Breast Milk Storage

All this while, I’ve been keeping my milk stock in this pre-sterelized milk bag like this!!

Really not-so-clever and not space savvy at all!!

Silly me!

Recently I have discovered a new (for-me, at least!!) way of storing my stock..

Flat on the surface.. soooo much better, I safe a lot of space in my fridge!


This fridge is like a drawer (tilt your head to your left for better view :p)

It looks more like a filing drawer in the office, arranged according to date!

Love, X

Update:: Click here if you wanna know on how long you can keep your breast milk

82 thoughts on “Breast Milk Storage

  1. wow!u make a lot of milk!! could u please tell me any ‘petua’ to increase breast milk…huhu..

    1. Bella is already on formula milk but whenever she’s not feeling well, I give her my milk for antibody support..

      1. Dr, if you don’t mind telling what formula milk do you give Bella? My son’s in the same age with her, but still tak tau nak bagi formula apa after I deliver second baby nanti.. Too many choices.. Huhu

    1. saya campur jer.. tp lama2 nanti tak muat lar.. depends on your commitment nak susukan berapa lama and susu byk ke tidak..

      1. Dr, did you mix all milk you pumped from multiple sessions? Can we do that?
        Or you do have more than 150cc milk in one session, wow, thats a lot?

    1. Bella dah minum formula milk, tp kengkadang dia minum jugak breast milk, especially when she is not feeling well for antibody support..

  2. salam doc, nak tanye,kat mana nak bli pre-sterelize bag tu ya? been searching everywhere..xde pn..anyway,really smart and neat way to ‘file’ your breastmilk accordingly!!

  3. Tahniah doc, sy pun sdg bjuang tuk full breastfeeding for my twins n now they all dh msk 8m,
    Hope u pun dont give up to mjayakan misi ini,
    Caiyok caiyokk

  4. assalam doc…sy nk tny,setiap kali ank doc sakit @ demam,doc ada bg sebarang ubat x? apa pndangan roc ttg ubat antibiotic utk bby < 2yrs…

  5. as I’m still single, I didn’t really understand why do mommies keep a lot of milk stock, I mean like in this post, thats a lot haha. this site help me learn too. thank for the info!

    1. Yeap. N while the milk production is still abundant, we want to stock up as much as we can so we’ll never run out of supply. Susu tepung we can always run n buy from the market πŸ™‚

  6. Doc.. i support bf.. now I bf my bb boy almost a year.. tapi macam dah ade vitamin ‘m’ (malas) la lately ni.. camne ye??

    1. it’s your choice. up to you.. i stopped Bella on bf and started her on formula milk when she turned 1. from there on, she only drink breast milk before she goes to sleep..

      1. Dr, we have less than 100 days to approach puasa month, ye haaa! How you cope when you are breasfeeding and have you experienced diminishing supply while you fast? Any pumping schedule specifically during puasa month?

  7. Salam, dear Dr harlina. May u suggest me the best breast pump that is more practical n easy to use plus not heavy?i just got pregnant n looking fwd to bf my baby. Love to read ur blog:)

    1. congratulations on your pregnancy. as far as i know, the best breast pump is from medela brand. there’s many options, you can have single pump or double pump and you can choose btwn manual and electric pump. check it out before buying because medela pump can be quite costly. as for me, i use medela swing (thats the name for single, electric pump) it is small, light and easy to fit to my bag because i carry my breast pump to work.. all the best!!

      1. Halina, If u pakai medela freestyle lagi jimat masa. U bz dgn work i think lagi best pakai FS. I pumped at work while replying emails and signing documents! 20mins and I’m done both sides serentak.

      2. i know but FS is bulky and the bag is tak chantek πŸ˜€ trust me to buy things on its looks!! haha.. *bimbo moment*

  8. subhanallah….banyaknye…sy kurang ilmu masa anak 1st dpt bf smpi 3bln lbh je…2nd bb hanya buat stok ble time keje je…tp nk dekat sethn ni pam pn susu da malu2 nk kuar….tp my bb lbh byk mkn dr menyusu xtaula tu sbbkn milk supply down tp sy akan usaha utk nxt bb..mana xnya, nk dptkn 1 team bola….hehe…will always follow yr post coz ada byk info

  9. hi doc, sukenyerrrrrrr ri tgk stok susu u…seriously jelly! haha..can u pls share ur pumping schedule?me?still tunggang langgang ok! anka first smpi setahun dah kna topup tggu y ke 2 hope dpt fully bf..tgk stok Dr. ni rs cm nk pengsan..mcm mn doc bt ye?tandem ke rajin pp ke?

    curious mommy ^_^

  10. dr halina ajar bella/tasha minum ebm dari botol sejak umur berapa ye? diorang tak pernah nipple confuse eh?

