Fish with Carrot and Orange!!

B has been eating a lot of chicken and beef lately… and very little of fishes family. Hahaha.. Mommy lar malas masak! But recently I found another easy fish recipe from Annabel Karmel’s cookbook, so I decided to give it a try.. It’s called Fish with Carrot and Orange! Yes, orange πŸ˜‰

First, steam the chopped carrots and potatoes until tender. Steam is better than boiling coz it will preserve more of the nutritions as compared to boiling method. Sorry I forgot to take picture for this step! Heheh.. But I guess you all know how it looks like, kan!!

Next, put the fish in a dish. Here I sure red snapper fillet. Sedap kan ikan merah! But I bought the fillet version of it coz I doubt my skills to debone the fish πŸ˜€ Sebelum Bella tercekik, better I just buy the fillet version, confirm no bone!! Pour over orange juice. You can just get an orange and squeeze it over the fish. Better cause there will be no sugar added, more natural!!

Sprinkle with grated cheddar cheese.. and dot with butter. In this case, I used unsalted butter..

Put it up in the over and cook for 20 minutes at 180’C.. OR according to Annabel Karmel’s recipe, you can just put in the microwave until the fish flakes easily.. I just believe the oven would do a better job than the microwave. Hehehe.. For me I only use the microwave to reheat the food, not really for cooking πŸ˜€

Cantik kan!! Bau pun super yummy!! B’s daddy thought it was his dinner!! Haha.. Then I flake the fish with fork.. later add the steamed carrot and potato to the meal. You can blend to puree or just mash it until it softens..

For Bella, since she already has 8 teeth, I just mashed it.. It tastes really nice, fresh fish without the smell!! A little carbs from the potatoes and vitamins from the carrots πŸ˜‰ Give it a try mommy!

29 thoughts on “Fish with Carrot and Orange!!

  1. doc..i think this food also can be adult food as well kan…some sort like mashed potatoes gitu….so adult pun boleh makan coz i saw it very tempting lah!! macam nak try masak untuk diri sendiri jugak πŸ˜€

  2. Dr. Halina patut post little B`s pic how she realy like the food. Yummy sgt. Still want to know how B`s look like after haircut.

  3. my baby 8 and a half month ..baru tengah pikir nak masak fish for him today..hmm thanx doc..kebetulan dalam fridge ada ikan merah..woot woot

  4. hai doc,

    mmg seronok memasak utk liltle baby..masa tu mereka masih tidak tahu memilih…tp bila dh jd toddler susah betul nak kasi makan….sbb dh pandai pilih….takmo sayur…takmo ikan…nak ayam goreng jek. pening kepala ibu dibuatnya…dh jd masalah susah nak “membuang” aka sembelit.. susah hati tgk anak mengerang sakit sembelit… camner ye doc??

  5. dh pernah try dulu tp mil ckp prune juice tak elok diamalkan selalu…bole jd kanser..betul ke doc?? my daughter 3y old…sgt tidak suka mkn sayur/buah even blend jd juice…still takmo minum. everyday dia ambik lactulose 5ml…and every week kena bg enema 10ml..perut mmg sentiasa kena kembung dan keras. but luckly, dia happy je…takde tanda2 sakit perut ke apa pun. dh byk kali pegi refer doc…tp cam biasa la doc suh bg byk plain water, sayur dan buah…

  6. lucky you!! my 8 months refuse to eat anymore…she will be excited for 1st/2nd spoon and totally will not even open his mouth….she wanted things to be eaten in her hand….any advise??

      1. tq doc…i usually give her fruits in hand….but when she get bored she ‘help’ me ‘mopped’ the floor with the fruits…or..’help’ me to exercise by ask me to pick it up from the floor….i know is their level of motor skills right know..repetitive error..but my motor pulak almost jammed..lolz… btw thanks…really admire how bella love eating!

    1. have u ever considered the baby-led weaning approach? google it on the net. she’ll surely find mealtime is more fun and exciting than before. for some good recipes refer to gill rapley’s cookbook.

  7. i tried it out with a few twists here and there. sedap!!! sampaikan atok, nenda pun kata pasni dorang pulak nak try out the recipi utk meal dorang plak. thanks doc!!

  8. I wanna try orange too in my baby’s food. Sebab I want him to get the vIt C. Asyik flu je dia ni. I dah increase my vit C intake too. Thanks for this recipe.

  9. My daugther loves it sooo much!! so far ive tried all ur shared recipes and she loves it all!!! Only that she doesnt have teeth yet, so the bolognese recipe will have to wait. Thanx!!!

  10. Hi Doc! Bila you cakap pasal cheese ni…any specific type of cheese ker? I tak reti sgt hal2 cheese ni…but i nak try jugak for my 6 mnths old baby…i baca resipi Annabel Karmel ni byk guna cheese…

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