A Good Reminder!

Parenting 101 "The one who is shouting the loudest probably needs you the most, unless the other one is suspiciously silent. The child who is suspiciously silent is probably the one making the most mess!" Found this quote online, definitely have to share with all of you. This is soon true.. especially the suspiciously-silent-child part. … Continue reading A Good Reminder!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day!! A day to celebrate all mothers out there for everything they have done for us!! Today I’m oncall in maternity theatre, seeing all these mothers in labour reminds me to write something to share with you.. Labour pain!! It’s crazy painful ok!! 20 bones getting fractured at the same time!! Can … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day!!

Thank You Notes

I received this parcel yesterday.. Somehow, every time my parcels arrived, it's always my husband who received it. I always get caught!! Huh.. But this time, I'm innocent 😉 I didn't buy anything yet this week and it's already Friday *pat on my back* Hubby: Aper pulak you beli nih? Makin lama makin besar parcel … Continue reading Thank You Notes

How To Survive a Long Haul Flight with Your Baby?

No, it's not a statement.. it is a question for all of you.. Hehhehe.. Tomorrow we are leaving for Istanbul. Bella's daddy is giving a talk there.. Mommy and Little B will tag along 😉 But what frightens me is the long haul flight.. its gonna be more than 10 hours of limited space and … Continue reading How To Survive a Long Haul Flight with Your Baby?

More Milk??!

Dear readers, I promise some of you that I will write on how to increase your milk.. urrrmmm.. breast milk of course! I have been breastfeeding my baby for the past 4 months plus.. I have to agree that it is quite challenging for us mommies to keep producing enough milk for our little angels.. … Continue reading More Milk??!

Milk Storage Bag

Calling all mommies.. I need help / suggestions / opinions on milk storage bags 🙂  As some of you might know, I'm going back to work soon, insyaAllah.. and I still insist on giving Bella my breastmilk to mixed with food once I start weaning her.. My reasons are simple.. Breastmilk is FREE 😀 It … Continue reading Milk Storage Bag

Mommy Talk: Cloth Diapers

Since we are on the topic about diapers.. let's keep the ball rolling.. Are you using cloth diapers? I have never heard about cloth diapers until I went to Baby Expo in MidValley somewhere early this year! See how ignorance I have been before this.. and that includes my friends with children who doesn't use … Continue reading Mommy Talk: Cloth Diapers

Mommy Talks: Diapers

What's your favourite disposable diapers mommies? I just wanna know your opinion. Nak beli byk2 brand utk Bella rasa rugi pulak.. Currently I'm using Huggies for her.. Tried Drypers but I think it's a little plastic-y for her skin.. Well, she never complained anyway.. I jer yg rasa macam tuh 😀 Other brands, I tak … Continue reading Mommy Talks: Diapers