A lot of people asked what powder milk Bella is on since I weaned her off from breast milk when she turned 1. This is it… S 26!! Coincidently Wyeth approached my husband to become their front face for S26!

Apparently my husband was actually a S 26-er himself when he was a baby!! Haha.. (I double checked that with my mother-in-law already!)

Like father like daughter I guess..


43 thoughts on “S-26

  1. why so little to read? i want a stooory from you Doc..hahaha..miss to laugh when read your blog…

    1. this is not a story, Imani.. it’s an advertisement.. hahah… sorry to disappoint you!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Assalamualaikum doc… susu yg utk kanak2 yg ada DHA sesuai tak untuk diminum oleh remaja 18y? untuk perkembangan otak … ada effect tak? Saya ni ada masalah lupa sikit. Due to too much stress… with studies… and so on.

    1. hahha.. saya rasa macam dah terlambat.. tp saya tak pasti. awak buleh cuba dan bgtau saya result nyer ok!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Eerr…I think that’s an inappropriate question. They are the ambasador of S26..of course la she cannot mention any competitor brand.

    2. I cant comment because I have no experience with Pediasure but I know it has been serve at the hospital… Must be good I guess..

    3. Pediasure salu dietitians guna kat hospital untuk budak2 yg ada masalah nak gain weight ..dia energy-dense milk formula..

  3. Salam Dr…
    B4 ni waktu baby die minum Anfalac A+…then 1 year sy bg die Enfagrow…after 3 month minum tu tiba2 die asyik cirit birit after minum susu…so i buat research ckp suh cuba susu based soya…sy bg isomil..adakah ini langkah yg terbaik?n smpai bla sy kena bg baby minum susu soya based tu?boleh x Dr bg pandangan?

    1. erm…correct me if i am wrong…bukan Enfalac untuk baby 0-12 months…Enfapro tuk baby 1-2 years and Enfagrow 3 years plus…rasanya awak bagi enfagrow untuk baby awak yang 1 year plus…bukan patutnya Enfapro ke,,,

      1. Dr…can u give ur comment about my baby situation?kenapa after die minum susu die akan cirit birit?adakah betul die tidak sesuai dgn susu lembu and perlu diberi susu soya?

      1. ya…sy dah check kat internet..sy pun rasa lactose intolerence..and sape ade experience n susu ape yg da best for them?.

  4. Hi Dr, nk tnya. S26 ni ada perisa coklat x? Anak sy pon br nk wean off tp hr tu da try da s26 sekotak. Tp tu pon lm nk hbs… sbb dia xsuka mnum dr botol.. tu nk try coklat plak..

  5. doc…I want more your story please!!!!! your story sometimes make me laugh..especially bella with you or with her daddy n tasha

  6. kalau remaja keep consuming susu yang dia dah minum dari kecik, ada effect tak pada tumbesaran dia?
    atau saya perlu advise kat dia tukar susu oang besar ? ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. i believe all people know that SMS is our first astronaut.
    So i guess sponser2 out there can stop asking him wearing the astronaut outfit..lol..
    Kalau tak pakai bju angkasawan pun orng tau kot…

  8. Sorry to say this…

    Wyeth manufacturing those CENTRUM multivitamins which non-halal and also vaccine containing doubt ingredient (in term of halal) and also producing S26. I doubt on S26 halal

  9. salam doc,
    Saya pun beri anak susu s26. Cuma baru2 ni start dgn step 3 cos he just turn 1. Sy notice yg bancuhan susu agk pekat with the suggested scoop. Kalau kurangkn scoop is it okay?

  10. as salam doc.anak saya pun minum susu s-26,sy dulu pun minum s-26 ๐Ÿ™‚ br hari ni anak sy genab 2bulan,bila dia minum susu dan sendawa mesti sekali dengan jeluak yg kdg2 mcm lendir..adakah normal?

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