To KB..

I’m writing this from a flying aeroplane, but probably posted this from my hotel room later. I’m currently flying to Kota Bharu for my exam. This year, USM is the host for our exam so all candidates from other universities will be in Kota Bharu USM campus.

I’m flying with Firefly now. Travelling alone… Haven’t done this is a long time!!! After I bought my tickets, Firefly offered me to buy the seat next to me for RM15 for extra space! Owh yay!! I don’t mind extra space. My bag needs a seat too 😉


Managed to flatlay my seats. Hehe..One for me, one for my bag.. and that pink file is my notes. Didn’t check in, just in case I lose my luggage along my journey. Haha.. Paranoid.

Back to my extra seat story… So, I agreed but Firefly can only confirm the it only about 3 hours before my flight. I received an email earlier today saying that I got the extra seat (Yay!) and I hope I will get another extra seat when coming back to KL on Monday. Any Firefly people here, please gimme the extra seat that I booked, please pretty please 😉

Exam is really around the corner.. this coming Sunday and Monday to be exact. Last few weeks have been crazy for me. Sitting for major exam when you have family and working at the same time is not easy. I could have taken this exam long time ago but I got too distracted enjoying my life in my twenties. Really living life to the fullest. Hahahah…

Again, there’s no right or wrong about deciding when do you want to further you study… and there’s nothing wrong about not continuing to study at all. It’s really up to your choice. I have friends who got married and plan for their family later after exam. In my case, the initial plan was to have a baby and then continue study after that… but I loved being a mommy so much so we decided for another one. Hahaha… Seriously.

 So here I am, juggling family, and career. I have to say I’m really lucky because my husband understand what I am doing. He better understand, right… he is a doctor, for God sake! But still, I feel like I didn’t give my 100% for this exam. I know I could have done a lot better in term of preparation, but to be honest, I prefer to play with my children more. I feel like my girls are growing up too fast. We registered B for her Primary 1 school last week! I can’t believe myself either!

 OK, landing Kota Bharu real soon. I probably spend whole day in my hotel room until exam is over. Flying back to KL the night after I finish my last paper on Monday.

 Wish me luck. I need it so bad. I wish you all a great weekend ahead.


25 thoughts on “To KB..

  1. Dr halina, I pray to Allah so that He will ease you in answering all of the questions 😉 I am sure you can do it 💪🏼 All the best! ❤️❤️

  2. Good luck dr halina for ur upcoming exam..may allah bless u all the way and ease everything..amin..

  3. goodluck Dr, and welcome to USM Kubang Kerian 🙂 if have time, go sight seeing at our joging track, got a pretty walking path too.

  4. Omg you’re coming to my campus!! I really hope that we will bump into each other Dr. All the best in your exam 🙂

  5. Goodluck dr…I know u can do it..and I hope I would be a multi tasking women like u cause u were really well manage ur mommyhoods and career..pray for me for having a good career path and mommyhoods in the future..cheers 🙂

  6. Good luck Dr.Halina, dont forget to enjoy Kelantan delights 😬 Btw my cousin will be taking exam in USM too 😊

  7. Good Luck Dr. I know it’s hard to juggle between be a mother, career woman and a student. I am facing the same thing too.

  8. Thank you for flying with Firefly!hope u will get the extra seat.and may Allah ease your exam,may you pass with flying colours.Amin..

  9. good luck dr halina for upcoming exam..would you mind to share your story about how to continue study in medical field?im a medical student and still confuse to choose any specialty…

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