Little B’s Fav: Chicken & Apple Puree

This is Sophea Isabella’s favourite food so far.. Do you know how I know that ? Easy.. no war involves during meal time. Hahha.. She just simply open her mouth every time I shoved her the spoon.. Hahhaha.. Jamin sedap!!

It’s very easy to do.. Siap in less than 30 mins.. First, you heat oil in the pan.. I use cooking olive oil for B’s food.. It contains necessary omega stuff (and that is omega 3 and 6) for her brain development. Than add the onion chopped apple and carrot.. Fry for about 4-5minutes. Then you add diced chicken, garlic and tomatoes. Fry until the chicken looks sealed. Then add chicken stock and tomato puree.. I suggest not too much of tomato puree because nanti masam sangat.. From my experience, nanti byk pulak poo-poo baby πŸ˜€ Maybe about 1-2 tablespoon should be enough..

Kacau, kacau, kacau and kacau.. bring to the boil and simmer for about 10 minutes until the chicken is cooked and it looks slightly dry like the pic above..

Then I blend the whole thing but since B is reaching 8 month already, I wanna introduce different food texture to her, so I don’t blend it to smooth like a total puree anymore. Now her foods are slightly lumpy so she will learn how to chew. Nom! Nom! Nom!

Memang sedap sbb ada rasa chicken, slightly sweet because of the apple, then ada carrot.. Very nutritious!! Most of B’s food, I still add organic virgin olive oil before I feed her to add more omega stuffs and make her chubby πŸ˜‰

68 thoughts on “Little B’s Fav: Chicken & Apple Puree

  1. very nutritious food..nak buat juga utk my baby.. πŸ™‚
    thanks Dr.Harlina..ur info very useful…
    sharing is caring…huhu

  2. Wah.. Menu best ni..
    Bawang and garlic nak letak berapa banyak? Kalau bleh bg the amount nk letak for each ingredient lagi bagus.. Heheh.. If x keberatan lah..

  3. tis is not only for little B i guess..i’m the one who read abt β€œLittle B’s Fav: Chicken & Apple Puree” pun rase mcm teringin nk rase . Hurm… nk kena buat nih πŸ™‚

  4. Dr halina,
    May I know how u made the chicken stock? Or if u bought it readymade, where can I get it? Thanks.

  5. hmmmm…so yummy…..sedapnya tgk…..seronok betul bila baca ntry halina, Bella tak byk songeh……makan jer…tu yg buat mama Auni gerammmmm ni……bilalah auni nak tembab cam bella ni……takper, i will try dok halina, mana tau….baby Auni pun suka menu ni cam baby bella…..thanks dok Halina…:)))…( kalau ada resepi lain lagi…share ya…)

  6. ble bce blog dr nih rase x sbr nk bg bby i bbi i bru 3 bln jer…wait for another 3 months…hehe…

  7. Tq Doc sbb share resepi dgn kami, anak saya pun sebaya dgn Bella selang beberapa hari je dgn Bella tp baby boy laa hehehhe, saya mesti cubaa mmg senang n nmpk sedappp, tgk Bella pun sampai sandar kekenyangan…:) very cuteee

    1. Tunggu 7 month niza.. Sbb ni protein. You shud try carrot puree, sweet potato mixed with broccoli or spinach dulu utk 6 month.. Buleh buat apple puree, pear puree jugak..

  8. Dr share banyak2 baby’s food..suka sgt baca,,tak sabar nak tunggu baby keluar n prefer for her/him nanti..

  9. i really love your writing Dr. Halina.. πŸ˜‰ full of motherliness… Little Bella is quite lucky to have a loving and sweet mommy like you… πŸ™‚ sincerely, i really fall in love with your stories.. keep it up dr.. πŸ˜‰

  10. Dr.Halina, boleh share which brands of organic olive oil yg doc guna? Too many choices of olive oil extra virgin oil lagi..which one better? πŸ˜‰

  11. looks delicious…i wanna try for my little emaitega….thanks so much for da recipe ya doc….from her age 4 months til now 9 months i give her food from ‘heinz’ brand…everyday i change the flavour…got many flvour and seems my baby likes it so much…insyallah when she turn to one year i was planning to change her meal…n i will try your recipe…:)

  12. waaa
    .bestnye. thanks a lot for sharing about baby food. my baby is turning 4 months, tak sabar nk bg solid food n looking at this menu i plak yg telan air liur. hihi

  13. Dr.Halina,seronok bila tgk Bella suka mkn.nak tnya Dr.halina apa yg patut sy bagi pd ank sy yg berusia 2thn supaya suka mkn.susu pun kena paksa.boleh bg pandangan x..tq

  14. Hi dear, just wanna share that I’ve tried your recipe and my 8-month old boy loves it! I tukar2 sikit ingredients dia (depending what I have in my fridge) but still thanks for the idea and inspiration.

    Nanti share lagi recipe baru k? I wanna try fish but I have no idea nak masak camne. Have you tried fish dengan Bella?

      1. Orait tq. My baby baru masuk 7bln. Sy da blh start bg mkn goreng2 ni kan doc. Be4 ni steam blend je. Tq. Nnti blh post lg recipe baby…will feedback lps try :)))).

  15. Dr Halina,

    I need ur favour, my daughter is 5 months old, what is the best food for her to increase her weight?

    help me dear 😦

  16. hi Doc,

    The containers are really cute? Is is tommee tippee? and selain tu boleh doc share mcm mana doc serve food tu utk bella, directly from the container? thaw guna microwave or warmer ore simply put the container inside hot water mcm thaw breastmilk? πŸ™‚

  17. salam Dr.. the food look so yummy.. i’ve been thinking to prepare for my 9months old baby.. but is garlic ok with baby??

  18. salam…sy suka resepi2 yg Doc. siapkan umtuk bella..look really nice,simple but at the sme time healthier…sy cdgkan Doc, tulis bukun resepi utk2 knk,.bg pembesaran yg sihat..sbb mslh budak2 kn..x nk mkn sgt,,sbb kepelbagaian kurg dlm mskan…to sy percaya resepi Doc ni membantu ibu2 yg kuat lluar yg hadapi mslh yg sma…:)..eheeh..just cdgn,

    1. salam yati, rasenye protein mcm ayam ikan daging ni sesuai utk 7bulan ke atas. utk permulaan solid kpada baby 6bulan, try buah2an atau bubur nasi+sayuran dlu. blend hancur.

  19. hello dr halina, sy try resipi ni last satruday. anak saya suka! saya blend jadi puree utk anak yg 9 bulan. anak 2 tahun mkn dengan pasta sebagai gravy. sedap! saya paksa abahnya try jugak sbb sedap sgt. hehe. btw, saya tak letak tomato sbb anak 9bulan belom penah mkn tomato lagi. later nak buat lagi buh tomato plak.

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