Romantika OR Romantik Ke?

We are back!

More tired than ever!! Haha.. Travelling with two kids under 2 is no joke. But we had fun.. family kind of fun!

Our flight was at 0905H, that means we have to be at the airport at least 2 hours before the take off. To wake the girls up and get them ready in the morning is not easy as both of them decided to sleep at 0200H the night before. Haha.. even the mommy also had a tough time waking up! All luggages are already checked in by my husband’s PR, Miss Wany. But we are still late! Hehe.. The airport personnel even announced our name looking for us. Maaluuuuu jer! But we made it!!

Smile!!! (tp sebenarnya mengah!! Hehe..)

Tasha slept half way through the journey..

And Bella.. here she is..

We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Yeah, I know it’s hot.. kesian Tasha. Don’t worry, it was just for few seconds! πŸ˜€ The weather is really really hot there!

Our Kid Suite is awesome! Bella had a fun time staying in her little bunk bed!Β 

They even have PlayStation with Guitar Hero in that room for the kids!! So thoughtful! Unfortunately we didn’t have the chance to try it. No time, or when we have the time, the baby is sleeping!

Anyway, we went to many places in Bali, from the beachesΒ to the volcano area, to the shopping place, and a few beautiful sites by the sea..

That’s our dinner by the sea at Jimbaran.

This beautiful place is called Tanah Lot. It’s a must-go place if you come to Bali. No wonder all my friends who went to Bali have this picture in their FB album. Now I wanna put mine too!! Heheh.. Memang cantik.. MasyaAllah!

Kintamani is the name of this area where the volcano is located. I didn’t manage to snap the pictures of the mountain because I was busy breastfeeding Tasha.. tapi depan restaurant sempat πŸ˜€

That’s Bella fooling around with daddy’s goggle..

That’s B with her daddy doing their TV interview by the pool in their matchy-matchy Adidas jumpsuit…

OK, back to Romantika story!!

Disclaimer: I am definitely not made for TV!!

First, obviously the camera will add extra 10pounds!! Thanks but I have more than enough pounds on my body!!

Secondly, I dunno which camera to look at! Hahah.. It is so confusing with 3 cameras around you. You’ll see my wandering eyes!! And HD camera makes everything super clear and by that I mean double chin and a little flabby areas here and there!!

Thirdly, it’s really hard to express feelings to each other while the cameras are staring at you!! Hahaha.. I feel awkward. And I look silly! πŸ˜€ I dunno how the Kardashians can live with cameras in their house!

Watch this unromantically happy couple on Astro Ria 104 and Astro Mustika HD 134

.. Tuesday April 9 at 9pm!

100 thoughts on “Romantika OR Romantik Ke?

      1. me three!!auka sgt..dr halina tulis buku about mommyhood..i confirm beli.. dr halina takpela tk romatik depan2 camera..belakang kamera dkt rumah romantik pon ok wut,.. love ya!

  1. Adore you Dr. Halina hehehe .. Kelakar jugak you nie .. Senyum jer … SUke tgk. Anyway, semoga kekal bahagia selamanya. Amin …

  2. OMG!! i’ll save the date! cant wait to see lil B in action! hehehe… btw, u looks so much beautiful then b4 wearing hijab doc! u still slim doc dont worry!! hehehe..

  3. when people heard ur name announce at airport mesti semua orang mencari kan, erk Dr. Halina and Malaysian’s Astronaut here la ^^

    Bella is so cute, i cant wait to see her swimming…

  4. Haha…. Bestnye gi bali…i hope i will get a chance to go there someday…. πŸ™‚ ape2 pun.. I’m seriously..really excited to watch this episode…. Asyik tunggu je stiap hri selasa kat tv…tp…xmuncul2 gak…hoho…. Tpi…xlme lgi akan jdi kenyataan… Bln 4 for my birthday on tomorrow (22 mac)… The biggest gift…! πŸ™‚ thanks kak na…

  5. Like this post!:-)Bali seems so nice with beautiful sights is a must to watch that episode !hehe

  6. Dr, I dont know how u do it but I wanna do it too!! Travel dgn baby with confidence! I selalu risau nanti panas sgt or nanti baby stress or demam or kena germs.. Maybe org yg selalu risau mcm I ni yg selalu kena.. Pasni kena relax n cool mcm Dr! πŸ™‚

  7. salam doc harlina!
    cantik dan slim je ur super sweet smile!!
    how to get white teeth like urs kak? mine yellow..wearing make up make it more obvious..
    i dun wan whitening coz what i know its make my teeth’s surface thinner..result: more sensitive teeth
    oh..i hve try arang..white pearl..whitening tooth paste..result : fail :((

  8. Nak suh kakak rekodkan siap2 yang senang ade astro boleh rekod ni..balik seremban hujung minggu leh nengok.

  9. I only have a 3yo daughter but I am late in everything… even in things that I have never imagined… first thing in the morning when I got up, OMG I AM FREAKING LATE!! at night when about to sleep… Thank goodness I still be able to sleep even though its late night/early morning…

  10. salam dr… I selalu baca post dr. it was fun!sometime, it make my day…:) and i realize u have a wonderful skin…could u share with us what type of product u’re using(of course it’s just for info, not promotion). ur skin looks younger than mine…:)

  11. Aren’t we always late. Being a mum adds tasks and with a toddler in hand you never get to finish anything on time, I can only imagine with another new born. I’m curious though how the flight was with little Bella?

    Can’t wait for the show. Have never seen it but will make a point to catch this episode! πŸ™‚
    p/s: You look gorgeous even if the evil camera puts imaginary pounds πŸ˜‰

    1. Dr halina..gmba depan kintamani tu nmpk u dh slimm la..tahniah!! Or is it camera trick?? Hihi..teruskn naik treadmill..

  12. Kakna,labuhnyer seluar!!..ahahaha..tlg lap lantai sekali erkk?? πŸ˜‰ ahahaha..kenapa labuh sgt…

  13. Doc!!! nak tanya u dah ajar bella ke toilet x..cth kalo nk berak n kencing bella bgtaw u dulu..mcm mana u train bella..bella n my son same age..bella july…my son aug..i tgh nk train my dh berak bru bgtaw ‘amaa..yak’ mtk dicuci ler arah less diapers gituu

  14. emm..saya tengok dr tak gemuk sangat..cantik je doc..tapi serius muka doc nampak penat dan tak cukup tido..tapi takpe la..ada anak kecik mmg mcm tue..

  15. I’ll be there soon…but im not staying at hard rock hotel..i was looking for any hotel that suitable 4 hneymoon..i thought hard rock are not too romantic at all..hahaha..feel free to check this out ” bali rich villa”.. I am sure u will stay there soon..!! πŸ˜‰

  16. Dr. Halina dah semakin slim la saya tgk…tinggi lampai (refers to photo @ Kintamani Restaurant)
    Can’t wait to watch Romantika @ 104 this April 9th….
    saya suka rancangan tu…
    & also tak sabar nak tgk baby Tasha & sis Bella πŸ™‚

  17. Dr Halina..any tips for me to bring 4 month old baby girl to Bali? i almost leave her with her grandma but changed my mind when remembered you brin gyour both cute gegirls..hehe. Bcos most of my relatives & friends advise not to bring due to the hot weather and they said Bali is keras bcos alot of Hindu thingy -_-

    1. Its just the same.. I brought tasha when she was 2 month plus.. Bali people doesnt allow baby less then 3 or 4 month to come out of their house. They will freak out when they see your baby. InsyaAllah everything will be fine. Allah knows best..

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