  11. sebelum pregant i dah ikut blog dr., samapai sekarang, i dah deliverly bb girl,baru 2 month… gara2 blog dr, i berkeyakinan besar untuk fully Bf my bb girl .. sampai hubby tanya , sampai bila nak bf bb .. sekarang bb sudah 2 bulan , belum pernah rasa susu formula ,.. memang bb senang di jaga kalau bf .. sebelum ini tak terlintas nak Bf dan Hampir putus asa , sebab first time , rasa macam sakit kalau bf.. tapi sekarang ok sudah .. Bangga juga rasanya dapat bf bb fully ..hehehehe..

    1. Hehe..u sama dgn i..bc blog doc buat i bkeyakinan nk fully bf bby..i pun skrg bby dh 2 bln lebih n fully bf..sgt2 bangga kan :)) cuma da prob nk soh bby guna botol..bby xnk gna puting botol..2 mgu lg nk trn kja dh..risau sgt2..mcm2 puting dh bby still refused 😦

  12. thought of simpan ebm flat mcm ni jugak dulu..but through my reading..ebm ni akan ‘naik’ sikit bila dah frozen kalau flat, is there any room for that? or it doesn’t matter actually?hehe

    1. Never microwave breastmilk. Just thaw the frozen milk overnight in the fridge down compartment. And warm the milk in hot water when baby needs it. Rendam the bag i meant. Better still, use baby food warmer (then you’ll get the right temp).

      1. does it affect the baby ? what about us, does it affect us? I thought microwave is suitable for every age… thank you for the info .. πŸ˜‰

      2. Yes it does affect the breastmilk. 2 reasons: first because over heating the breastmilk (which the microwave does) will destroy the nutrients in the breastmilk. We cannot heat the milk above our body temp. The original milk comes from mommy’s body which is 37c (perfect temp for the baby). Reason no 2: heating with microwave nanti ada hot spots and boleh burn the baby mouth. Hope the above info helps. And one more info-never ever shake breastmilk. Just swirl gently until the 2 layers mix well. Shaking will destroy and nutrients too.

  13. salam doc…sy tersangat jeles tgk stok susu tuk beby skrg pam je nk dpt stok cm tu…tp xbyk…8botol je sehari…blh x sy tahu doc ambil supp ape 3rd beby br susu byk…itu pun mti ambil pil tambah susu..harap doc dpt kongsikan tips nk tambah susu

  14. sedeynyer, br 8 bulan stok susu da abes, nak campur formula, baby xnak minum, nasib baik suke makan, kesian sngt..mlm2 mengemping je, sbb nak kenyang…doc ade ape2 petua x?…huhuhuhu…sedes nyer..

  15. Salam doc…u dh jd role model i dh πŸ™‚ sgt2 kagum dgn u sampaikn i try simpan breastmilk utk my baby 2..this is my 1st yg sedihny my baby still xmau hisap puting botol..tgh risau ni sbb nex 2 weeks dh start turun u hv any solution klau bby still xnak puting botol..mcm2 puting dh i try..hope ur opinion will help me..tx

  16. salam Doc~ u used Autumnz storage bag… I always bought it at This lady sell it at a very cheap price for all Autumnz product!! You can get 5 packs for RM48 only (RM9.60 per bag). I bet you can get cheaper if you order in bulk from her. Just sharing great info!! Try out sis πŸ˜€

  17. enjoyable and feeling happy also full of knowledge reading your blog dr..secara x langsung earlier pregnant smpai deliver nih(bru 27 days of confinemnt, first baby pulak tu..) encourage me utk bf my baby..sblm ni dh set mind to fully bf baby tp ats sbb bkrja, mgurangkn keyakinan i utk bf my baby plus no knwldge about how to bf baby walau bkrja, n how to store susu until i found ur blog,(May Allah rewards you on ur “ilmu” sharing to us) I nk cba medela swing single elctric like Dr use it, tp to b safe bfore purchase it, nk tny if beli online nk beli kt mne?n also storage bag yg dr guna.. hope doc could advise me for the website…thnks so much πŸ™‚

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