, just emel me. i will be happy to share some knowledge with u dr. =)

  123. Doc..mcmna nk perkenalkan susu formula pada anak?..anak saya skrg 11month tp dia reject susu formula…anak saya dah pandai bezakan susu…saya pun mcm doc jgk have my own reason to stop bf:)

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  129. hi doc, maybe u can try karihome- goat’s milk? as a mother, before I let my son to consume the formula, I taste it first. I’m glad it’s not sweet just like any other formula plus it’s goat’s milk-second after mother’s milk.

  130. Kami pun bereksperimen bagi FM kat baby kami since 1 bulan lagi. Wife bukannya taknak BF tapi BM semakin merundum. 1st time bagi FM S26, then wife bagi Karihome. Baby kami kdg2 minum tak abis membazir FM, baby prefer BM mama dia lagi. Kat umah pengasuh, baby kami pun kurang nak minum FM. Kami pun tukar ke Dutch Baby, senang nak maintain harga pun lebih murah dan jimat. Baby pun boleh terima Dutch Baby. Beli kat Speedmart bawah RM 30 untuk 1 kg. Survey kat 11street dengan kupon RM 50.90 untuk 2 pack x 1 kg dengan guna kupon diskaun dan kupon shipping. Lebih jimat dan berbaloi.

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